Interview With Dave Hause - 10th May 2012
Photo Of Dave HauseWe caught up with Dave Hause backstage at the Electric Ballroom in Camden minutes before he was due to take to the stage supporting Alkline Trio to talk about the tour, The Revival Tour, plans for the future and much more.

You are currently back in the UK supporting Alkaline Trio how have you found the shows so far?
Fantastic, Alkaline Trio are old friends and a band who I just love because there music is great and they are great song writers, there crowd has been really welcoming aswell which is great.

You are playing a nice small show down the road tomorrow at the Black Heart with Dan Andriano and Helen Chambers, what can people expect from this?
It will be a little longer than tonight.
( laugther)
Dan and I were thinking about going back and forth song after song but im not sure as we haven’t talked to much about it.

So it could be a bit of a surprise on the night?
Yeah, and we have added an earlier show as well but Dan’s not playing the earlier one Giles from Great Cynics is and I’m sure that one is sold out as well.

How do you find playing smaller venues to the bigger venues?
I’m just happy to play and it’s always really gratifying to play to a room full of people who are there for your music as it makes you feel what you are doing is translating, but at the same time I also like the challenge of trying to work up a big room with just a guitar because it’s hard.

But it must be very rewarding when you pull it off?
Yeah defiantly.

Over the past 12 months you have played some great shows in the UK such as the Revival Tour, The Xtra Mile Recordings night at Camden Barfly and now supporting Alkaline Trio but what has been your main touring highlight over here so far?
The Revival Tour as that tour changed my life.

Yeah because from a fans point of view the whole tour was amazing and you all looked like one big happy family but what was it like actually being involved and playing on the tour daily?
Well just being able to play with guys that you respect and love was good and the nature of the tour is good in the way that there is no real boundary of whose headlining and opening and those guys basically just laid there audience in front of me to play to and that was really humbling and inspiring and at this point people responded and I could come back to play to a little crowd and it’s been real cool.

What do you get up on the road during long tours to pass the time?
On this tour it has been just hanging around with the Trio guys as we don’t normally get time to hang out as we both tour quite a bit and we are always in different cities so I have just been spending a lot of time with Dan, Derek and Matt and laughing and carrying on, I also try and walk around towns and catch up with friends.

You signed to Xtra Mile Recordings back in August 2011 how did this come about and how have you found things with them?
It’s been good, I actually licensed my record to extra Mile so it wasn’t like I signed it was just a one record deal but they have been great they are a terrific bunch of people who have lots of resources and have always been supportive.

You released your debut solo album ‘Resolutions’ back in September in the UK are you happy with how it has gone down with your fans and the press so far?
The fans yeah, but I haven’t really done too much press but everything has been over whelmingly positive, it’s beena really great 6 – 8 months of like putting a seed down and watching it grow.

What inspired you whilst writing ‘Resolutions’?
Just my surroundings and the world around me like my friends and family.

What would you say your favourite tracks from ‘Resolution’ are and why?
It’s like picking a favourite kid, I’m happy with the record overall.

You are currently in the process of releasing a series of 7” on different record labels; can you tell us a little bit more about this project?
It’s 5 different labels and on the A-sides we have re-recorded the ‘Resolutions’ tracks stripped down just me and one other instrument and then on the B-sides I covered two songs from that labels back catalogue so for instance it could be anybody on that label and I just picked two of my favourites for each label and it has been real fun to make.

Are all the release dates set for this project now?
Yeah the record store day one came out and that will get properly released once the record store day thing comes to an end and then Jade Tree is about to come out in May.

May 28th rings a bell.
Yeah that sounds right 21st or 28th.

Can we expect you to start work on a new solo album in the near future or even regrouping with the Loved Ones for new material?
A new solo record, I will be recording it in the summer.

When are you hoping to release it?
As soon as possible, hopefully by the end of this year but defiantly by early next year.

What would you say your biggest highs and lows as a musician have been so far?
The lows are just missing your family and some of the weird habits that come with touring such as drinking too much, not sleeping, eating shitty food, but it’s good and I really like my job and there have been far too many highs.

Where do you hope to see yourself in a year’s time?
I hope another record would of come out that I’m proud of and also be playing shows to people who are excited about that record.

One last random question that we ask every band, if you could be an animal out of a zebra or Giraffe which one would you be and why?
I would be a Giraffe as I never know what it’s like to be tall.

Good answer everyone goes for Giraffe and the Zebra gets left out.
O really, well Zebras get eaten.

Thanks for your time is there a message for your fans reading this?
Thanks for the interview and thanks for the support.

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