Interview With Goldie Lookin Chain - 10th April 2009
Photo Of Goldie Lookin Chain © Copyright Goldie Lookin ChainDue to not being able to make an interview withb Goldie Lookin Chain on their previous UK tour we decided to fire some questions off to them via e-mail, the answers are now back and the band thought they would be rock and roll and only answer certain questions and give bad answers at the same time, read on if you really want to.

Hi, thanks for taking the time to do this interview…

You have been together since 2004, can you explain how you came together as a band and how you came up with the name Goldie Lookin Chain?
(Martin) We had the name before we had the tunes we been in the chain since 1998 and we were all stiners who smoked weed drank and eat curry together.

You have just released your forth studio album ‘Asbo4Life’ , what was it like writing and recording the album?
(Paul) It was like tantric sex but eith out the sex, I felt like bono and Robbie Williams had got into my haed and were telling me to have sex with fruit sometimes but I drowned them out by listening to iron maiden when we wernt recording.

Are you happy with how the album has gone down with your fans and the press?
(Martin) No I wanted it to be number one, but you cant have everything can you. Rhys and eggsy have been on the radio on XFM south wales so we had other things to do. That station was closed down so we had some free time to put out this LP.

‘Asbo4Life’ features 14 tracks, within the 14 tracks what different themes and topics do you cover?
(Simon) We talk about Freddie mercury, asbos, tape machines, and garlic bread. We talk about other stuff too but those are the big players in any man’s world.

If you had to pick what would be your favourite track from ‘Asbo4Life’?
(Anon) All of them

You release your music yourselves on your own record label called Gold Dust Records, how did this label come about? And do you find it more beneficial self releasing your material?
(Paul) All record companies are full of cunts, remember kids vegas always wins. We didn’t want to buy them cocaine and hookers any more. I buy my own coke now and I drink it through a straw.

You have just completed a massive tour across the UK in support of your new album ‘Asbo4Life’, how did the shows go down?
(Susan) It was the best tour we have ever done we were able to meet the fans after the show, there was so much love juice flying around after the shows it was amazing , Maggot had more sex than he has ever had in his life.

Trip supported you on your last tour, what was it like having him on board the tour supporting you every night?
(Craig) He seemed to want to go home a lot. I don’t think he liked his band much they were nice but a bit young and don’t know tour etiquette yet.

Do you enjoy playing certain city’s and venues more than others?
(Maggot) I love playing anywhere, never more happy than when we are on a stage.

You are down to be playing the Isle Of White Festival, have you played here before? And are you looking forward to it?
(Martin) Yes we played a while ago its good there is a travel lodge near the site and it has a really nive view over the river.

Do you have plans to play at any other festivals this summer?
(Ringo) Going to dj Glastonbury but im in LA working with a band so I might miss reading.

You have spent a lot of time on the road touring in the 5 years you have been together as a band, do you have any rock and roll stories from the road?
(Alan) Yes .

On your MySpace you claim to be the second best band to of come out of Newport , so in your opinion who is the best band to of come out of Newport?
(Paul) Probably the clash or scritty polity

You like to sing about Argos and Elizabeth Juke, what do you think about the current crop of Elizabeth Juke jewellery in the latest edition of the Argos catalogue?
(Martin) Darling we don’t really shop there.

Can you tell us anymore about the David Beckham Incident when you guys performed 'your misses is a nutter' at the millennium stadium in 2006?
(Craig) No I think we all know what happened there.

Most bands get presents from their fans, have you had any odd or unique presents given to you by your fans yet?
We got a bong in the shape of a pair of tits and I got a david hasslehoff t shirt the other day, some of the fans are so nice.

Out of every word in and out of the dictionary would you say innit is your favourite word? If not what is?
(Paul) I love cunt and it’s a good word too, raz is a nice word but I don’t know if you can play it at scrabble. Ive always liked Antidisestablishmentarianism.

There are eight of you in the band, do you always get on or do you have fights and arguments from time to time?
(Craig) We have urban smack down competetion in adam back garden and we use to have rollover championships in my moms house but we are too old for that shit now.

Interview by Trigger
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