Interview With The Defiled - 4th November 2011
Photo Of The Defiled © Copyright The DefiledJames caught up with The Defiled before their headline show at the Academy 3 in Birmingham to talk about their current tour, halloween and German police.

You’re out on your second ever headlining tour of the UK, how have the dates been so far?
The AvD: Yeah it’s been really great so far; we’ve had tones of kids turning up, had an amazing reception and I think a couple of them have been sold out too. It’s really nice to see that people are getting into us.

Stitch D: I think today is going to be a bit different thought due to The Blackout playing next door. When we got up this morning we were like “Holy shit there’s loads of kids outside already” but then we realised oh, they aren’t for us haha.

You’ve toured with a lot of bands throughout your careers, who would you has been you’ve favourite to tour?
The AvD: Murderdolls.

Stitch D: Well no Deathstars as well they were wicked.

The AvD: I’d say Murderdolls because we love them as a band and Joey Jordinson is in them, it was a pleasure to meet all those guys. We learned a lot from Deathstars too though so yeah.

Have you got any plans for your follow up album?
Stitch D: Yeah, we’ve started writing our next album already, it’s not going to be done for a while but we’ve started demoing it early because we write really fucking slowly as a band.

The AvD: But it’s sounding good.

What are your plans when this tour comes to an end?
The AvD: Continuing to demo tracks, maybe do some reworks of Grave Times, release the album in other countries because I think it’s only released in the UK at the moment so we hope to get it released around the world and then tour the world.

Did you have a good Halloween in Nottingham? Was that a special show?
The AvD: Aha! Yeah I had a really good time; I was actually born in Nottingham.

Stitch D: Our bus broke down there didn’t it?

The AvD: Oh yeah! Well that wasn’t so great.

You had a problems with the police in the past, what was all this about?
Stitch D: Yeah we didn’t have a very good time in Germany.

The AvD: We were on tour with Static-X and it was just a charge for drugs and weapons.

Everyone: HAHAHA

Stitch D: Just a charge for drugs and weapons, pah.

The AvD: We beg to differ but whatever.

Have you stayed out of trouble since?
The AvD: We weren’t in trouble; the German police are in trouble if they ever come after us, they took a bribe haha.

Your music and live shows are heavily based around horror, is this from a love of movies or bands that embrace the same themes?
The AvD: What we do is more of an extension of ourselves just blown out of proportion. We don’t look that different from day to day; we write the music we love, we look how we want to look. Going to a gig and just looking at a band that look normal wouldn’t do it for me as a viewer.

Stitch D: You want to see bands like Marylin Manson, Kiss and all of those guys you don’t just want to see a band just standing there in their jeans, unless it’s Nirvana.

If you could have anything on your tour in terms of props what would you have?
Stitch D: We were supposed to have loads of props for this tour but they never fucking arrived, fucking parcel force cunts.

The AvD: A river of fire.

Stitch D: I don’t know, Inflatable stuff. A big ball pool on stage we could jump in whilst playing.

Where do you hope to see yourselves in a year’s time?
Stitch D: A palace

The AvD: Palestine.

Everyone: HAHAHA.

The AvD: what the hell’s even happening over there? I don’t even know haha.

Stitch D: Not being scum of the earth.

One last random question that we ask every band, if you could be an animal out of a zebra or Giraffe which one would you be and why?
Stitch D: Zebra because it looks cooler.

The AvD: Why Those 2 animals? Do you have a fucking fetish or something hahaha!

Hey you’ve been asked this 3 times now.

The AvD: Shit, giraffe. If I said zebra last time I’m a complete cunt. You better have said zebra last time too.

Stitch D: I will have.

Thanks for your time, is there a message for your fans reading the interview?
Stitch D: Come see us at a show.

Interview by James Webb
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