Interview With Static-X - 15th June 2009
Static-XWe caught up with Tony Campos in the Static-X dressing room for a little chat prior to their gig in the Mandela Hall, Belfast supporting Down.

So Tony, you played Download a couple of days ago
Yeah, that was awesome
Which stage were you on? Stage 2 wasn’t it?
Yeah, stage 2.
Did you catch any other bands’ sets?
No man, I woke up an hour before going onstage. After we got done playing I got showered, got a massage and went back to sleep. I didn’t wake up til like nine at night. Yeah I didn’t get to see a whole lot.

Have you been to Ireland before?
No, it’s our first time. We were supposed to . . . four or five years ago our bus broke down in Germany when we were going to do Download. We got stranded in this small town in Germany for like two days waiting for another bus to pick us up. So yeah, we missed it.
Have you played with Down before?
No, never. We did Ozzfest and Extreme Steel with Pantera. We are friends with Rex and Phil, we’ve knon them since then. Wayne’s known Kirk for a long time, even before Static-X. He actually tried out for Crowbar.
Yeah, they’re old buddies.
That’s going back a few years
Yeah a long time ago.
Static-X is around fourteen, fifteen years.
Yeah, yeah.

Are you playing all three of Down’s dates in Ireland?
yeah, I think so.

What are your plans when you leave Ireland?
When we leave, we have a package tour we are doing with Mudvayne, Black Label Society, Dope, Bury Your Dead . . uh . . I think there’s one more band on it. I can’t remember but even if there’s not that’s a damn good bill.
Yeah, it is. How many dates are on that tour?
I think it’s like five weeks, I’m not sure. If I could get online I’d let you know <laughs>
Yeah, I’ll check it out myself when I leave and pretend you gave me the right answer <laughs>
Yeah, yeah alright cool <laughs>

So it’s been ten years since the first album, Has your sound changed since then?
Um . . yeah, I dunno. I think with our last two efforts we’ve been trying to steer more towards what we did on that first record, you know? I think it’s definitely gotten heavier. But it still has a lot of the same elements with the electronics and all that.
So you are returning to your roots so to speak?
( Yeah, I think so.

What kind of responses have you been getting from people about the new album, Cult of Static? It’s been out two months already.
Yeah, great man. People are digging a new record, digging the new songs. For our headline sets we usually play three of them. We start off with ‘Lunatic’, we play ‘Z28’ and ‘Stingwray’ off the new record. They go over really well.
Are you playing any of those tonight?
I dunno, I dunno what’s on the set. I know we’ve got like a forty/forty five minute set.
That’s not bad for a support slot.
Yeah, yeah not bad at all. I’ll take it <laughs>

Have you a favourite track on the album?
Favourite track . . uh . . ‘Z28’
Cool, ok. Are you planning on releasing any singles from the album over here?
I believe ‘Stingwray’ was the first single we released out in the States. I dunno if the label’s gonna release anything here.
Yeah, different countries, different markets.
Yeah, yeah. I dunno it’s up to the label. Ask Warner International <laughs>
Is there a theme to the new record?
A theme? Um . . sex, drugs and rock & roll man.

Why do you think that the band’s been around so long? Is it maybe because you just do your own thing?
Yeah it’s like when we came out, we kinda got lumped into that whole nu-metal genre. I never really saw ourselves as that kinda band. A lot of those nu-metal acts, if not all of them, were influenced by hip hop in some shape or form. We’ve never really been influenced by that. We’re more into the techno and industrial stuff. I always thought that set us apart from everybody else. Then just constantly touring our asses off, getting out in front of people.
Do you think the nu-metal label was just because you came out when it was starting to get popular?
Yeah, it was just the time we came out. That was the thing happening. I guess they didn’t know what else to call us.
Yeah, there was no label for you back then.

How important are the live shows to you?
It’s what we do man, it’s why we make records. The record’s a flyer for the show. We live for the live show, definitely.

A few of your tracks have featured on video games and movies.
Yeah the last one that we did was Punisher: War Zone and I have not seen that yet. Maybe when I get home I’ll go rent it or something.
You also have a song on the soundtrack for Saw III.
Yeah, yeah. We actually got to go to the premiere of that, so that was really cool.

Brilliant! Do you still enjoy touring after all these years?
Yeah man, definitely. I love touring, love playing.
And how do you unwind on tour?
During the day it’s like sit around in front of the computer, play games or something. At night drink.

If you met someone who had never heard Static-X, what one song would you suggest they listen to to get what the band is all about?
(One song? Um . . I’d say ‘Love Dump’.
Why’s that?
I dunno. I think it sums up a lot of what we do as a band. The heavy guitars, the disco beat, the aggressive vocals.

Ok. If you had any advice for new bands just starting out, what would it be?
Quit. You know, it’s a lot of work even to get to the point we’re at. Unless you’re really doing it for the love of music, go find something else to do. It’s definitely a lot more work than people think. If you’re lucky enough and you work hard enough, you can manage to get to a comfortable level. It does take a lot of hard work to get there.

Have you a message for your fans?
(Thanks for the support. They’ve always been really loyal to us, it’s incredible.
You must be seeing a new generation of fans now also?
Yeah, yeah we’re seeing a lot of people bringing their kids now. They’re like ‘we used to listen to you in high school, now I’ve got my kid here’.
That must make you feel good and old at the same time <laughs>
Yeah, yeah definitely.

Well Tony, thanks for your time. It was great to chat with you. I’ll leave it there and let you get back to whatever exciting thing you were doing.
Yeah, I’m going back to my nap.

Interview By Craig Young
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