Interview With Dimmu Borgir - 26th November 2011
Photo Of Dimmu Borgir © Copyright Dimmu BorgirRob caught up with Sven from Dimmu Borgir to talk about their current UK tour and much more.

The fans got to choose which album you are playing in its entirety on your facebook page, how close was the votes and were you happy they picked Enthrone Darkness Triumphant?
Sven Atle Kopperud aka Silenoz, Guitar) I was happy and luckily not surprised so it would have been weird if the poll had been different, the band regards the enthroned album as the first proper Dimmu album, that's the one that put us on the map really, and the first one we were really happy with and still are.

You chose to have no support band for this tour and are instead playing two sets, how did you make this decision?
For logistical reasons, having support bands on these sort of small stages and venues its a nightmare, its just enough for us to fit on. That was the idea to bring it to a more intimate setting , and since we haven't played here much in the UK on previous tours, its good to make up with that with a special event thing.

Your at the end of a very long and intimate tour of the UK how has it been?
Its been really great the response has been really cool and its been good to go on stage and know that everyone in the building is there to see Dimmu, its cool to play without support bands because you get to have a more intimate setting with the band.

How do you generally feel about being back in the UK as it has been a while since you last did a full length tour here?
Its good, I don't know why we haven't played too much in the past, this is our way of making up for it, playing places we haven't played before, first time in Ireland and Northern Ireland, so were looking forward to that.

You have confirmed that your only UK show of 2012 is going to be at the summers Bloodstock festival, how do you feel to be apart of Bloodstock 2012?
Its great, I really like bloodstock we only played there once before, it really made us want to come back, we had some technical issues last time, so for our own sake we have something to make up for, it should be cool, its a nice festival, its not too big and really concentrates on metal.

How do shows in the UK compare to those back in Norway?
Its pretty much the same level of enthusiasm, the same vibe, maybe at home its a bit bigger venues depending where we are, but we don't mind playing smaller venues, as long as we can fit on stage, well play it, it makes for an intense show, you can interact with the fans more than at a festival..

You released your last album 'Abrahadabra' back in September 2010 are you happy with the response it has got from your fans and the press?
Its been great for that album sales wise its been overwhelming, if you look at CDs sales in general there going down, but ours seem to be going up, We haven't toured much for this album but next year we will, we will be playing shows in South America, Norway, festivals and back to north America again, we went to Japan and Australia at the start of the year, but we will tour more to make up for it, the fans were a bit sceptical of the white imagery but its not really talked about any more. The mentality of some fans as it is anywhere else are reluctant to change, so they need time to adapt to the change of how a band evolves..

Have you started work on a follow up to 'Abrahadabra'? If so what can we expect from it?
Just at the ideas stage at the moment, collecting ideas and themes, but we haven't put together songs yet, there very rough and at the early stages so far. In two years it'll be out by then for out 20th anniversary, so maybe there will be a special release for it.

You gave a very special one-off show at the Oslo Spektrum with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and Schola Cantorum choir, what was the inspiration behind doing this show? And what was it like doing the show its self?
It all came about 2 years ago, KROK approached us about doing a show, we hadn't finished Abrahadabra yet, so we had a meeting about the show, we said why not have the orchestra play on the new album, that's how that came about, then down the road we did the show, it took a lot of planning and preparation for the show, it all went really smooth, we did a DVD recording of it, and hopefully it will be out next summer.

What inspires you when it Comes to writing your music?
I cant pin point something in particular, its just what evers around like a movie, book or news that can inspire ideas for the music, every time I change the strings on my guitar, it seem to come up with new riffs, so that's always a good thing.

Did you ever think when you started off that Dimmu Borgir would still be going after all this time?
No not really, I think most bands take it from day to day, when ever you start a band you do it for just the love of playing, but after a while we got more and more ambitions and set goals for ourselves, we got really persistent, focused and hard headed and you have to me in the right place at the right time more than once. You have to endure all the hardships, drama and bullshit, but once you come out the other side its worth it.

What's next for the band after your current tour comes to an end?
Were having the holidays off, then the south American tour starts in February, we haven't played there in 8 years, then we will be playing other places we haven't played before.

What's your opinion on the current state of the black metal scene?
I don't really know, there's nothing really remarkable happening, I don't really follow any genre maybe I'm getting too old(laughs) but there seems to be tons of band out there, but I'm more of an old school freak to listen to new stuff.

What’s your take on the digital revelation killing off the music business?
Its hard to say, it is what it is, its a challenge for bands to make the best of it, you just cant sit there and complain about fucking download, this is what is now and you have to make the best of it, I really think band will be touring more and more, I think it will be hard it will have a domino effect less album sales will mean a lower advance on the next album, that will mean producers and engineers cant charge what they do now, its all down hill unless fans start buying albums again, buti don't see that happening,

Where do you hope to see Dimmu Borgir in a year’s time?
On stage(laughs), and having more material written for the next album, a year older, a little more experienced a little wiser too(laughs)

Do you have a message for your fans reading this?
Were really stoked that they show up in full at these shows, we didn't know what to expect for a show like this, playing an album in full, we've had new fans since then who probably wasn't even born when It came out, its cool to see fans of all ages, and were very fortunate to be where we are.

Interview by Robert Lawrence
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