Interview With Forfit - 4th June 2005
Photo Of Forfit © Copyright ForfitWe caught up Ty the vocalist and guitar player from the unsigned American pop-punk band Forfit to talk about label intrest, what it was like playing the a show at the Warped Tour and all things punk.

Hello and how are you?
I'm Great!! Thanks!

For the people who havent heard of you before, give us a brief history of Forfit
We're A Rock/Punk/Pop Band from Southern California. We've been a band for 5 years now and we're still going at full force! We've put out a few cds and made a pretty good name for ourselves for the most part!!

You play Guitar in Forfit, what made you want to learn to play and what was the first song you learnt?
My Dad is an awesome musician and has been all his life, Him and my Mom got me into music from Day one, They got me my first drum set when I was 2 1/2. Played drums for 13 years and then started playing guitar and singing, which is when I decided I needed to be a Frontman haha! All in All, I come from Huge Musical family on both my dad and mom's side! The first song I learned on Guitar is "Ventrua Highway" by "America".

You're currently unsigned but have caught attention from some big names such as Drive Thru Records and John Feldmann (Goldfinger). Do you see yourself being signed soon?
I Really do have the greatest feelings about our band, and not a day goes by that I look down or doubt us! I know we have what it takes and When your in this music buisness, its all about time. We're not giving up till it happens, So I'd love to say I hope to see us Signed very soon!

You're currently busy writing and recording new tracks, so can we expect an album soon? If so, how will the UK fans be able to get hold of it?
Yes we are! We'll definately have a way for the UK fans to buy it! Probably On our website or at , So make sure you do so!!

Are there any plans to tour the UK in the future?
When we get signed, We're there!! haha!

What was it like playing on the Warped Tour and how many shows did you play?
We played the San Diego stop Because we won The Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands contest! It was amazing! One of the best shows ever and the crowd was so supportive!! Someday we hope to be on the Whole tour!

Photo Of Ty © Copyright ForfitWhat have Forfit got planned for the rest of 2005?
We're adding A good friend of ours to our lineup to play rythym Guitar, We plan on a new Record and To play many many shows!! Its going to be a great "rest of the year" haha!

What was the first ever CD, tape or record you bought and do you still have it?
Well, This is kinda funny, The actual first tapes I bought, and I bought them together, was "vanilla ice and mc hammer" hahaha, back in the EARLY 90's rap days haha, wow thats funny! I'm pretty sure I don't have those tapes anymore!

If the reader of this interview hasent heard of Forfit why should they check you out?
Our Music is Not boring, its Diverse and Each song sounds different, The Songs are Catchy and I recommend Listening, If you don't like it, Kool! But thanks for listening and now you've heard of us!

Any interesting Forfit road stories to share?
Plenty of those, I'll have to think... One Time we just played a show in Arizona, and as we were driving thru the city our trailor came unhitched and went outta control.. it was pretty crazy! But all our stuff was ok, so it was pretty fun haha!

Where do you see the band in 5 years time?
As high to the top as we can get!! And If not, Still working for it!!

What's the best band you have toured with and why?
I'd have to say this old band from California that doesnt play anymore called "10 After" . They were an awesome group of guys with awesome music!! Actually one of the guys from that band will be joining our band soon!!

Photo Of Forfit © Copyright ForfitWhat band would you like to tour with that you haven't toured with already?
I would to say Sum41 , I would Love to tour with those guys, they're awesome!

Thanks for your time is there a message you would like to add for your fans?
Thanks To everyone that has listened to our music and Enjoyed it, Thanks To Anyone who tries listening to our music whether they like it our not, Thank you for reading this interview if you got this far haha, We really appreciate everything good that happens to us, we really do! Take care!!

Interview by Trigger
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Ty (Guitar, Vocals)
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Broc (Drums)
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