CD Reviews R - U
Rancid - Let The Dominoes Fall
Rancid - Last One To Die
Random Heroes - Maximum Scene Points
Rammstein - Untitled
Rapture - Get Myself Into It
Rase - Parachute
Rat Attack - Rat Attack
Rat Attack - This Is Art
Ravage - The End Of Tomorrow
Razorblade Kisses - Twinkle Twinkle Little Scar
Razorlight - America
Reachback - Adventureland
Reckless Love - So Happy I Could Die
Red jumpsuit Apparatus - Don't You Fake It
Reef - 93 - 03 The Ultimate Collectors Box Set
Reign of Fury - World Detonation
Reign of Fury - Psycho Intentions
Rejects United - Boyhood Survival Kit
The Reluctant Heroes - One Time Bomb
Remedy - Strange Fast Now
Rentokill - AntiChorus
The Retrospective Soundtrack Players - Cool Hand Luke
Reverend And The Makers - Open Your Window
Reverend And The Makers - Heavyweight Champion Of The World
Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - The Whole Fam Damnily
Revolution Mother - Rolling With Tha Mutha
Revoker - Revenge for the Ruthless
Richard Walters - Weather Song
Ricky Warwick - Belfast Confetti
Ricky Warwick - The Arms Of Belfast Town
Rieser - Drinking Den
Rifle Fire Rifle - The Doppler Effect
The Rifles - Talking
The Rifles - Talking
The Riles - Do You Feel Me?
The Ripps - Holiday
The Ripps - Long Live The Ripps
The Ripps - Loco
Rise Against - I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore
Rise Against - Endgame
Rise Against - Help Is On The Way
Rise Against - Savior
Rise Against - Hero Of War
Rise Against - Audience Of One
Rise Against - Prayer Of The Refugee
Rise To Remain - Talking In Whispers
Rise To Remain - This Day Is Mine
Rise To Remain - City Of Vultures
Rise To Remain - Nothing Left
Rival Faction - Oi Oi, Here's The Poison
Rival Sons - Hollow Bones
Rival Sons - Head Down
Rivers - Got Something On Me
Rivers - She Gives It Around
Rivers - Knock Me Down
Road Star - Grand Hotel
Robots In Disguise - The Sex Has Made Me Stupid
Rob Lynch - Prove It
Rob Lynch - All These Nights In Bars Will Somehow Save My Soul
Rob Zombie - The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser
Rob Zombie - Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor
Rob Zombie - Mondo Sex Head
Rockburn - Runnin' Wild
(The) Rocket Dolls - Frame
Roger Miret And The Disasters - My Riot
Rolo Tomassi - Astraea
Romeo Must Die - Hardships in Season
Ronnie Radke Featuring Andy Biersack - Asshole
Roni Size - Don't Hold Back
Roni James Dio - This Is Your Life
Rosematter - Shooter's Gonna Choke
Roxy Swain - New Love Designers
Royal Republic - Save The Nation
Ruins of Earth - Misguided Lifeforms
Run Through The Desert - Break The Silence

Sacred Mother Tongue - Out Of The Darkness
Sacred Mother Tongue - A Light Shines
(The) Safety Fire - Sections
Saliva - Love, Lies And Therapy
Saliva - Rise Up
Sam Isaac - Bears
Samiam - Whatever's Got You Down
San Andreas - Man Or Monster
Sancho Panzer - A Current Archetypal
Sanzen - This is Gun City
Satanic Surfers - Taste The Poison
The Saturdays - Just Can't Get Enough
The Saturdays - Issues
Saves The Day - Day Break
Saves The Day - Under The Boards
Save Your Breath - Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy
Saviours - Accelerated Livingy
Saxon - Unplugged And Strung Up
Saxon - Sacrifice
Saxon - Call To Arms
Scars On Broadway - Scars On Broadway
