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Vagabond - Don't Wanna Run No MoreVagabond – Don’t Wanna Run No More

If you whacked Razorlight, One Night Only, Richard Ashcroft and boy band looks into a blender then you would end up with Vagabond, and that is exactly what Vagabond are like, they have the good boy band looks that are going to get thousands of female fans hot a flustered and drooling over the guys, they have that strong indie music sound that has a slight boy band squeaky clean feel mixed in with it.

The band’s new single ‘Don’t Wanna Run No More’ has just been released , the song was produced by Xenomania, the guys who have done wonders for Girls Aloud and even the Pet Shop Boys in the past and it looks like they have delivered again as ‘Don’t Wanna Run No more’ is fantastic, it is a indie song that has a clean poppy edge, it’s the kind of song you feel that your friends will laugh at you if you admit to liking it because of the slight boy band feel the song has, but at the end of the day I would imagine that whoever listens to this song will be instantly hooked if they chose to listen to the song on purpose or not.

Vagabond have a really healthy future ahead of them, they have only just started as a band and they are already causing a massive frenzy on the music scene and with songs as upbeat and happy as ‘Don’t Wanna Run No More’ its guaranteed that Vagabond are one of the bands worth keeping an eye on throughout the year.


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1. Don't Wanna Run No More
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