Interview With It Hugs Back - 12th May 2009
Photo Of It Hugs Back © Copyright It Hugs BackAsh sat down with It Hugs Back before their show supporting Holy Fuck in Birmingham, to talk about the bands current album, future recording commitments, the current tour and much more.

Thank you for doing the interview for alternative vision would guys like to introduce your self?
Hi I’m Matt I play guitar, and I’m Paul I play bass. Hi I’m jack I’m on keyboards. Hello I’m Dimetri I play the drums.

Would you guys like to give us a bit history about your selves?
We all met in school, about 11. We had all been playing in various things and we all lived in London 3 or 4 years ago. Jack joined the band like 2 years ago.

So the name it hugs back where did that originate from?
I don’t know, when we were thinking of names and it just something that cropped up. Sadly no big story

What made you guys want to be musicians, i.e influences?
Em just listening to other bands, for ages I guess and being a record collector

What would you say your favourite records are?
Pet sounds, revolver

You recently released a new album, can you enlighten us by telling us a bit about that ?
It came out on the 6th of April, we all recorded it in our studio set up in the garage, we did it all our selves and we also produced it as well.

How long did that take?
It was a one night sitting, we did it when we went home and did it now and then, while doing gigs in-between. So in about a 6 month period.

So what are your plans, after the tour with you guys?
I know we have a few festivals coming up in summer, Langdon farm in Canterbury, Bestival in September. We are also playing great escape at the end of this tour.

Have you played festival before?
We played Bestival 2 years ago, and last year our tent was under mud so we did actually get to play, but we saw some good things, it was good festival.

What are your favourite festival, you mentioned played bestival, one ones you are anticipating?
I think Bestival probably, I don’t really know the other two very well. Hopefully the weather will be good this year, and that it will be sunny and no rain.
I think bestival is the best festival (some back ground laughter), since the people there are open minded and there to enjoy the music. Allot of festivals say that and aren’t actually that.

You guys are on tour with holy fuck, how has that been? You met the guys?
Em we kind of passed them in the corridor. We don’t really speak to each other and we don’t mess around with their body guards. (laughter)
We really are enjoying the tour, and it our first tour in Europe, we have bee to Holland and France. We are also going to Germany, Austria as well as Switzerland. Really enjoyed it so far and they are an amazing band.

How has the response to your music been from the crowds?
It has been brilliant people come and in and have bought the record it’s a weird thing.

How would you describe you sounds?
I don’t know……. Em one of the promoters said it was a warm fuzzy sound that was quite funny, warm, warm and fuzzy.

Anything interesting happened on tour so far?
We don’t have any crazy tours stories, we always have to leave early to get to your next hotel. But I think when we leave holy fuck throw allot of TVs out the windows

What can we expected from you tonight live?
We like to play together, the performance aspect has always been important, from seeing bands I like, I like to see bands play well together live. Rather than acting about on stage.

So do you have any plans after the festivals?
We just started recording before we left for this tour, carrying on with that when we get back.

Will this be a new album your recording?
A new EP

Is it in a similar vain to your new album?
It is a bit different so far, it’s at early stages really to say

Any ideas for a release date?
Some time after summer and a new album next year

Where do you see your selves 5 years from now?
Seeing holy fuck, I would like to be kind of their size, it would be size to be able to play nice size venues. I like the fact that holy fuck still do allot of the stuff them selves

Ok guys if I were to produce an acoustic guitar what random pop cover would you guys do?
Probably get 8 days a week out by the Beatles.

Ok one random question if you had to choose animal out of a zebra and a giraffe to be, what would it be?
(All) Giraffe, (Dimietri) well maybe a stripy Giraffe

Thank you very much for doing this interview guys, and is there anything you would like to say to the people reading this?
Maybe buy our album, listen to our music?
No don’t buy our album or listen to our music (laughter)
A boy said to us the other day, I really like your album, I downloaded, if I had the money I would buy it

Interview by Ashik
 Band Members

matthew (guitar, vocals)
jack (organ, vocals)
dimitri (drums)
paul (bass)
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