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Sons Of ALpha Centauri - S/TSons Of Alpha Centauri - S/T

Sons Of Alpha Centauri are a four piece instrumental rock band who originally started off as a duo who wrote over 25 tracks before taking on two extra members to bring the band to a four piece. The band are now made up of Marlon Aaron King on guitars, Nick Hannon on bass, Stevie. B on drums and Blake doing the various textures found throughout the bands sound.

So far the band have come up with 35 different songs and have put 12 of the songs together for their debut self titled album which is due to be released later in the month. The songs on the debut album are named in numbers and are named in the order of when the band created the song, the majority of the songs on the album are named in their twenties which shows that the album features most of the bands newest tracks and only a couple of the earlier tracks.

The album runs for well over an hour which may seem like well too long for 12 instrumental tracks and quite boring to some people, as I thought just that when I received the album, but the album does have some interesting sounds on it such as track 2 which is called 14 it has a really interesting progressive sound with some great guitar riffs but the only down side to the song is that it runs for well over 6 minutes.

It’s pretty hard to pick out any stand out moments or favourite tracks from this album as after all they are just instrumental songs that sound like demo's the band have released whilst waiting to add vocals to the sound which in this case isn’t going to happen as the band are an instrumental band who like to experiment with their instruments.

Overall Sons Of Alpha Centauri are a band who clearly know how to play their instruments and remind me of bands such as Taint who played minutes of cracking riffs with hardly any vocals in sight, and also Tool in the way that the songs go on for ages and feature a wide range of sounds, Sons Of Alpha Centauri aren’t a band for everyone and close minded people will find them very boring but if you listen to this with an open mind you might just enjoy what your ears are hearing.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Sons Of Alpha Centauri - Band
Marlon King (guitars)
Nick Hannon (bass)
Stevie. B (drums)
Blake (textures)
 Track Listing
02. celestial sounds
14. broken vessel
15. joyrider
26. hypnotise traumatise
23. ss montgomery
25. (battle at) the forts
28. outrun 242
21. hitman
09. landscape nine
31. espionage (the saboteur)
08. sealand on fire
34. going down
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