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Breed 77
Susperia, Illuminatus. Sworn Amongst
Birmingham, Academy
21st May 2009
Breed 77               Susperia               Illuminatus              Sworn Amongst      
Photo Of Illuminatus © Copyright Robert LawrenceGetting in to the venue trouble free is always good, and has made a change on the last few occasions, i got my first laminate photo pass. The room was fairly empty when i was setting myself up, but i turn around and the room is starting to fill.

The first of the four bands, that were on tonight, was Sworn Amongst, a four piece metal band from Yorkshire, that are on not long after the doors have opened, 10 minutes in fact, they launch into it right away heavy and fast, but also right away its unoriginal riffs, its fast and heavy but nothing thats really memorable also the tracks just seem to drag on but don't really go anywhere then they end and you feel somewhat robbed. Then played severence which is the title track off there new album which will be released soon, this track is by far the best song that they played out of a 4 or 5 song set, its goot a decent riff and a drum beat you can properly head bang to, but its let down by poor average metal lyrics which you cant understand at times due to some guttural vocals, but its seems more like shouting than singing at times.

Photo Of Susperia © Copyright Robert LawrenceAfter the quick an relatively noisy start, Illuminatus take to the stage, they are a four piece metal band from Nottingham but are made up of one Spaniard, one German, one Italian and one English gent. this band play loud and heavy in parts and much quieter in others but its melodic all the way through with decent vocals, that have some range. They play a good tight set with a crisp sound, one of the tracks that they played, but which i didn't manage to get hold of the track title, but it was a killer song but it was mostly fast and heavy, and had a killer outro which was awesome, they went down quite well with the crowd.

Susperia were the main support tonight coming on to the theme from The Terminator, which was pretty fucking cool, this 5 piece metal band thats based in Oslo, play a blend of extreme metal but with some melodic twists thrown in for good measure, but they had a new singer because there proper singer is out of action after suffering a heart attack earlier this year, but the new singer slotted in quite well, and goes by the name of Ben, that's all we got from the band, a few times during the heavy heavy grinding set, the singer forgot which albums the songs were coming from, but he had a decent voice with some range that got him by, Set highlights were a new song and title track from there next album, 'Attitude' it was a proper heavy song that you could head bang to, set closer was home sweet hell and the singer had one of his personal favorites performed, which was 'cut from stone'. all solid heavy tracks that went down well with the crowd.

Photo Of Breed 77 © Copyright Robert LawrenceBreed 77 are from the British territory of Gibraltar, there set consisted of a rock, metal and flamenco fused songs, there songs have some great riffs in them along with some steller solos, the tracks that were played had the crowd bouncing along with the drum beats of some of the songs. Paul the vocalist, commented on that the crowd seems to be getting a bit mature these days and thanks the fans that have supported the band from the beginning, as a thank you they played 'floods' from there first self titled album. A lot of the tracks had the crowd involved in some way, clapping or singing along in various places, In between some of the tracks, Paul addressed the crowd, and commented on the current mess this country of ours is in, and wanted to brick the houses of parliament, stating that a revolution needs to happen, before launching into the track of the same name.other tracks that were performed was, 'Petroleo', 'Remember That Day' ,'Worlds on Fire' aas the encore a new song was played which was new album title track insects this was then followed by set closer and cranberry's cover 'Zombies', the crowd looked like they had enjoyed themselves,not a bad night for all involved.

Breed 77 – 4/5
Susperia – 4/5
Illuminatus – 4/5
Swong Amongst - 2/5

Review By Robert Lawrence

 Breed 77

Paul Isola (Vocals, percussion)
Danny Felice (Guitar, mandolin, vocals)
Pedro Caparros (Guitar, vocals)
Stuart Cavilla (Bass)
Oscar Preciado Zamora (Drums)




julio taylor (guitar, vocals)
jon martin (guitar)
felix rullhusen (drums)
leo giovazzini (bass)

 Sworn Amongst

Frank (guitar, vocals)
Johnny Harper (drums)
Rob Ellwood (bass, vocals)

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