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Slaves To Gravity - UnderwaterouterspaceSlaves To Gravity – Underwaterouterspace

When Slaves To gravity burst on the scene with their debut album ‘Scatter The Crow’ back in 2008 I was instantly impressed with their good honest stadium rock sound, the album was crafted with 13 perfectly sounding songs which had a slight Soundgarden, Audioslave, Chris Cornell edge running through them and it helped bring a lot of success to the band.

Over the past 18months things have been very quiet on the Slaves To Gravity front but that has been because they have been busy working on their second studio album ‘Underwaterouterspace’ which has just been released on SPV Records which can only mean positive things for Slaves To Gravity as their debut album was released on their own low key record label but by having the backing of SPV Records there is a lot more potential for getting there album out to a wide variety of people.

‘Underwaterouterspace’ is very much like the Slaves To Gravity that we all grew to love with their debut album ‘Scatter The Crow’, but this time around you can clearly tell that Slaves To Gravity have been busy at work behind the scenes as ‘Underwaterouterspace’ clearly shows signs of a band who have evolved and is crammed with 11 hard hitting rock anthems.

The album opens with the two most recently singles that Slaves To Gravity have released ‘Good Advice’ and ‘Honesty’ and both of these tracks showcase just how good Slaves To Gravity are, the killer guitar solos throughout ‘Good Advice’ will really put a smile on your face whilst the bouncy basslines and rocking chorus during ‘Honesty’ will leave you begging for more but don’t worry as 9 more tracks of greatness are still waiting for you.

The guitar work throughout the album is stunning and at times you can clearly see elements of Alter Bridge and Soundgarden shining through which are two bands which Slaves To Gravity really look up to, the vocals from frontman Tommy Gleeson have a real unique feel about them and stand out ever so well and as soon as the chorus kicks in during the majority of the songs you just know that you are in for a clear cut sing-a-long ride.

Take ‘She’s Got Big Plans’ for example, the song really does thrive on chunky guitar riffs but at the same time the vocals from Tommy Gleeson just makes everything fit and sound ever so perfect especially during the chorus. ‘Unknown’ is another track which follows on this formula ever so well with the chorus being one of the catchiest on the album and it is moments like this which really do make Slaves To Gravity one of the stand out English rock bands around at the moment.

There are a couple of slow moments on the album such as ‘Silence Now’ and ‘This Time It Is Terminal’ and even with the instrumental work toned down ever so slightly Slaves To Gravity prove that they can still rock out in a soft radio friendly way.

Most albums these days feature many filler songs or get a bit weak sounding towards the end but this is so not the case with ‘Underwaterouterspace’ and I guess the time that Slaves To Gravity have taken away from the scene to create the album has pretty much guaranteed that you are going to love the album from start to finish as ‘Underwaterouterspace’ is one fantastic diverse stadium rock ride.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Tommy Gleeson
Toshi Ogawa
Mark Verney
 Track Listing
1. Good Advice
2. Honesty
3. She's Got Big Plans
4. Unknown
5. Dumb
6. Misery Pills
7. Silence Now
8. Youth Serrated
9. Lily Liver
10. Last Ignition
11. This Time It's Terminal
12. Negative Pose
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