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Slipknot - The Devil In ISlipknot – The Devil In I

After waiting a massive 6 years for new Slipknot music the band unleashed their hard hitting come back song ‘The Negative One’ earlier in the month and now a few weeks on and they have just released their brand new single ‘The Devil In I’ and have also revealed the artwork, track list and release date for their forthcoming fifth studio album ‘5: The Gray Chapter’.

After hearing ‘The Negative One’ it seemed like Slipknot had gone back to the early days of their self titled album and ‘Iowa’ as the song was pure brutal and marked an incredible come back for the band, however their new song ‘The Devil In I’ shows that Slipknot are still as diverse as ever as the song features more clean cut and melodic vocals and sounds like a cross between material found on the last couple of Slipknot albums and Stone Sour and that is mainly because of the way Corey Taylor’s vocals are executed especially when he shouts out “Step inside, see the devil in I, too many times we’ve let I come to this” during the explosive yet melodic chorus. Instrumentally things are exactly what you would expect from Slipknot as pure noise flows through your speakers as the band unleash some huge riffs and once again the currently unknown drummer does a great job of hitting some heavy beats as Corey Taylor unleashes the songs chorus.

Overall ‘The Devil In I’ is a great single release from Slipknot as it is big and melodic sounding however ‘The Negative One’ is musically so much better as it shows the band back at their heaviest but now two songs have been dropped from their forthcoming fifth studio album it is safe to say that it is going to be worth the wait and could quite possible be the most schizophrenic and diverse album of the bands career.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Shawn Crahan
Craig Jones
Mick Thomson
Corey Taylor
Sid Wilson
Chris Fehn
Jim Root
 Track Listing

1. The Devil In I

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