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Shiny Toy Guns - We Are PilotsShiny Toy Guns - We Are Pilots

No gradual escalation of synthy goodness with this album my friends; the opening bars of the first track "You Are The One," which is arguable the most prominent song on the album, is a taste of things to come, a sharp techno-techno synth melody, which grows into an excellent song. The mix of male and female vocals, equally talented, and the catchy melodies, mean that this band are ones to watch. Sheer brilliance, we need more music like this kids!

Track two, "Le Disko," is one you should go and listen to right now. Go on, I dare you. In fact, I'm not sure you're worthy of it. A lot more electro in style, I can't think how else to sum it up other than "the greatest song on the album." Sorry.

It seems that this entire album is awesome. Well, sadly not. From the first half of the album, I'd have to agree, with the powerful "Starts With One," and effing fantabulous "Don't Cry Out," each song boasting great rhythm, vocals, and just about everything. The production, which was done by the band themselves, is seedless.

Sadly, after track six, "Chemistry Of A Car Crash," which is like an early We Are Scientists song with a more poppy chorus, things go down hill. Well not down hill as such, but slowing down a lot, and after another six tracks of slow-ness, you're left wondering if you're going backwards yet. I mean, fair play, it's good music, there's nothing wrong with it, it's just missing all the oomph that the opening tracks have so much off.

If you will, imagine the album as a concert itself. The first five tracks, is the gig. Full of energy and bursting with intensity and genius, the sixth track mentioned above, was their final song, just a gentle one to see the crowd off. And then the second half, is you on your journey home. And the train was delayed, and no taxis were running from the station because it was late, so you had to walk back. But you got chased by some thugs, that's track ten, there's a bit of get-up-and-go there. But in escaping them, you went out of your way, so you still had a fair walk back. So you light up a joint, and just before you go to sleep, you occasionally trip out. Yeah, that's track twelve having its moments. Okay, analogy over.

If you're into slower stuff, then I'd recommend "I Promise You Walls," the final bonus track, but I'd honestly class the latter parts are more of an underscore to something else, you know, like backing music, something you can have playing in the background while you chat about worldly affairs and the rules of backgammon.

I do rate this band though. Both in the studio and live. They're got something special, and even if you aren't into the slower stuff, the album is worth grabbing for one of the best tracks alone.


Review by Thom
 Band Members
Shiny Toy Guns - Band
Jeremy Dawson (synths, bass)
Chad Petree (voices, guitar)
Carah Faye (voices, bass)
Mikey Martin (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. You Are The One
2. Le Disko
3. Starts With One
4. When They Came For Us
5. Don't Cry Out
6. Chemistry Of A Car Crash
7. Waiting
8. Rainy Monday
9. Kennedy (Jackie Will Save Me)
10. Shaken
11. We Are Pilots
12. Rocketship
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