Interview With The Long Blondes - 16th April 2008
Photo Of CThe Long Blondes © Copyright The Long BlondesWe did an email interview with Reenine and Screech from The Long Blondes to see how the band were doing before they hit the road for their UK tour.

Hello and thank you for taking time out to do this interview.

Being from Sheffield, how would you decribe the music scene there?
(Reenie) Varied.
(Screech) Yeah, these isn't really one style or sound that can sum up the city's music scene. My favorite Sheffield act at the moment is Kid Acne

How did the recording of the new album 'Couples' go?
(Reenie) Piece of cake.

Why did you decide to call the album 'Couples'?
(Screech) We love to make self-referntial in-jokes.

Do you have a favourite track from the album?
(Screech) 'Round The Hairpin'. It comes as close as we're ever going to get to sounding like This Heat

What inspired the zebra artwork for the album cover?
(Reenie) The adverts for Channel Dave.
(Screech) The adverts for DFS

Why did you change the 1st single release from 'Guilt' to 'Century'?
(Reenie) Excitement over Century, which we had just written.

How was it to work with Erol Alkan, given his status as a highly respected DJ?
(Screech) Off the key ring.

You have experienced problems with your Myspace, but do you generally think it has helped your career?
(Reenie) It's hard to's a pain to use but it kinda essential these days.

You will be airing live tracks on Steve Lamacq's 'In New Music We Trust' show. Do you feel the radio is still a valuable form of promoting music?
(Screech) Totally. Things like digital radio, and especially 6Music, are a really good way for people to hear new music. Don't get me started on Radio 1 though....

You will be touring Europe in May/June. Are you well liked on the continent?
(Reenie) Yep, especially Germany.
(Screech) In general I love European audiences, they seem much better at listening without prejudice.

You seem to be almost constantly on the road, so how much do you really love touring?
(Screech) On and off....The gig part is always fantastic, though all the traveling can be a bit much. Lots of late nights and early morning. I have a fear of flying as well, so that part doesn't sit well with me!

When you're on long tours such as now, what do you do to entertain yourself between shows?
(Reenie) We do email interviews.

What is the most memorable gig you have played and why?
(Screech) I love the gigs we've done in unusual places, we've done a library in Lancaster and an abandoned tile factory in Peckham, both of which were brilliant

What can be expected from a Long Blondes live show?
(Screech) Thrills, spills and bellyaches. The last part is especially true as I recently soildered through a gig in Cardiff with really bad food poisoning

Do you have any festival plans for the summer?
(Reenie) Loadsa European festivals, we love festival season.

As a cult band, do you find your fans are quite hardcore?
(Screech) Very much so. I have one female fan who came to a gig dressed as me.

What advice would you give to a new band starting off and what advice were you given when first starting off?
(Screech) If you want something doing, do it yourself

Where do you see The Long Blondes in five years time?
(Reenie) On the reunion tour?

One final random question that we ask every band; if you had a choice, what animal would you be out of a Zebra and a Giraffe?
(Screech) Giraffe

Thanks for your time, is there a message you would like to give to your fans reading this?
(Screech) be yourself

Interview by Trigger
 Band Members

Emma Chaplin - (Guitar)
Dorian Cox - (Guitar)
Reenie Hollis - (Bass)
Kate Jackson - (Vocals)
screech louder - (Drums)
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Release Date - 7th April 2008
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