Interview With Broadway Calls - 5th June 2009
Photo Of Broadway CallsWe sent Broadway Calls a few questions over through E-mail to find out how they have been getting on writing and recording new material for their new studio album.

The last time we interviewed you was in February after your show supporting Alkaline Trio at the Koko in London, how have things been since then?
Great! We went home from the UK and made a new record. So much fun. Now we're doing a headlining west coast tour.

I understand you have spent the past couple of months writing and recording new songs for your first full length album with Side One Dummy Records, how has that process been?
It was a very stressful winter. We came home from the alkaline trio tour needing to write like 3 or 4 great songs to complete the album, and I think we did it. Really happy with the way it turned out.

Your forthcoming second studio album is called ‘Good Views, Bad News’, how many tracks feature on the album and when will it be released?
There's 11 songs on the record that comes out August 17! We're so excited!!!

What stories and themes do you cover within the songs on your new album?
It's less about specific things like touring, and girlfriends/friends, and more just about life as a whole - the negative sides and the positive. The record is about finding a balance, and making yourself happy when you can.

How would you say your new material compares to say your current self titled album?
It's still a pop punk record. I think the sound is a lot bigger though. Working with Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore was incredible.

You have just uploaded your new single ‘Be All You Can’t Be’ to your MySpace page, what response has the song been getting so far?
So far it's been awesome. People seem to be really liking it, and there's kids singing along every night at the shows. It's really great. We're not a very political band, so I know it might be confusing to release that as a single first, but it seems to be working.

You are currently playing a few shows across America with The Menzingers, how have the shows been going down? And are you including some new songs into your set?
The shows are incredible. The Menzingers are all great guys, and they make some seriously amazing songs. We love watching them every night.
It's our first headlining show we've done in a while, and the amount of kids each night, along with the energy from the crowd is surprising and at times overwhelming. It's great.

You are due to play the NME/Radio 1 stage at the Reading and Leeds festival this August, how did this come about and how happy are you to be playing one of the biggest festivals in the UK?
We're extremely happy. I guess we just know the right people. Ha. It's one of those things I never imagined would really happen.

Will you be checking out any bands at the Reading and Leeds Festival when you play?
I've never seen Brand New, so I'm really excited to see them. Unfortunately we play the opposite day of a lot of our friends.

Can we expect a full length Broadway Calls tour in the UK anytime soon?
Hopefully sometime early next year. We'll be back before that for sure though. Opening for some rad bands...

Thanks for taking the time out to do this short interview, do you have any message you would like to leave for your fans reading this?
Thanks so much for checking us out! I promise we'll try to make it to the UK a lot In the next year!

Interview By Trigger
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Ty Vaughn (Guitar, Vocals)
Matt Koenig (Bass)
Josh Baird (Drums)
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Broadway Calls - Be All You Can't Be
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