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Tenderhooks - Ma Ma Mr. NiceTenderhooks - Ma Ma Mr. Nice

Tenderhooks are a band that have been around for a while now, they already have two albums behind them and their third album will be released shortly, a release date hasn’t actually been confirmed yet, but in the meantime these guys are releasing a new single titled 'Ma Ma Mr. Nice'.

'Ma Ma Mr. Nice' is a really upbeat slice of indie rock with a bit of experimentation from the electronic side of things which they have managed to blend into their sound pretty nicely. In a way Tenderhooks remind me of my favourite American soft rock band The Presidents of the United States of America, Tenderhooks are just a slight bit softer and a lot more poppy. 'Ma Ma Mr. Nice' features beautiful melodies and great in your face choruses.

The single for 'Ma Ma Mr. Nice' has two b-sides the first one 'Tiny Bombs' is quite a mellow song, much toned down from the main single, however the song flows really fast and really well, it’s not the kind of song that’s going to make you mosh like a mad monkey but it will get you swaying from side to side.

The second b-side to the single 'You're The One Meant For Me' is pretty random, it has a few different soundscapes on offer and is an old style sounding easy listening rock song, kind of like the stuff you could imagine an old skool pub band playing whilst wearing their cowboy hats trying to entertain the lonely old men on a Sunday night as they enjoy a pint or two on their own.

All the songs featured on the Tenderhooks single are all going to appear on the bands third album once it is released. Tenderhooks don’t have the sound and style that is going to appeal to the mainstream crowd but they do something totally different for the indie scene especially in the way that no two songs by these guys are anywhere a like, they like to be different and they like to create a wide variety of sounds within their music.

Tenderhooks are a talented band and a band that are well worth a listen, but just don’t expect the new Coldplay or whatever indie band is top of the scene when you read this.


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1. Ma Ma Mr Nice
2. Tiny Bombs
3. You're The One Meant For Me
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