Scars On Broadway - They Say
Scar Symmetry - The Unseen Empire
Scholars - Bad For Business
Scout's Honour - I Am The Dust
Scouting For Girls - Greatest Hits
Scouting For Girls - The Light Between Us
Scouting For Girls - Love How It Hurts
Scrotum Clamp - I Am One
Searching Alaska - Summits
Sebastian Bach - Angel Down
Second Rate Angles- The Lost Days
Seerauber Jenny - Avalanche
Seether - Isolate And Medicate
Seether - 2002 - 2013
Seether - Country Song
Seether - Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray
Seether - Breakdown
Seether - Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces
Sennen - Vultures
Senser - Biting Rhymes
Senser - How To Do Battle
Senser - Resistance Now
Senses Fail - In Your Absence
Senses Fail - Mi Amor
Senses Fail - Can't Be Saved
Senses Fail - Can't Be Saved
Senses Fail - Still Searching
Senses Fail - Calling All Cars
Sergeant - Sergeant
Serj Tankian - Harakiri
Serotone - Equilibria
Serotone - Shine Alone
Serpico - Neon Wasteland
Set Your Goals - This Will Be The Death Of Us
Seven Deadly - The Allegiance EP
Sevendust - Chapter VII: Hope & Sorrow
Severe Zero - Dead Air
Severe Zero - Silence On The Radio
Sgt. Wolfbanger - Think Inside The Box
Shadows Fall - Fire From The Sky
Shadows Fall - Retribution
Shaped By Fate - The Unbeliever
(The) Sharabangs - Jaws
Sharp End First - Rule The Day
Shinedown - Amaryllis
Shinedown - If Only You Knew
Shinedown - Second Chance
Shinedown - The Sound Of Madness (album)
Shinedown - The Sound Of Madness (single)
Shinedown - Devour
Shiny Toy Guns - Rainy Monday
Shiny Toy Guns - You Are The One
Shiny Toy Guns - We Are Pilots
Shirukume - Speaking In Colours
Shortwave Set - Glitches n' Bugs
Shy Child - Disconnected
Sick City Club - Sign Of The Times
Sikth - Opacities
Sikth - Flogging the Horses
Sikth - Death Of A Dead Day
(The) Silent Years - Amusement Park
(The) Silent Years - Climb On My Back
Silicon Vultures - Self Titled EP
Silicon Vultures - Sour Tits
Simple Plan - Get Your Heart On!
Sing it Loud - Come Around
Sing it Loud - No One Can Touch Us
Siouxsie - About To Happen
Siouxsie - Mantaray
Sirens - Resistant To Change | Destined To Fail
Sister - Disguised Vultures
Sister - Sick
Sivert Hψyem - Moon Landing
Sizen - What Do You See?
Sky Ferreira - One
Skid Row - Rise Of The Damnation Army
Skid Row - This Is Killing Me
Skillet - Monster
Skindred - Kill The Power
Skindred - Cut Dem
Skindred - Union Black
Skindred - Shark Bites And Dog Fights
Slade - Merry Xmas Everybody - Slade Party Hits
Slam Cartel - Handful Of Dreams
Slash - Apocalyptic Love
Slashed Seat Affair - No more Lies
Slaves To Gravity - Underwaterouterspace
Slaves To Gravity - Honesty
Slaves To Gravity - Good Advice
Slaves To Gravity - Doll Size
Slaves To Gravity - Scatter The Crow
Slaves To Gravity - Meantime
Slayer - Repentless
Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind
Slipknot - The Devil In I
Slipknot - The Negative One
Slipknot - Antennas to Hell
Slipknot - Go Go Go
Slunt - One Night Stand
Small Town Records - The Casino Brawl/ Elias Last Day/ First Signs Of Frost
Smoking Hearts - Pride of Nowhere
Smudge - Where I Go At Night
Smudge - StayFeelRegret
Snoop Dogg Vs David Guetta - Sweat
Snow Patrol - Up To Now
Snuff - 5-4-3-2-1, Perhaps?
