Interview With Sorry And The Sinatras - 9th May 2009
Photo Of Sorry And The Sinatras © Copyright Sorry And The SinatrasWe interviewed Scott Sorry from Sorry And The Sinatras by e-mail and asked him about how the band got together, what we can expect from their UK tour which starts this week and much more.

Hello and thank you for taking time out to do this interview

I understand you have been together as a band since 2007, can you tell us how you came together as a band and came up with the name Sorry And The Sinatras?
Well, we're all good friends to start with. We all had this idea for the kind of band we'd want to be in and decided to start it together. Just made sense.

The Name came from my favorite line in the book "Mystic River" by Dennis Lehane. He called his character's crew a gang of "Sad eyed Sinatras". It fit us perfectly. I wanted to call the band "The Sad Eyed Sinatras" but some how it became "Sorry and the Sinatras". I don't really remember how or why (it was a drunken decision made with our old guitar player Danny) but it stayed.

You announced in May 2008 that you were signed to Undergroove records, how did the record deal come about and how have the guys on Undergroove been treating you so far?
Honestly, I just got a call out of the blue from a friend of mine who said that Undergroove was interested in signing us. It couldn't have come at a better time. We were tired of doing make shift recordings in our rehearsal spot and wanted to make an actual record. Undegroove basically came in and offered to pay for us to do exactly that. I love doing shit DIY but it's worked out great. We'd still be selling off gear and anything else we had to fund a proper recording if it wasn't for them.

I believe you spent three weeks in September 2008 recording your debut album ‘Highball Roller’ in Barnsley, England, how did the recording process go?
MESSY to say the least. We recorded it in in Barnsley with Jason Sanderson. Jason is talented as all hell and the actual recording was seamless, but outside of the studio things got a little dark. Like..The FIRST fucking night, and I mean straight off the plane, Lenny and Roger basically found them selves in a Scareface style hostage scenario. I can't really go into detail about it, but you get the picture. We had no money but didn't sober up once. Funny how that works...?

Your debut album ‘Highball Roller’ is finally released on Monday the 11th May, what can people expect from the album once it is released?
The fucking album of the year I tell ya! WOO

‘Highball Roller’ features 12 punk infused rock and roll tracks, what themes and stories due you cover on the album?
We basically just wrote about our lives. Everything and anything we needed to vent went down on paper. No metaphors or pretentious gibberish, just wrote what we felt.

If you had to choose a favourite track from ‘Highball Roller’ what would it be and why?
I think my favorite song off the record is "So Far From Home". It's just one of those songs that say everything I needed to at the time.

‘Highball Roller’ is getting heavily praised at the moment and its still days from being released, how does it make you feel when you read and hear positive things about it?
I'm not gonna lie, it feels fucking great. We put allot into this and it's kind of like "good job boys".

Your first live shows in the UK were in Birmingham and London during the middle of August 2008, what was the turn out like and how did it feel to be playing your first shows in the UK?
The turn out was great! I mean they weren't sold out or anything but it was cool to see people actually turned out. The only things we'd released we're crappy home recordings on our fucking myspace. I wasn't expecting anybody to come out honestly. It was really cool to see there was at least some sort of interest. It was great being our first shows across the pond but I play in England more than I play at home anyway. It was almost like a homecoming.

Your full length UK tour in support of your debut album ‘Highball Roller’ starts on Thursday, what can we expect from your live show during this tour?
Oh god..I have no idea! The thing with us is things never go as planed or run smoothly. I'm interested in seeing how this whole thing pans out myself!

Are you looking forward to playing certain towns/cities more than others?
Well, I'm really looking forward to London but not cause of the show. Some of my best friends live in London and I only get to see them when I'm there. It's ALWAYS a blast, ALWAYS messy, and I ALWAYS come to the next day on Rich from The Loaylties floor feeling like death. Never fucking fails. Besides that, I'm just looking forward to hitting the road.

The Eureka Machines are supporting you on the whole tour, I also believe that they supported you the last time you played in the UK, are they good friends of yours and what are they like as an band?
I've been friends with Chris for a few years now. Talented motherfucker. We should honestly be opening for them. They're too fucking good.

Can we expect Sorry And The Sinatras to be playing any festivals across the UK this summer?
Not sure yet... I hope so!

You have all been in other bands such as The Wildhearts, Trashlight Vision etc but how does being in Sorry And The Sinatras compare to being in these other bands?
It's more like a band of brothers. There's a certain tightness we have. Not that The Wildhearts are much different, I love all those guys as well, but we started THIS band together. I can't really explain it honestly. It's really cool being in this band.

What’s next for Sorry And The Sinatras after your UK tour finishes on the 23rd May?
We're trying to just get right back out on the road. The record is coming out in a lot of different countries so there's lots of ground to cover. I'm already working on ideas for another record as well.

Every band ends up getting presents from their fans, have you had any weird and wacky presents given to you yet?
Not that I can think of. I've been given dolls of myself that somebody made for me, but that's it.

One final random question that we ask every band, if you had a choice out of being a Zebra or a Giraffe which one would you be and why?
Definitely a Giraffe. You never see lions eating giraffes, but I have seen them fuck up a few zebras.

Thanks for your time, is there a message you want to leave for your fans reading this?
My hangover is making it impossible to think of something clever to say....HA!

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