Interview With No Machine - 1st November 2007
Photo Of No Machine © Copyright No Machine We interviewed No Machine as they started their debut tour of the UK.

Hello and thank you for taking time out to do this interview
First of all can you give us a brief history of the band for the people who
have never heard of you.

We (Al & Emil) moved from the UK to Lisbon in 2005 which is where we started No Machine after meeting the rest of the band in a club in January 2006. We’ve been making music as No Machine since then but only decided to go public with the music itself just over 6 months ago. We were basically locked away inside a rehearsal room and later a recording studio, focusing solely on the music itself and not even thinking about showing it to anyone until we knew we were ready. In early 2007 we moved back to London to promote the music.

For those who don't know, what does your name "No Machine" represent?
The idea behind the name NO MACHINE is the idea behind the band: A real “live” band, with straightforward, expressive, ”human” songs. It’s fair to say that we put a lot of emotion into our songs and do our best not to sound “cold”. We think that the cover for our debut album designed by artist Mark Wilkinson is a perfect visual representation of No Machine.

What are your influences and who would you say contributed to your current
musical style?

We listen to everything that’s good and do our best not to get stuck listening to just one genre. Our favourite artists of all time include: Prince, Johnny Cash, Marillion, Elvis, The Clash, The Doors, King Crimson. They have all contributed significantly to our style.

What is 'The darker side of pop music'?
Somebody said that about our music once and it stuck! I guess we’re “pop” in that what really sticks out in our music are the songs themselves yet we deliver them with an added dose of darkness which could be anything from “colouring” a chord to introducing a unique sound. Although we like to experiment with the darker side we always make sure not to go too far.

You released a self titled EP at the start of September was this a demo CD to show people what to expect from your debut album or was it a general release?
This was a promotional release to show people are music for the first time in preparation for what is to come.

Are you optimistic about the success of your debut single 'Tell Me' which is released in November? and ultimately your album 'A Terrible thing" 'which is released in December?
We’re happy to finally have our music out there available to the public. We do realize we’re a new band so we can’t expect immediate success. So far, “Tell Me” has been getting some great airplay across the UK so we guess our future is looking promising. Our debut album “A Terrible Thing” will be available in stores in December.

What was it like writing and recording your debut album 'A Terrible Thing'?
Writing is probably the easiest thing in the whole process. It was and always is a lot of fun because you have a lot of time to experiment with a lot different ideas and generally be creative. Recording is quite different because the clock is always ticking and that can be quite stressful! Sometimes you feel like you’ve been locked inside a room for an eternity, it’s all a big trip, sometimes it felt like heaven sometimes it felt like hell! Because we had decided to produce the album ourselves (for various reasons), we did also have a lot of added responsibility on our hands, but at the end of the day, after listening to the final thing, it was definitely worth it!

Do you have any favourite songs from 'A Terrible Thing'?
It’s hard to choose but probably “Tell Me” & The Races”. In fact, most people have different favorite songs from the record which we’re quite happy about.

What made you decide to approach Mark Wilkinson regarding your artwork? and are you pleased with the final result?
We’re extremely pleased because he is an amazing artist and the artwork looks amazing!
We’ve been fans of his for a long time and the whole thing is quite unbelievable!

How do you get the idea of thought provoking imagery across in your live performances?
I guess we do that through abrupt body movements & facial expressions on stage at the moment (laughing). Hopefully we will be able afford to some great props for the live show quite soon to make the stage come to life.

The first show of your debut UK tour was in Oxford, how was the show?
It was a great first show and Oxford is a really great town to play! Jericho Tavern has a great vibe to it, real cosy.

You played your first headline show in London on saturday at the Water Rats, how was it?
Water Rats was probably one of the best shows on the tour. The place was packed and people were moving around like crazy shouting No Machine which really got us going… we went into some mental improvisations...our craziest gig was probably at the Attic in Accrington though, where a lot of people invaded the stage at the same time and we all danced together.

How did your shows in lisbon compare to your shows in the UK?
Our Lisbon shows

We never actually got the chance to play to a Lisbon audience but hope to do so in the near future.

Do you have any favourite songs to play live?
Probably “The Races” from our album and “Toast The Toaster” which is one of our newest tracks. We love to really go crazy on these ones.

You are playing 12 shows in two weeks are you looking forward to being on the road for this time?
Yeah, sounds like fun. It’s great to be playing music almost every night which is something we’ve always wanted to do.

After this tour you are not on tour again intill January, do you have anything planned inbetween the tours?
The album launch in December and Xmas!

Do you prefer being in the studio recording songs?, or getting out and playing live?
Getting out and playing live cause it’s a big constant high!

If you could play with any band past or present who would it be? and why?
Maybe Led Zeppelin! For obvious reasons…

What do you think of the current state of the music scene at the moment with emo taking over everything, and most bands and fans caring more about image than music?
It is fair to say that music has become too concerned with image nowadays but that doesn’t worry us too much. At the end of the day, great music will be heard and will be appreciated. In any genre you’ll find a lot of great music. Just as long as people are listening to the right music for the right reasons and being open minded about different kinds of music, then great music will survive.

Where do you see your band in 5 years time?
Touring the world, with a couple of great albums under our belt-.

Ok, one final random question that we ask every band, if you had a choice, what animal would you be out of a Zebra and a Giraffe?
Emil thinks the band would be a Zebra, Al thinks the band would be a Giraffe.

hanks for your time and do you have any passing comment for your fans reading this?
We’ve probably said this before but we’d like to say it again. One of Serge Gainsbourg’s early EP covers shows him with flowers in one hand and a gun in the other. In the inlay, it reads “the flowers are for my fans, the gun is for everybody else”. So I guess we’d love to send you all flowers!

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Al Rivers (Vocals)
Emil Rivers (Piano)
Fred (Guitar)
Joca (Drums)
Pedro (Bass)
Daniel (Organ, Synths)
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