Interview With Revoker - 17th March 2012
Photo Of Revoker © Copyright RevokerJames caught up with Revoker in Wolverhampton to talk about what they have been upto since the last interview, Jagermeister and much more.

We last spoke to you on The Defiled tour back in November, what have you been up to since then?
It’s been pretty nonstop since then, we went on tour with The Blackout in December after that then did a bunch of our own headline shows around the country before ending up on this tour for March, so it’s actually been pretty nonstop.

You are sponsored by Jagermeister, they sponsor a lot of acts within the metal genre, what do they offer to bands such as yourselves?
They’re responsible for most of the bands hangovers first and foremost haha! They’re awesome to us to be honest; they funded our video for “The Great Pretender” and stuff like that, sorted me out with my new guitar that I needed, so I can’t fault them they’re brilliant to us.

What has been you’re best moment in this band?
Been far too many for me to be honest; releasing the album was a massive one for me, supporting Ozzy Osbourne and going on tour with Rob Zombie, we just released the album in Japan which is extremely God damn cool, every tour we’ve been on in fact has been absolutely amazing. Everything for us just keeps getting better and better.

Alright then how about the worst?
The worst is definitely when we get home silly as it sounds haha! There’s nothing to do really and you get bored after a day, end up climbing the walls most of the time haha, this is what we love doing being on tour so being home never really lives up to it when we love it so much.

Have you planned to release anything to follow up your debut album “Revenge for the Ruthless”?
Well, we’re always writing constantly so we’ve got some stuff together for “album number 2” as it were but there is still so much more we can do with this album at the moment, we’re hoping to go into other countries with it like I said it’s only just been released in Japan and places like that so we hope to tour it round the world before we get anything else out.

You said last time you wanted to get over to America, have you managed to get anywhere with that?
I think that may still a while off to be yet looking in perspective and thinking logically about our situation we’re still young so it’s something to aim for. Hopefully we’ll get there if we just keep doing what we’re doing; building our fan base, getting more exposure and touring, before you know it we might be there.

You’ve been on tour with Chimaira for a few dates now, how have you found the shows?
It’s been frickin’ amazing. It’s mad that we went out with The Blackout in December and went down really well with their fans every night so then to come out on a tour with Chimaira and still go down just as well with their fans as well is just amazing, if the rest of the shows are as good as they have been it’s going to be one hell of a tour.

If you could pick a dream line up to be a part of, who would be included?
For me it’d probably be Rage Against The Machine as they are one of my all time favourite bands, another band that I would absolutely love to tour with is Pantera, or Machine Head, or Metallica. Oh good God there’s just so many bands that I’d love to play with! Like I said we’re still young so hopefully we’ll manage to get to play with some of those bands.

Unfortunately except for Pantera.
Yeah it’s very unfortunate that we’ll never have that chance.

Will you be playing any summer festivals this year?
We’ve got nothing confirmed but we’d love to get a few confirmed and are hopeful that we will. We want to get onto more European festivals too because we only did a couple last year and they were absolutely fantastic, so we want to get on loads more of them this year and hopefully get a few tours out there, so that’s where we’re aiming.

What are your plans for the rest of 2012?
Unfortunately at the moment we have no confirmed plans after this tour comes to an end, when it finishes we’ll probably get some writing done concentrating on that then like I said try to get ourselves over to Europe to get ourselves out there, we play anywhere and everywhere so we should get some good stuff confirmed.

One last random question that we ask every band, if you could be an animal out of a zebra or Giraffe which one would you be and why?
Fucking hell haha, zebra just because you can hide in the zebra crossings in the middle of all the towns and cities to eyeball all the women haha!

Thanks for your time, is there a message for your fans reading the interview?
Thanks to everyone who’s been supporting us and picked up our album, spread the word because no doubt we’ll be out over the country again very soon haha.

Interview by James Webb
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Jamie Mathias
Chris Green
Shane Phillips
Jack Pritchard
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