Interview With Death Becomes You - 16th January 2005
Photo Of Nicodemus © Copyright TriggerWe caught up with Nicodemous from Death Becomes You via e-mail to catch up with what the band have been up to since we last spoke to them in March 2004.

Hello hows things been since you returned from the UK?
Things have been very interesting we promoted "MAKE IT BLEED" at a sci fi convention along with special guests ranging from "VERN TROYERr" aka minnie me from "AUSTIN POWER"S to PETER MAYHEW who played "CHEWBACCA" in "STAR WARS", as well as performing at a horror convention called "SCREAMFEST" that was being held by WWW.SPOOKYEMPIRE.COM with special guests such as some of the cast from the movie "HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES also DOUG BRADLY aka PINHEAD from the movie HELLRAISER, opening up for the legendary ANTHRAX , played a bunch of shows , recently dec 1 we shared the stage with the "KINGS OF POP PUNK" NEW FOUND GLORY , as well as telling our label in a nice way to go fuck themselves :) also we played some very cool gigs across the usa

For the people that havent heard you how did the band come together, get
there name and how would you describe your musical style?

!!WELL LETS JUST SAY 3 OF US ARE BONDED BY BLOOD!! JOHN janos came up with the name for the band , wanting it to have sounded like something from a shakespere book , as far as the sound we like to call it " GRAVE WAVE " as like "new wave" music from years ago , we are looking to be like U2 meets alice cooper , meets the ramones, then getting fucked in the arse by slayer ;)

You play bass in Death Becomes You what made you want to play bass and what
was the first song you learnt?

Well to me bass is the tool of ignorance , it has a very DARK AND DOOM sound to it, as well as going well with my onstage personality, the people i was influenced and inspired by growing up were usually the bass player of the band . Usually the bass player in a band tends to stand out a little more from the rest of the band , such as gene simmons , nikki sixx , jerry only , twiggy ramirez thats what got me into wanting to play bass those guys are my heros and i always looked at them as being "larger than life" as far as the first song ive ever learned , i would probaly say DEUCE by KISS

You released an album "Make It Bleed" on JMB Records how has it been received?
It has gotten some very good reviews in some well known magazines , as well as selling alot of copies when we did the "GRAVEYARD A GO GO TOUR" in the UK for WEDNESDAY 13

Make It Bleed hasen't been released in the UK yet will it ever surface over

Hopefully it will, we are talking to someone now actually at the moment , hope fully "MAKE IT BLEED" will see the light of the day over in the big ol UK , seems
like the kids in the UK actually buy albums cause they seem to be more of fan of what they are into when it comes to music , compared to kids in america that
have everything and that are fuckn spoiled!

Photo Of Nicodemus © Copyright TriggerAre there any plans to return to the UK anytime soon?
We have made many friends over in the UK lots of people ask this same question , our label doesnt give us money to tour , that means its very hard for us to get over to the UK to tour theres lots of planning and organizing to do , we dont have the cash to pay some body to do all of that for us which comes to the band doing it ourselves but the problem there is we dont live in the UK we dont know where point A to B is

When can we expect a follow up to Make It Bleed?
WHO knows right now theres still lots of people that need to go and purchase our CD online at , we come up with so many ideas you can play a song 100 different ways until you think what sounded the best , we always come up with ideas the problem is theres so much material from demos of rehearsals that we dont know where to start with it to write songs

What do the band do when they're not on tour?

What was it like playing with New Found Glory as both your music styles are totally different?
Playing with NFG was definitly an interesting event , considering we came out onstage with the "PLANET GRAVEYARD" intro playing and seeing 2000 kids wearing trucker hats , looking at us like uh scratching their heads with their mouths wide open , we knew that most of the crowd wasnt going to like us cause our music styles as 2 totaly different bands are completely different , but we played in front of 2000 people and thats all that matters!! !!WE DEFINITLY ROCKED THE ARSES OF THE MASSES!!

You have just released a video for "Bats In Your Belfry" what was it like making the video?
It was very simple, the video was shot during the NFG hard rock show , with just a few cameras rolling and recording the show which was later edited by some friends of ours in orlando flori-duh .

What have DBY got planned for 2005?
TO hopefully get to the UK and drink your blood and increase the population while we are there!

Photo Of Nicodemus © Copyright TriggerOn your website you have loads of cool, morbid slogans who thinks of them all?
CHRIS Lee , he has a way with words , definitly an intelligent person when it comes to having him put his thoughts in writing. Sometimes i say to myself "where the fuck does this guy think of this shit ' lol hes a maniac without a killswitch .

You spit fire as part of your stage show what made you learn to do this and was it scary the first time you attempted it?
Ive been watching gene simmons since ive been on this planet , growing up and idolizing him is what taught me , as far as attempting it it was all chris lee's idea , at first he said to me , well he ordered me and said " YOU NEED TO START BREATHING FIRE DURING OUR SHOWS" and i said "oh yea , why dont you do it and burn your fuckn face off" so he basically kept daring me to do it and i attempted it one night and pulled it off and it looked insane , the first time i did it i felt very powerful and i kind of said to myself like yea i can do this. I LOVE DANGER! WHAT CAN I SAY ?

You have lots of personal heroes from Gene Simmons to Twiggy Ramirez but who is your all time hero and why?
I would have to say GENE SIMMONS when i was a little kid i though he was the most coolect thing, to me he totaly represented the perfect rock star and i basically would say to myself " I WANNA BE THAT GUY " !!

What did you do before DBY?
Before DBY was a band i was just a young punk kid looking to smoke pot , beat somebody up , listen to music and go to shows

Photo Of Nicodemus © Copyright Trigger What was the first piercing you got and what made you want to get more?
My first piercing was a lipbret i use to have , after getting it i relized how much i got aroused by getting stuck with a needle, so eventually i got more cause i would get turend on by getting pierced , i love pain !

If there was a movie about your life who would you choose to play you and why?

Out of all the bands past and present who would you like to tour with the most?
ALICE COOPER , as well as the first era of WHITE ZOMBIE , DEADSY AND ORGY!

Where do you see Death Becomes You in 5 years?
Creating an army of zombies to take over the world !!

Thank you for your time is there a message you would like to give to your fans?

Interview by Trigger
 Band Members

John Janos (Vocals)
Christopher Lee (Drums)
Nicodemus (Bass)
Gory (Guitar)
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Death Becomes You - Make It Bleed
Release Date - 1st April 2004
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2. Planet Graveyard
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4. Bad Day At Salem
5. And Crows Will Dig Your Grave
6. I Wanna Live
7. Scratch The World
8. Bats In Your Belfry
9. Cobwebs
10. The Hearse
11. Lay Waste The World
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