Interview With Soil - 29th November 2012
Photo Of Soil © Copyright SoilJames caught up with Adam Zade from Soil to talk about Ryan McCombs being back in the band and plans for the future.

You’ve been through an enourmous amount of line up changes over the years, are you happy with this current set up and what brought Ryan McCombs back?
Absolutely, well I’ve been talking to Ryan constantly even after he left the band, there was a little bout of time where we didn’t speak but apart from that we’ve always been in contact, we always had a good writing chemistry I mean he lived at my house before the band was even anything haha, I was very happy when he decided to come back.

Did he leave Drowning Pool to rejoin?
No, that was not the intention at all. I guess you could call it a mutual thing but he never really talked to us about it in all fairness. It was weird because we’ve known the Drowning Pool guys for years also and we’d really fell off from talking to those guys so when he came back we all came back together again and were getting along but then it all split but the intention was to just do that one tour and see what happens, he was going to do both see but then he decided not to.

What happened with the previous singer, why did he leave?
Well you get married to something so when it doesn’t start going how people vision it, they don’t blame outer things it all kind of implodes. To be fair we never really got along personally so probably had no business doing it in the first place.

Are there any plans for a new album?
Absolutely, plans are in the works, songs have been written so it’s now just about getting some studio time.

How has this tour with Fozzy been so far?
Excellent, we’re only 3rd date in so far but so far so good! Last night was crazy; Manchester in a small venue and it was packed out, sweat everywhere and all sorts.

Whats the plan after this tour?
We’ll be off for the holidays but then the sole focus will be on the album, putting together some more songs I mean we have most of the record done but we want to rework it and have it as good as it can possibly be before we put in down in the studio.

You seem to have long breaks from the UK, is the turnout and recation still the same each time you return?
Yeah well I mean tonight Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie are playing down the street but there’s still loads of people here! I think having both bands helps but we must be doing something right you know? Competing with Zombie is hard we don’t quite have the fire and brimstone, hell I’d rather be watching that show myself haha.

One last random question that we ask every band, if you could be an animal out of a zebra or Giraffe which one would you be and why?
Probably just the giraffe, proportionately the giraffes cock should be larger than the zebra’s, hell it could probably suck its own cock! So I think I’d take that its more impressive haha.

*Tim agrees with Adam from under the table*

Thanks for your time, is there a message for your fans reading the interview?
Thanks for so many great years, we’ll keep putting out music as long as you keep liking it!

Interview by James Webb
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