Interview With Natives - 13th October 2012
Photo Of Natives © Copyright NativesMarc managed to catch up with Jack and Jim from the Natives to discuss the tour and This Island quickly before sound check.

What was it like filming the video to This Island?
Jack: it was amazing, really good fun

Jim: Did it out in Spain which is a bonus
Jack: ha

Jim: It was awesome man. We spent like four days out in Spain five days pretty much just having fun and out friend filmed it. That's pretty much what the video is.

Is it your favourite of your videos?
Jack: definitely

Jim: oh yeah it was definitely that one because of all the drinking haha

Jack: well yeah.. It was the idea as well. It was cool to do something different as well. On the super 8 camera thing, looks a bit different which is nice.

How have you found the change from Not Advised to Natives.
Jack We're a lot happier. We got to a point where we just weren't enjoying being that band anymore and we knew we wanted to do something together but we just didn't want to be doing that for lots of reasons. we kina decided we would start something new but with the same people. I think we all just feel a lot fresher and happier. It's hard to enjoy being in a band when you're not into the songs your playing, but were all really into these songs and we all really believe in this.

How has the new material been going down?
Jim: awesome. Especially on this tour. It's been crazy; I didn't expect that kind of reaction. There just going off.

Have you got a tour story or a favourite show so far?
Jack: surprisingly Norwich. I've got to give it up for Norwich. We played there on a futures tour earlier in the year and it was cool but never really been to Norwich thought little quieter town compared to the others, and didn't really know what to expect. But fair play to them, because when we started playing the first song there were people crowd surfing and circle pits. They just did not stop moving, so give it up for Norwich.

Have you got any plans to do an album any time soon?
Jack: yeah we've got it all writing and most of it recorded. So after this we're back in the studio to finish that up and get it out soon. I think we're going to do another single ep before towards the end of the year and the start of next year the albums out then.

Didn't you just go up to John Feldmann and he said he liked your stuff and wanted to do it?
Jack: yeah essentially.

Jim: I met him at slam dunk, and he sings in a band called Goldfinger who are like my favourite band. So I went up to speak to him and ask him for a photograph and fast forward a few months and we were in LA. Crazy.

Have either of you got a party trick or crazy tour story?

Jack: Jim can moon walk quite well.

Jim: yeah

Jack: it won't work to well on audio but he's really good

Jim you'd just get a few squeaks

Jack: I don't think I have a party trick. I use to smoke, and I use to have an afro, and one time we were in the van [Jim laughs] and I don't know how it happened. Either I was smoking or someone flicked a cigarette and my afro caught on fire.

Jim: yeah seriously.

Jack: but it was a moment of panic, and was patting it out like a tree. like the Ents in lord of the rings.

It goes up really easily.
Jack: yeah it does
My friend set someone's afro on fire
Jim: as you do

Jack: so I just cut it all off, it was just too much of a health hazard, too much of an easy target.

Our last question and we at Alternative Vision ask everyone this, would you rather be a zebra or a giraffe and why?
Jim: Giraffe

Jack: yeah giraffe

Jim: it’s bigger in it

Jack: yeah I mean a zebra looks great but essentially it’s just a horse

Jim: it's just a stripy horse

Jack: have you seen giraffes fighting? Look that up

Yeah they whip each other with their necks
Jack: yeah they do, it’s vicious but you wouldn't expect that from a giraffe. You never see zebras fighting. Giraffe hands down

Do you have a message for your fans reading this?
Jim: just thanks for all the support really

Jack: yeah. We can’t be the easiest band to be a fan of with all our shenanigans so thanks for sticking by us. Were going on tour in December so if everyone could come and see us then.

You were a pain in the ass when you said not advised was over.
Jack: ha-ha we didn't think anyone would notice

Jim: we didn't really think anyone would care.

Jack: because we hadn't done a lot for ages so we kind of figured that band had fizzled out. So we didn't think much about it. We just posted something planning to launch the new band a bit later and then the internet went a bit crazy for it. People were crying and all sorts it was like "ooh sorry"

Interview By Marc Rich
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