Social Distortion - Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes
Social Distortion - Greatest Hits
Societys Parasites - S/T
Sohodolls - Ribbed Music For The Numb Generation
Sohodolls - Right And Right Again
Soil - Whole
Soil - Reliving The Scars In London
Soilwork - The Living Infinite
Soma High - Lo Fat
Sometimenever - VS Time And Opportunity
Sonic Boom Six - High Cost Of Living
Sonic Boom Six - Keep On Believing
Sonic Hearts - Hold On
Sondura - You Remain EP
Sondura - Live Before You Die
Sons Of Alpha Centauri - S/T
Son Of Dave - Ain't going To Nike Town
Sons Of Texas - Baptized In The Rio Grande
Sophomore - The Blue EP
Sophomore - Teller
Sorry And The Sinatras - Highball Roller
Soul Destruction - There's No Profit In Truth
Soulfly - Enslaved
Souls - Simple Terms And Conditions
Soul Control - Cycles
Sound Team - Born To Please
Sound Ex - Palomino
Soundgarden - King Animal
Soundgarden - Live on I-5
Sounds Of Guns - Elementary Of Youth
Sounds Of Guns - Alcatraz
Sounds Of Guns - Architects
South Central - The Day I Die
Sparta - Threes
Spector - Enjoy It while It Lasts
Spector - Never Fade Away
Spike - It's A Treat To Be Alive
Spires - Spiral of Ascension
Staind - Staind
Stars And Sons - If It's Good For Me
Starseed - See through Your Lies
State Champs - The Acoustic Things
Steel Panther - All You Can Eat
Steel Panther - Balls Out
Steel Panther - If You Really Really Love Me
Steel Panther - Community Property
Stephen Fretwell - Four Letter Words
Steve Harris - British Lion
Steven Tyler - Red White And You
Stiff Little Fingers - No Going Back
Stone Gods - Start Of Something
Stone Gods - Silver Spoons And Broken Bones
Stone Gods - Don't Drink The Water
Stone Gods - Burn The Witch
Stone Roses - Stone Roses
Stone Sour - House of Gold and Bones, Part 1
Stone Temple Pilots - High Rise
Stone Temple Pilots - Stone Temple Pilots
Storm Corrosion - Storm Corrosion
Story Of The Year - Wake Up
Story Of The Year - The Black Swan
(The) Stranglers - Giants
(The) Stranglers - Decades Apart
Straight Lines - Freaks Like Us
Straight Lines - Half Gone
Stratovarius - Nemesis
Stratovarius - Unbreakable
Stratovarius - Elysium
Strawberry Blondes - Fight Back
Street Sweeper Social Club - Street Sweeper Social Club
Stretch Arm Strong - Free At Last
StringerBessant - Wild Days
StringerBessant - Yard
Styles Make Fights - While You Can, When You're Young
(The) Stupids - The Kids Don't Like It
Sub Focus - Could This Be Real
Suburban Legends - Dreams Aren't Real But These Songs Are
Suburban Legends - Kiss The Girl
Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the Sky - The Grand Partition And Abrogation of Idolatry
Sugar Crisis - We Are Here To Save You
Sum 41 - 13 Voices
Sum 41 - War
Sum 41 - Fake My Own Death
Sum 41 - Screaming Bloody Murder
Sum 41 - Underclass Hero
(The) Summer Set - Fuck You Over
Sumo Cyco - Opus Mar
Sunday Girl - Stop Hey
Supenik - Econ
Survive Atlantica - I Woke The Devil
Surviving The Charade - We're Never Coming Home
Susperia, Birmingham Academy - May 2009
Swashbuckle - Back To The Noose
Swim Team - Make Notes, Have Plans
(The) Sword - Gods Of The Earth And Age Of Winters
Swound! - Into The Sea
Swound! - In My Head
Sylosis - Monolith
Sylosis - Edge of the Earth

22 - Kneel Estate
Take The Seven - Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious
Taking Back Sunday - Tidal Wabve (Album)
Taking Back Sunday - You Can’t Look Back
Taking Back Sunday - Tidal Wave
Taking Back Sunday - Happiness Is
Taking Back Sunday - TAYF10 Acoustic
Taking Back Sunday - Taking Back Sunday
Taking Back Sunday - Faith (When I Let You Down)
Taking Back Sunday - Louder Now
Takota - The Ivory Tower
Talks - Picture This
Talula - Ripped Up & Violent
Tall Trees - Give It Up
Tarja - I Walk Alone
Tear Out The Heart - Violenc
Tenacious D - Rize Of The Phoenix
Teenage Bottlerocket - American Deutsch Bag
Teenage Bottlerocket - Freak Out!
Teenage Bottlerocket - They Came From The Shadows
Teenage Dirtbags - The United State Of Pop Punk
Telegraphs - I Don't Navigate By You
Tellison - Edith
Tellison - The Wages Of Fear
Tenderhooks - Ma Ma Mr. Nice
Tempus Fusion - To End It All
Templeton Pek - Signs
Templeton Pek - 30 Seconds To Far
Terrorhawk - Dark Roots Of Earth
Testament - Now I'm Content
The 69 Eyes - Perfect Skin
The Boy Who Trapped The Sun - Home
They Died To Young - Push Becomes Shove
Thefirst - Land And Sea
The Hell - Sauve Les Requins
The Hollow Earth Thoery - Rise of Agartha
The New 1920 - The New 1920
Theory Of A Deadman - The Truth Is...
