Interview With Wednesday 13 - 31st March 2009
Photo Of Wednesday 13 © Copyright Wednesday 13We caught up with wednesday 13 before his headline show in Newcastle tonight, to talk about his future plans, the tour, his album and so much more.

First off can you give us a brief history of the band?
Of the band, well I have been through like ninety five members of this band already. I started the band in 2004 and I have pretty much had a different line up every record and tour, except for these guys they have been with me for a year. When I put the band together I called it Wednesday 13 because I knew it was going to have different people at different times and things, so I didn't try to set it up as a band. If I had called it a different name like Kicken Chikens or something then this guy left people would be like “This is not the original band any more”.

What are your influences and whom would you say contributed to your current musical style?
That's a lot of different stuff. My favourite band growing up and that made me want to be in a band in the first place was when I saw Kiss when I was five. Alice Cooper and as I got older I started getting into more music, I became a huge fan of the Ramones, Sex Pistols and The Damned so it has been a combination of rock n roll and punk rock. I think my music is all over the place, I never sit down and try to write a song a certain way, I write what I write and it comes out and to me its usually just rock n roll music.

Round about a year ago you released your third studio album (Skeletons) how was the recording process compared to the previous albums and what kind of response has the record received so far?
I have recorded all three of my records at the same studio, I have been recording at this place since I was nineteen. Its a quick process,, I don't really go in and spend weeks and weeks, I think I finished this record in seven or eight days. It was quick and painless, I definitely recorded that record pretty much under the influence. But yeah it turned out great and the response has been good. It was a different record for me, I tried to do a couple of different things on it that were not normally expected of me. It was cool to take a chance and a lot of the fans liked it.

I understand you took a different direction with skeletons in terms of writing. What were you reasons for the change?
Just that I don't like to make the same record twice, its easy to repeat yourself and do it over and over again. So I was challenging myself to step outside of the box a bit and write differently, a couple of the songs had a more personal vibe to them and I had never done that before. I had to take a chance with myself and challenge myself so that's pretty much what that was about.

You have not released a video for any songs on skeletons yet, do you plan to or are you going to be concentrating on making a new record?
I love videos and I love to see them but they are so expensive. I did things a lot different on this record, I decided to put more money into touring and things like that and release other records throughout the year rather than spending loads of money on a video that's going to get played on TV once. That's why YouTube is great, everyone comes to the shows with their camera phones, there are three hundred pages of Wednesday 13 on YouTube so you can go see the band like that.

Quite a while back before the release of skeletons I understand you had quite a nasty car accident, what exactly happened there?
I don't know! I flipped my car like five times and broke my collarbone. That was kinda shit because I had a tour starting the very next day so I had to counsel it, then I had another tour starting three weeks after that. I had three weeks to try and heal up and go on tour, I had to quite playing guitar because I could not hold a guitar on my shoulder. So I had to get a new band member to come in and then it took me four months to heal so I was not in pain for it any more.

You released your first live album last year, do you have any plans to record a live DVD?
That's a live DVD and record, that's what that is. Its a double package thing, so that's what that was. It turned out really good, we did it pretty inexpensively too.

You are very nearly at the end of this tour, how have the shows been going?
Yeah we have four more, everything has been great. I'm just burnt out and ready to go home, I have been on tour for two months. We did America, we did Japan then we came from Japan straight here, we have had no days off. Its pretty gruelling.

I hear you are a fan of horror films, what is your all time favourite and if you could be cast in that film who would you play and why?
My all time favourite is probably the Texas chainsaw massacre the first one and I'd definitely be the hitch-hiker in that because his a maniac and his funny.

If you could be in any other band past or present for a day, who would it be and why?
Kiss, I would be Ace Frehley because they are my favourite band, they are awesome.

How would you describe your live show and what is your favourite song to play live?
Its just high energy, we are not the kind of band that walks on stage and stares at our shoes. So its pretty much high energy and its fun. Probably my favourite song to play is Rambo or I love to say fuck because they are easy and I don't have to think about anything.

Out of all the shows you have ever played, which one would you say was unforgettable?
I would say our Halloween show we did last year at the Astoria in London. It was just a cool night, it was Halloween night, it was packed. The support band was a band from Finland called Hanoi Rocks which is one of my favourite bands and they were there playing with us on Halloween, my favourite holiday. You could not get any better than that.

What do you think about the current state of the music scene?
I think it sucks and I think its boring, its lame that's why I don't listen to anybody.

Do you have any rock and roll stories from your time on the road?
Too many and too many I can not tell. But yes I have a lot, I have stories that I think would rival Motley Crew's dirt book any day.

Where do you hope to see Wednesday 13 in five years time?
I will still be making music, its what I do. I don't have any other plans, I never had any other plans. Five years from now I will be five more records down the road

Okay, one final random question; if you had a choice, what animal would you be out of a Zebra and a Giraffe?
I would be a giraffe.

Thanks for your time, is there a message you would like to give to your fans reading this?
Just thank you. I can not do it without the fans

Interview by Ellie
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