Interview With The Amity Affliction - 23rd October 2011
Photo Of The Amity Affliction © Copyright The Amity AfflictionRob caught up with Troy from The Amity Affliction to talk about their recent deal with Roadrunner Records and much more.

You have just signed to Roadrunner Records, how did the deal come about?
Troy) The deals been in the works for about 12 months, our team has been great in presenting us to the right people, they showed interest in us for some time, they validated a contract for us, they were not what we expected to get, we were so over whelmed to be approached by them that we had to take it.

You latest album ‘Youngbloods’ was originally released back in 2010, how has the album gone down with your fans and the press so far?
Its been great, I don't think people are upset at the re-release, people had these extra songs if they got the compilation, but the we've been stoked about the response we've been getting,

You are about to re-release ‘Youngbloods’ on the 24th October through Roadrunner Records, is any extra material going to be included this time around?
There's 2 extra songs, ones that we had done as b-sides for a compilation back in Australia, and the repackage was a good way to get these worldwide.

Can you talk us through the themes of some of the tracks on ‘Youngbloods’ such as ‘Fuck The Yankees’, ‘I Hate Hartley’ and ‘Fire Or Knife’.
I guess the idea of the record is trails and tribulations, were not the youngest of bands any more , were more adult than kids, we all come from different interesting backgrounds, some had good up bringing s some didn't, the albums more conquering whatever s in front of you, its not about moaning, its meant to make you feel that you can do something with your self. Fire or Knife is about hate for god.

As ‘Youngbloods’ is already over a year old, have you started work on your next album or got any ideas in place for it?
Yes absolutely, we just spent about 2 months in Australia, writing for the new album, were about half way there, the direction is great, its the perfect progression, its not softer or heavier, its just better, we see the flaws in the record and were trying to make every song as good as good as the rest of the songs, on the last record there were some weaker moments, and were trying to make a more consistent record this time around.

You are currently over in the UK touring alongside Funeral For A Friend, how did this support slot come about?
Great booking here in the UK, the agency do fantastic things for us, we weren't sure what to to do a head liner or not, but we thought its best to keep building the band, but as soon as this popped up, we had to do it, as there a band with a similar dynamic to us, this is a ban were excited to tour with.

What can someone who has never seen you before expect from your live show?
I think with our shows There's no gimmicks, no synchronised bullshit, its more of a punk rock show, we don't choreograph anything, its all spontaneous, aggressive. We do our best.

How do you find shows in the UK compare to those back in Australia?
Its very different, its humbling, at home I'm not gonna say its easy, but we have to work harder over here, other wise people don't give a shit if you don't give 150%, its much more competitive over here. Were gonna try to hurt our selves a little bit on this tour, giving it our all.

Once your UK leg of the tour is over you are touring throughout mainland Europe and America right up until Christmas time, are you looking forward to being on the road for such a long period of time playing to potentially new crowds?
Its really exciting, playing all different territories holds something different, its our first time over seas head lining which is awesome, America is a tough trot, There's gonna be ups and downs, were gonna find out how well we've been received.

You are from Queensland Australia, how would you say the alternative music scene is doing there? And what new home land bands would you recommend?
Id recommend a band called break even, there probably our greatest hardcore export, there doing something different with hardcore, there really passionate which is rare. Australia has got some great bands, sadly its not always represented through our shows, because were starting to get a flood of internationals with things like soundwave, it makes it very hard to compete with these lineups, kids can pay $40 and see 5 of there favourite bands as opposed to being a local band relying on home town support, it makes it hard for Australian bands, but it separates the good from the band and hard workers and the not so hard workers.

What’s your take on the digital revelation killing off the music business?
Well its just evolving, There's no way to predict it, all you can do is adapt, now, you cant rely on record sales or anything like generating income for the bands, its all about live shows now, you have to flyer at gigs, There's so much advertising shit online that people just block it or ignore it, we could see some of that punk rock ethic come back, or it could go the other way, but There's no way to tell.

Where do you hope to see The Amity Affliction in a year’s time?
Just playing shows and having a good time, Id like to think were gonna be better and shows being bigger.

One last random question that we ask every band, if you could be an animal out of a zebra or Giraffe which one would you be and why?
Id like to be a giraffe so I can see shit at shows, always get stuck behind the big guy, staring at peoples rat tails and dandruff!

Thanks for your time is there a message for your fans reading this?
Come say fucking hi, were all nice, we want to meet everyone, we like to make friends around the world and we want to build on that.

Interview by Robert Lawrence
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Joel Birch
Ahren Stringer
Trad Nathan
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Ryan Burt
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