Therapy? - Crooked Timber
The Good The Bad - From 018 to 033
The Perfect Crime - Soviet, To The Kindness Of Strangers
The Thirst - Sail Away
The Why Not? - Lifetime Calendar
These Arms Are Snakes - Tail Swallower And Dove
Three Oh Three - My First Kiss
Thirteen Senses - Contact
Thirteen Senses - All The Love In Your Hands
Thirty Seconds To Mars - From Yesterday
Thirty Seconds To Mars - The Kill
Thirty Seconds To Mars - A Beautiful Lie
Thirty Seconds To Mars - Attack
This City - Black And Blue
This City - We Were Like Sharks
This Distance - The Reality The Perfection
This Legend - Lyrics With My Pen
Thomas Nicholas Band - Terrified
Thousand Autumns - City of Sun
Thoughts Collide - all Or Nothing
Thoughts Collide - Sky High And Climbing
Three Years Hiding - Stories
Thrice - Live at the House of Blues
Thrice - The Alchemy Index: Vols 3 and 4 Air And Earth
Thrice - The Alchemy Index: Vols 1 and 2 Fire And Water
Throwdown - Venom And Tears
Thursday - Common Existence
Thursday - A City By The Light Divided
Tiger Army - Music From Regions Beyond
Tiger Shadow - The Rise OF The Tiger Shadow
Time Again - Darker Days
Times Of Grace - The Hymn Of A Broken Man
Tinie Tempah - Wonderman
Tiny Moving Parts - Swell
To Catch a Thief - Curious Tales and Fierce Beasts
To Catch a Thief - Your Eyes Will Burn
Tommy Reilly - Gimme A Call
Tonight Alive - The Other Side
Tonight Is Goodbye! - Castles
Tonight Is Goodbye! - The Birds And The Bees
Tool - 10,000 Days
Too Pure To Die - Confess
Toseland - Puppet On A Chain
Toseland - Just No Way
Toseland - Renegade
Tortuga Bar - Narcotic Junkfood Revolution
Totally Enormous Extinct Monsters - Household Goods
Towers Of London - I'M A Rat
Toy Horses - Interrupt
Toy Horses - And It Was You
Trail - Prism
Transfer - Take Your Medicine
Transplants - In A Warzone
Trash Talk - 119
Travis Barker - Give the Drummer Some
(The) Treatment - Running With The Dogs
Tremonti - Dust
Tremonti - All I Was
Tryangle - Tryangle
Triggerfinger - All This Dancin' Around
Tripp - Shortcuts
Tripp - River Phoenix
Trivium - Black
Trivium - In Waves
Trivium - Ascendancy
Turbonegro - Sexual Harassment
Turbowolf - Let's Die
Turbowolf - Read And Write
Turisas - Turisas 2013
Turisas - Stand up and fight
Twenty Twenty - 25th Hour
Twenty Twenty - Love To Life
Twenty Twenty - Forever
Twin Atlantic - Great Divide
Twin Atlantic - Heart And Soul
Twin Atlantic - Yes I Was Drunk
Twin Atlantic - Edit Me
Twin Atlantic - Human After All
Twin Atlantic - Lightspeed (re-release)
Twin Atlantic - What Is Light? Where Is Laughter?
Twin Atlantic - You're Turning Into John Wayne
Twin Atlantic - Lightspeed
Twin Zero - The Tomb To Every Hope
Twin Forks - Twin Forks
Two Cow Garage - Three
Two Minute Silence - Broken Heart Syndrome

U2 / Greenday - The Saints Are Coming
UH OHS - I Can't Wait/ I Am Underdog
Underoath - Too Bright To See, Too Loud To Hear
Underoath - In Regards to Myself
Underoath - Define The Great Line
Unearth - Darkness In The Light
Union Sound Set - Start/Stop
Union Sound Set - Hiding Places
(The) Unfortunate Incident - Build Your Own Ark
Untamed - Insanity Bound
(The) Used - Live And Acoustic At The Palace
(The) Used - Imaginary Enemy
(The) Used - Vulnerable
US Bombs - We Are The Problem
(The) Up'Ems - We Are The Boys
The Unseen - Internal Salvation
UXL - Can I Dream Again
UXL - Beautiful Today
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