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Serotone - Shine AloneSerotone - Shine Alone

Scotland's Serotone have been together since 2003 and have been making a name for themselves by touring across Scotland and the UK ever since they formed. The band have been busy in the studio working on their debut album 'Moment Of Transparency' which they have produced themselves and will release on Re-Action Records shortly. In the meantime the band are releasing their debut single 'Shine Alone' and to be honest the production seems a bit dodgy but the song itself is outstanding.

The band are influenced by Tool, Glassjaw and the Deftones which you certainly notice when listening to 'Shine Alone', but at the same time they sound like their own band as well. 'Shine Alone' is such a good song that has so much going on at once, yet it all seems to fit together perfectly, the song starts off quietly with Dale's mellow vocals which builds up in passion and power along with the bands music. During the chorus, Dale's vocals are strong and stand out well, the double dosage of crunching guitars add variety to the song, the crashing drumming and the bass lines add further depth to the bands sound.

If the rest of Serotone's album is as good as 'Shine Alone', and their live show is as hard hitting and energetic as this then Serotone could definitely be a band worth looking out for throughout the year.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Serotone - Band
Dale (Vocals)
Lee (Bass)
Goodie (Drums)
Lem (Guitar)
Eck (Guitar)
 Track Listing
1. Shine Alone
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