Interview With Sum 41 - 7th July 2012
Photo Of Sum 41During a brief dry spell at Bath & West's NASS Festival Marc Managed to get Steve Jocz and Jason "Cone" McCaslin from Sum 41 for a quick 5 minute interview.

So have you guys seen many of the bands at NASS this weekend?
Steve: We haven't seen much of anything at NASS. We got up we went into our dressing room then came in here. So we haven't seen a whole lot of much.

Missing everything.
Steve: Were missing it all, but we can hear it.

Cone: Sounds great.

Steve: Sounds amazing, they're really doing a good job. We just don't know who it is.

You did your last studio album, "Screaming Bloody Murder", with a four year gap from "Underclass Hero", was that frustrating with the delays?
Steve: No, I mean it was almost deliberate in a way because we weren't ready to do an album, we didn't want to rush it. We didn't really have a deadline, well the label gave us one but we didn't pay attention to it, and they gave us another one and we didn't pay attention to that one either. It took as long as it took, it was fun to make. We just wanted it to come naturally.

Have you found having to cancel a lot of dates recently due to the accident frustrating?
Steve: Yea it's a bummer obviously, we love playing and having to cancel sucks. Now we're back we're looking forward to coming back and playing more shows. We're talking about coming back and doing a tour of the UK.

With better weather than this.
Steve: No there isn't, don't lie to me this is as nice as it gets. And it's absolutely gorgeous.

Are you finding it a lot harder to pick a set list now a days with a lot more material?
Cone: uuhhh

pass on that question

Cone: Actually yea, we've been practising a lot of older songs actually. As "Screaming Bloody Murder" has been out for over a year now we still want to play a few songs off that but a lot of people want to hear old songs so we've been practising a few of those and have added those in. It's kinda tough when you get limited to a 50 or 45 minutes, kinda tough to make a set list outa that. But when we do our headlining shows we play an hour and a half so we do a lot of stuff.

Do you find it harder with festivals, particularly with the bigger festivals where people don't necessarily know all your stuff that well and want to hear the songs they see on Kerrang?
Cone: We play all of our singles anyway so doesn't really matter. No I think festivals are a good time for that type of thing, people who haven't seen your band before it's a good time to win them over and get them into your band.

So where do you hope to be at the end of this year, any big plans? You said you were talking about touring the UK.
Steve: We're just trying to tour this is the 2nd show of a 5 week tour. I don't know where were going to be but I think the plan is just to tour.

What's your opinion on the digital revelation and how it affects the music business?
Steve: Well I think it's good in some respects and a bad thing in other respects. I don't think stealing music should happen obviously. It's great you can get music out there, and use Facebook, Twitter and MySpace if you still use that one. That's a great way to interact with your fans directly. You can record at home on an NBOX of shoot stuff on your phone an upload that. It's just so easy now which is ultimately great.

A lot of bands now like Yellowcard have recorded their album and steamed live from the studio.
Steve: Yea, we did that 3, 4, 5 years ago when we did "Underclass Hero" we played the whole recode live on the internet right when it came out. so things like that you can do, and it's fun.

Cone: About 10 years ago everyone use to rely on radio and MTV and all that stuff to get music heard. now it's all web based, you don't have to have a radio single to get heard so it's better for a lot of bands.

Steve: I think it's a good thing in general. overall, there are some negative bits but that's just the transition, there's always going to be bad but there's so much good there I think its great.

This is our last question and we ask every band this, would you rather be a giraffe or a zebra?
Steve: I'd like be a giraffe, because a zebra you get lost, the whole idea of zebra stripes it that when they group together there just a giant thing that a lion doesn't know what it so it doesn't attack it so you're just part of the pack. A giraffe you're off on your own all proud long neck all like hey I'm going to eat my tree, you piss off lion.

Interview by Marc Rich
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