Interview With Dead By April - 11th December 2011
Photo Of Dead By April © Copyright Dead By AprilJames caught up with Marcus And Jimmie from Dead By April top talk about how they came together as a band their current tour and much more.

Can you first please give us a brief history of your band; how you got together, came up with the name?
Marcus: I went to Pontus’s studio because I liked his song writing, I asked him to work with me and he did, haha thats how it started. I asked the rest of the guys to join afterwards.

Jimmie: And I did! Ha ha.

Marcus: Our first guitarist came up with the name, he left shortly after that and we kept the name anyway so it worked for us haha.

This is your first headline UK tour, how have the dates been so far?
Marcus: They’ve been good! Except for last night in Newcastle, it was not very good but eh, the first night in Manchester was great and Glasgow was great but Newcastle eh, we hope tonight will be good.

Marionette and One Without are from the same city as you, it must be a comfort being in a different country with people from the same city?
Jimmie: Yeah.

Marcus: Yeah it is because we haven’t been hanging around with German’s on this tour like we usually are ha ha, they’ve gone down really well with our fans too so it’s a win.

You released your new album “Incomparable” recently, how has this gone down with the fans and press compared to the last?
Jimmie: I think the same to be honest, they were happy when they heard the songs because they are the same but maybe heavier and if anything more poppy haha!

Your guitarist Pontus decided to step back and no longer be a touring member of the band but will instead be solely involved with song writing, what caused this decision?
Marcus: Me and Pontus started this band together and he still wanted to write this music because he loves writing it, we’ll see what the future holds he may come back, we’ll see.

Do you have anything big planned for 2012?
Marcus: Yes we do! We are going to play in the eurovision song contest, so hopefully it will show the non metal community that we rule.

Jimmie: We have I think 4 gigs in January but nothings fully confirmed yet.

Are you considering coming back for summer festivals?
Jimmie & Marcus: Yes.

Anything confirmed yet?
Jimmie and Marcus: No

Do you find the really big metal fans giving you any abuse for the music you write?
Jimmie: On youtube if you look at the commets we get on our videos, our fans war with people saying we suck saying “No you suck” it’s quite funny sometimes haha.

Where would you like to be in a year’s time?
Marcus: Headlining a club like this but in the bigger room downstairs perhaps that’ll do us.

One last random question that we ask every band, if you could be an animal out of a zebra or Giraffe which one would you be and why?
Jimmie: I’d be a giraffe because I don’t want a lion on my ass which I think zebra have to deal with a lot haha.

Marcus: You know what that’s the smart answer we’ll use that.

Thanks for your time is there a message for your fans reading this?
Marcus: We love you guys so much! Thanks for everything.

Interview by James Webb
 Band Members

Jimmie Strimell
Zandro Santiago
Marcus Wesslén
Alex Svenningsson
Pontus Hjelm
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