Interview With We The Kings - 6th May 2012
Photo Of We The KingsJames caught up with We The Kings before their headline show in Birmingham to talk about their current album 'Sunshine State Of Mind', being back in the UK with Simple Plan and much more.

You released your album “Sunshine State Of Mind” almost a year ago, how has it gone down with the fans and press?
Danny: It’s been amazing so far. The fans have been quoted as saying that it’s the best record that we’ve put out, one said that it’s the best record ever and I think one fan even said that it’s better than The Beatles White Album (laughter)

Travis: Press has been really, really good for us. They seem like the organicness of it. The record didn’t start off as an acoustic record but we built everything on an acoustic guitar so that we could strip it all down and play it acoustically and still have a good thing. We just wanted to do something that felt real and I think a lot of people especially on the press side of things appreciated that.

What themes and stories do you cover within the album?
Travis: We were living in New York when we did the album so we wrote a song about living somewhere else and that translated really well to being on tour. We’ve never really known this lifestyle when you’ve grown up going to school and working jobs, it’s completely different to touring the world and waking up in a place that you don’t even know. I also went through my very first break up.

Danny: I was just gonna say about that. There are a few different things in there about friendships and break ups. It’s kind of a good well rounded emotional album.

Travis: There’s a party song on there too. We were in this year of partying so there’s one song on there that’s about going to parties, raging and making out with all kinds of different chicks and then waking up the next morning and not really knowing where you are.

You’ve got an amazing video on your site, for “Say You Like Me” which is an interactive video game which sees you play as each band member to save the girl, how did this come about and was it hard to make?
Travis: It pretty much goes back to making out with girls (laughter).

Danny: I feel like it’s every kid’s dream to star in your own computer game. We were in contact with these people in Israel who had this technology to make an interactive video. We thought it would be a cool idea so we flew to Israel and boom it all happened.

Travis: It’s amazing and we’re all video game nerds but I guess the next step would be us getting our own action figures (laughter).

Danny: Anybody who makes action figures and is reading this please contact WeTheKings@ (laughter).

You‘ve currently been supporting Simple Plan in Europe and the UK before heading out on a few of your own dates over the UK, how has this gone so far?
Travis: The European tour was amazing especially as it was our first time in mainland Europe because I don’t consider the UK to be part of Europe. Simple Plan are really well known over there so it was a good opportunity for us to play to thousands of people. When we got to the UK we decided to stay a little bit longer because we were only getting to play for 30 minutes. People who have been ours fans for the past three or four years wanted to hear more songs so we decided to play a couple of extra shows and they sold out immediately.

You’ve been coming to the UK for couple of years now, how do you find it over hear compared to the states?
Travis: It’s very rainy but we bought sunshine state of mind with us, get it? (Laughter) This has been our nicest trip over here as regards to the weather and obviously the sold out shows have increased our enjoyment level. The fans over here are different than the fans in the States because they never know if we’ll come back. In the States we’re almost spoilt in a way because we know that if we miss a band when they tour we can just see them next time but over here you don’t get that.

After the UK shows you head back to the states, then off to the Philippians, Malaysia, Australia and then back to the States to do the massive Warped Tour! How do you feel about playing all over the world and being on the world famous Warped Tour?
Travis: It’s crazy when you say it like that, it’s like how are we gonna get to all of those places (laughter).

Danny: We need a map with like red dots on to show where we’re going. It’s so crazy, it’s every bands dream. We use to sneak into Warped Tour because we couldn’t afford to get in and now we’re headlining it. Travelling the world and being able to do what you love with your friends is all you can ask for.

Most bands get gifts from their fans, what has been the best and also the weirdest gift you have received from a fan?
Travis: We had voodoo dolls a while ago; we were terrified of what to do with them. I think we ended up putting them in a draw.

Danny: With comfy blankets and at room temperature (laughter)
Travis: As regards the best gifts, I know a lot of people don’t have a lot of money so the fact that they’re going out and buying us gifts or making us things is really cool. I wish people would maybe save their money and say get a ticket to the show or something instead. They don’t have to give us gifts because they’re given us enough already by letting us be here and do this.

Danny: That being said (Laughter).

Travis: That being said we definitely get a lot of gifts like gift cards and we definitely use those. I think my favourite gifts have to be the home made ones or when I mention something really random like pigeons at the next gig someone will turn up with a stuffed pigeon (laughter).

What would you say your biggest high and low points as a band have been so far?
Travis: I can’t think of a low point but with regards high points my mind in getting cluttered with them. We’ve had some member changes and that’s always difficult even though they’ve been mutual. I guess that could also be classed as a high point as well though because you get to start a fresh and have everyone all on the same page. As for highs we’ve received the key to our city, played our hometown in front of thousands, we’ve gone platinum in a few countries. If we were talking about pros and cons then the pros definitely outweighs the cons by millions.

Where do you hope to see We The Kings in a year’s time?
Travis: We’ve all kind of concluded on one exact goal and that is to one day have a greatest hits record.

One last random question that we ask every band, if you could be an animal out of a zebra or Giraffe which one would you be and why?
Danny: I’d be a giraffe.

Travis: Yeah a giraffe definitely.

Danny: Zebras are just fancy horses; they’re assholes (laughter).

Travis: Other horses come along and see them and they’re just like “what?” (Laughter)

Thanks for your time is there a message for your fans reading this?
Travis: I’m sure every band says it but we wouldn’t be a band if it wasn’t for the fans and it’s just as much their band as it is ours.

Danny: Also if you have a drawing of Travis don’t bring them to him; give them to me because I enjoy those much more (laughter). The good ones, the bad ones I love them all, I promise.

Interview by James Daly
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