Interview With Ice Sea Dead People - 18th February 2009
Photo Of Ice, Sea, Dead PeopleWe did an email interview with Ice, Sea, Dead People, to find out how they became a band and what they have planned for the future.

Thanks' for taking time out to do this interview

How did you get together and how did you come up with the band name?
Eddoux and I met at lower school in Bedford. He was like a young, homosexual Ryan Giggs in retrospect. I was his David Beckham. We met David 'Thairground' Thair (comparable perhaps to the well-mannered Gareth Southgate?) in London. The band name arose after Eddoux and I joined the Panacea Society in Bedford, who believe that Jesus Christ would return to Bedford. Being atheists I think this typically exemplifies our open-minded approach, which you can find in our music. One of them was reading a scripture and talking about a recent news report that mentioned East Anglia would be flooded in 30 years. Since the Panacea Society has a house for the return of Christ made and preserved in Bedford, this was clearly a big concern. Anyway, Octavia (our leader at the time) stumbled the words: "the ice, the sea and then, the dead people". We edited it down and made his website for our middle school project. We were removed from the Panacea Society after our first gig. They believe we possess the devil.

Who are your main influences?
Right now I'm getting a lot of energy from LRH, Tom Cruise and Oreo biscuits. All of which are referenced on the final vocal on 'My Twin Brother's A Brother'.

You release your new single 'My Twin brothers A Brother' on the 13th March are you looking forward to the release date and are you happy with the response the song has been getting so far?
We'll never be happy until the world bows down to us. I think we deserve a lot more than anyone else right now. I mean, look at fucking Anthea Turner. What a bitch. How much do you reckon she's got? I think it's too much. It's always impressed me that low-grade celebrities like her probably could set up their own record company and finance our whole career on it. Why don't football stars do it? I want Peter Beardsley to e-mail us, out of the blue, and just be like "yes, I know this is weird, I know this is crazy but I must release your album - I've got money pouring out of my cunt here!" he could do it. WHY DOESN'T HE?!

How well did your previous single 'Hence:Elvis' do? And what kind of response did it get?
Out of 10, I think it was like a 9 on the well-ness scale. Mosques were burnt down in celebration. Then we rebuilt them because of the royalty cheque from Radio One was ridiculous. Japan stocked it and we started a small disturbance in Clapham.

How does it feel to have people such as Zane Lowe claiming your band to be awesome?
It felt wrong, I guess. Us on Radio One!? You have to understand that we'd never been played on the radio at all by that point - he seemed to genuinely like us, which is cool. I love that people don't give him a hard time for being Irish. Everyone's just cool with it at Radio One. It's nice.

The art work for both of your singles is quite impressive, who comes up with the ideas and final designs?
The first one was pure luck. I got this guy who created some great gig posters to do it. He created a great front sleeve but the backs and labels were the same illustration but with a Photoshop filter applied. So I played around with it. This may sound like bullshit but we're not allowed to say who did the artwork for the latest one, which is why there's no credit on the sleeve. One day we will be allowed, it's literally out of our hands, I always try and get credits for whoever does work for us but we had to keep quiet. Anyway, it's two (twin?) brothers fighting in the womb. I was shown the initial sketch, then I thought it'd be funny to have them holding a scroll on the back of the sleeve - like cupids do.I'm creating the artwork for the next few releases because I'm a control freak.

Are you currently working on an EP or full length album? If not is this something you plan to do in the near future?
We're working on an album. Usually people do an EP but I think too many British bands are too careful about their 'debut' release, y'know. We're the kind of band that doesn't apologise for what we do. We're not unsure, we're perfectly certain of what we're doing. An EP makes us sound scared. It's coming out this Summer so until then it's up to us to put the word about.

You have a few gigs announced over the next month or so, are there any that you are looking forward to playing the most?
93 Feet East on the 20th of Feb. It's a big venue, it's quite close as well so we won't lose money travelling to play it... and it's free entry so there should be a good crowd there. A few of my friends are having a birthday on the same day so I might buy them each a roller skate from the dodgy Rodneys near the Shoreditch Line bridge. They'd have to skate in unison, holding hands, but I think that'd be fitting.

What do you have planned once your Single is released?
Write more songs, show people who's the boss. I'm also working on something for our live show... You won't be able to hear it but I think it'll really add something.

If you could play with any band / artist past or present, who would it be and why?
I've always wanted to perform with Keanu Reeves' band, Dogstar. Or Future of the Left! Ha, we were supposed to support them for theirs and our first ever gig, that's how we got that quote from Kelson. We only had two songs at the time but we were totally going to do it. Then we played a warm-up gig whilst being drunk on red wine then got thrown out of Panacea, booed off and it was decided it wouldn't be a great idea.

What do you think of the current music scene?
There's more hope out there than people realise. We should all be honest. Say what you see/hear. That's the key to it. Else you look like a dick. If you believed everything people in music press said then you'd still think The Libertines were one of the best underground punk bands to emerge from London in the past 50 years. Words mean nothing to some people. There's a lot of really great noisy bands playing around right now, bands like Ultimate Thrush, Divorce, Male Bonding, Pre, Bitches, Action Beat, you know? We're spoilt for choice. These people mean it as well.

Where do you see yourselves in the next 5 years?
I hope I can do something so people can understand that I'm actively KSW. Eddoux wants the world under his arm. I think he'll fail but he'll make a nice mess. David will be drinking tea and holding the door open for you, at some point, as you pass him at the WH Smith in Basildon.

Okay, one final random question; if you had a choice, what animal would you be out of a Zebra and a Giraffe?
I'd be a Zebra so I could finally fuck a Giraffe without legal consequences. Is that what you want to hear?

Thanks for your time, is there a message you would like to give to your fans reading this?

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