Interview With The Skindred 10th October 2009
Skindred - BandWe caught up with Benji and Dan from Skindred before their headline show at the Wulfrun Hall in Wolverhampton to talk about their new mini-album, their new found sponsorship with Jagermeister and so much more.

Hello and thank you for taking time out to answer these questions

Can you give us a brief history of the band such as how you got together and came up with the name Skindred?
(Benji) When my old band finished, i started jamming with some local guys from wales who wernt very good, but we needed a bass player and a drummer, and the drummer knew of this kid in southampton, a stunningly good bass player, thats dan here,it tooks us 18 months to find the other guys, we went to america to record the first album, got dropped by the label, then we found the current guys which is where i think the currnet band started.

You have recently released your new EP ‘Shark Bites And Dog Fights’ what was it like writing and recording for the EP and are you pleased with the final result?
(Benji) Well i dont see the ep as an ep its more like an album because i was looking through my black sabbath collection, and there first few albums had 8 song on them, our management have put it out as an ep when i really see it as an album, its a good representaion of Skindred in the year 2009,

(Dan) We wrote this one in a different way really, Benji was in america, and we were over here coming up with guitar parts and ideas, and we sent stuff over, when we got into the studio it wasnt solidified, so we had alot of fun in the stuido experimenting with different things.

(Benji) I didnt find it easy at all, i had to work harder, because normally we have one producer, but as we produced, but i had to fight with the other guys to get things in.But looking back, what happened happened for the better.

Are you happy with the response the EP has got from both your fans and the press?
(Dan) Its funny for us as we get good reviews all the time, kerrang labled us as best live band in Britain, which was great for someone to say that, but we take things with a pinch of salt, now this new album has had polerizing responces, some people have said its wicked and others have said its a bit weak and has only so many songs, hopefully this will make people go out and buy it to make up there own minds about it!

What themes and songs do you cover within the tracks on the EP?
(Benji) I want to create some awarness, i want to create some encouragement, i want to encourage those that are downtrodden to keep going, the struggling musician, i want this album to be a record of hope, to help my brothers and sisters to help them in the struggle of life.

(Dan) Lyrically, youve had more of a reponse from this record, more so than before,

(Benji) With songs like Start of something, people have been saying thats pretty good,

If you had to chose a favourite track from the EP what would it be and why?
(Benji) Invincible, i really enjoy playing it live, and i cant wait to play it next year live at festivals and shows, when people really know it, hopefully itll be one that peoiple will be waiting for, like Pressure, Nobody, Trouble, i hope thats what theyll do for Invincible.

(Dan) I like stand for something, for what it means for this band, because i think people have been turned on to the band because of it, but i like it all, career wise people have been noticing this band, people have been really digging it!

How does your new EP compare to your debut album ‘Babylon’ and your last album ‘Roots Rock Riot’?
(Benji) Its a pregression, its like a time capsul, capturing the band were we are now , every album weve done that, and this album has continued todo that, with skindred, were supposed to keep changing, were inspired by other music and the things that are happening around us.

You are currently touring the UK how have the shows on the tour been so far?
(Dan) This tour, kids have been coming to the shows,

(Benji) Its happening here , not america, were selling out shows, weve sold out 85% of this 15 date run, which is amazing, weve been doing these places for 15 years, to sell out shows in midweek is amazing. These bands on the cover of the music magazines, some of them aint doing that like we are.

(Dan) In Glasgow, there were two other big bands playing on the same night, ours were packed, theres wasnt, im not gonna say who those bands were.

(Benji) There coming to our shows, which is amazing

Dead By April are currently out on the road with supporting you on your UK tour, how have those guys been?
(Benji) Theyve been going down great everynight, theyve really helped the bill. people are digging them. and im glad that weve sort of introduced them to the UK. Also on the bill are karnivool, there musicians musicians, ive watched that band every night, i wish i could sing like there singer.

(Dan) Weve toured with them in the states, and now weve bought something over here, in the past theres only been a few occasions that weve really backed bands that weve taken out with us, karnivool was a choice of the heart,

(Benji) Everytime i watch them i get something, they should get huge in this country!

You have just signed a sponsorship deal with Jagermeister, how did this come about and how excited are you about it?
(Benji) In the past its something weve always avoided, but theres a time for everything at somepoint!

(Dan) I think it made sense, some people in the band love, and spend way too much money on it, so were flying the flag now and those guys have been really generous to us

What do you hope the Jagermeister sponsorship brings to both yourself and Jagermeister?
(Benji) Just help, they want to put there name next to ours, and for people to buy a few shots they dont need to buy a bottle and fall down, there helping us to do this, things towards the tour.

(Dan) The look of the tour has changed for the better, we operate like a punk band, our gears falling apart, and theyve helped us.

Where do you expect to see Skindred in the next 5 years?
(Benji) The one thing i dont do is the crystal ball thing, i just take it one day at a time

What do you think of the current state of the music industry right now?
(Benji) The way i feel about downloading is this, alright do it if you need to, if thats the way you gotta listen to music do it, id prefere someone to download our music, than to not have it at all, the way i look at it is, that they can repent by coming to our shows and buying something from the merch table!

One last question that we ask every band, if you could be an animal out of a Zebra or a Giraffe which one would you be and why?
(Benji) Giraffe, a zebra is a stupid horse, you cant even ride it!
(Dan) a Giraffe it is a beautiful animal

Thanks for your time is there any message you would like to leave for your fans reading this?
(Benji) When you come to the shows, dont worry about coming to see skindred, come to see the support bands, you never know who you might discover in the support slots.

Interview By Robert Lawrence
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