Interview With Deathstars - 10th April 2009
Photo Of The Deathstars © Copyright The DeathstarsWe caught up with Whiplasher and Skinny from The deathstars before their headline show at Leeds Rios to talk about their current tour and album, how the band got together and so much more.

First off how did you guys get together as a band and how did you come up with the name Deathstars?
(Whiplasher) We originally come from the black metal and death metal scene. Bone the drummer started Dissection which he was in which were a big underground death metal band in 1989 and we come from the same city. Emil was in Swordmaster and so on. But eventually in 2000 we got a bit tired and wanted to do things different so we started Deathstars. The name is because we mix different things with dark stuff all the time and its suitable for us, kind of ironic also.

What are your influences and whom would you say contributed to your current musical style?
(Whiplasher) I don't know, Emil (Nightmare) writes all the music. Its just a mixture of everything from 80s pop and dark and metal influences. Its not any particular bands, its just everything we have ever listened to mixed together.

You released your third studio album (Night Electric Night) in January. What was the recording process like?
(Whisplasher) We started recording in New York, its went so fast that we got a lot of new ideas and we then wanted to do some more songs. So we continued recording the album in the summer. It was a lot of work, but it was the must enjoyable to write so far I think because we are getting more relaxed as a band, we don't feel that we have to be controlled by certain guide lines that belong to a certain genre any more.

What are you favourite tracks off the album and what will be the next single?
(Skinny) My favourite tracks are Chertograd its a really heavy song, The Mark of the Gun is a nice party song. I'm not sure about second single.
(Whiplaster) We keep that secret so that its a surprise, we have not yet decided. I also like the heavy songs and the story songs.

You guys seem really up on making amazing music videos, what has been your favourite so far and do you have any plans to make a video for any tracks off the new album?
(Whisplasher) The next video we don't know about yet. With this album we really want to distance ourselves from that kind of Goth scene that people sometimes identify us with. We want more of a civiy feeling to it.

You have just signed a deal with Bieler Bros Records in north America, how did this come about and are you ready to take on the states?
(Skinny) They contacted us from what I know and they seemed serious enough about it and we talked it through, they are a pretty small record label but they put a lot of effort into distribution and promotion which is what we are looking for. We are thrilled about touring the states, its a childhood dream.

So you have just been nominated for two awards at this years Golden Gods, best live act and best international act. How excited about this are you and are you going to win?
(Whisplasher) I am very excited because we won best newcomer a couple of years ago. We are up for best live act which Is very nice as that is what we do. Its a nice complement, its kind of a recite for something that we do. Are we going to win I don't know, we are up against Metallica.
(Skinny) I'm sure they are going to cheat just so they can win.
(Whiplasher) Yeah they know who to win.

You are at the start of a new tour, is it good to be back in the UK and how have the first couple of shows been?
(Whiplaster) Yeah its great to be back here of course. We are more at home here than in Sweden. Its only been three shows and it has been nice, we have fifteen dates to play so its a bit early to say but its been good so far.

What can Leeds expect from your show tonight?
(Skinny) Well its Good Friday so it must be good right?

I hear you are big party animals, who is the light weight and champion drinker of the band?
(Whisplasher) Bone I guess.
(Skinny) Yeah Bone gets really bad hangovers.
(Whiplasher) He usually does not party that much. Skinny is the worst party animal of the band than me.

What's a typical night out for the Deathstars like?
(Skinny) Cocktails.
(Whiplasher) Yeah females and cocktails
(Skinny) Its what we describe in lyrics, one day its pitch black, its the worst party you can ever find then the next day you are at a party partying with Manchester United.

Do you have any rock and roll stories from your time on the road?
(Skinny) Give me a subject?
(Whiplasher) Every time people ask me about that, its like what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Its a lot of horrible things that have happened but we keep that for ourselves.

If you could be in any other band past or present for a day, who would it be and why?
(Skinny) Fleetwood Mac, changing the sex scene is really nice.
(Whisplasher) Definitely not Deathstars. Maybe someone in Beyonce's crew, maybe a guitar player or something, that would be nice.

Do you have any plans to play any festivals this summer?
(Whiplasher) Yes they are still getting booked I think, none in England anyway. It seems like music is having a national crisis, especially when it comes to music its been really tough on England for management shutting down and things. We have a lot of focus on America, we are not doing as many festivals as planned last fall as the America tour is coming up at the end of summer.

What do you think about the current state of the music scene?
(Whiplasher) I don't keep very up to date with it but its terrible. To be honest I don't really have much of a clue. I mostly listen to my old albums over and over again, which are mostly from the 70s or 80s.

It is five years in the future from now and Deathstars are massive world wide, casting has just began for making a film about the band. Who would you like to be cast to play yourself?
(Skinny) Jar Jar Binks.
(Whiplasher) Tom Cruise

Where do you hope to see Deathstars in five years time?
(Whiplasher) We never think more than six maximum months ahead.
(Skinny) I don't even know where we are playing tomorrow.

Okay, one final random question; if you had a choice, what animal would you be out of a Zebra and a Giraffe?
(Whiplasher) A zebra, I used to sleep in zebra pyjamas when I was a kid.
(Skinny) I look more like a giraffe.
(Whiplasher) Yeah that's just because you have a long neck
(Skinny) I always think giraffes look like they are on speed, because they chew in a weird way.
(Skinny then starts to do a very life like impression of a giraffe chewing)

Thanks for your time, is there a message you would like to give to your fans reading this?
(Skinny) As we were saying we have this party play list that we listen to before shows, so any 80s or good one hit wonders songs that anyone can come up with that are not well known. Anyone that can come up with a song please contact us and let us know the song because its really important for our futcher.

Interview by Ellie Pockley
 Band Members

Andreas "Whiplasher Bernadotte" Bergh (vocals)
Eric "Cat Casino" Bäckman (guitar)
Emil "Nightmare Industries" Nödtveidt (guitars and keyboards
Jonas "Skinny Disco" Kangur (bass and backing vocals)
Ole "Bone W. Machine" Öhman (drums)
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