Interview With Orange - 16th October 2011
Photo Of Orange © Copyright OrangeJames caught up with Orange to talk about their love for England their new EP 'Dead Sexy' and much more.

You’re back in the UK how does it feel to be back in and does it feel like your second home now?
Joe: it’s our 4th tour in about a year; it’s been really great it feels like it’s all been leading up to this.

Who would you say your main musical influences are?
Joe: We all kind of differ with who our favourite groups are; it’s kind of cool because when the sound actually comes together in the studio we come up with something quite unique, especially on our newer stuff. Our roots are obviously in pop punk but there’s a lot more to it than that, I love bands like The Cure, I love U2, what about you perry?

Perry: Well Greenday number one because they got me into this kind of music, I like everything from Blues to Country to Bluegrass, all these influences do show in our music because we constantly surprise one another. SCENE. Ha ha.

How would you describe your sound to someone who has yet to hear Orange?
Joe: Given our new progression, I would say Blink 182 meets The Cure with a hint of Muse.

Tonight is the first show of you supporting Bowling For Soup, how did the tour come about and what can we expect from your set?
Joe: All me man, it was constant years of bugging Jaret on MySpace, eventually he took notice because you can’t ignore me forever. We started talking and hanging out at some LA gig’s they did and we almost went on it last year but it didn’t happen. They said “We’ll remember you guys” and almost a year later here we are!

Are you looking forward to certain shows on the tour more than others?
Joe: London baby! HMV Forum, cannot wait.

What do you have planned once this tour comes to an end?
Joe: We’re probably going to continue to work on our new record, the EP we just released is a teaser for what’s to come.

Over the years you have toured alongside many great bands such as the Misfits, UK Subs, Rancid, Zebrahead etc but who has been your favourite band to tour with so far?
Joe: My favourite so far which I’m pretty sure I’m going to change in 2 weeks from now with Bowling for Soup, my favourite has been Zebrahead.

If you could tour alongside any band past or present who would it be and why?
Joe: For me there’s 3 bands solely for remember when I got into music in the beginning; top 3 for me would be Sum 41, Blink 182 and Greenday.

Perry: Greenday 100%, can I say the Beatles? Is that allowed?

Joe: OH Spice Girls, that’d be fucking cool

Perry: Dude this is my list. Greenday, Beatles and to top it off Ramones.

You are set to release your new EP ‘Dead Sexy’ on Monday which coincides with your current tour, how, how many songs does it feature and what can your fans expect from it?
Joe: 3 of the best Orange songs of all time, it shows progression into the way we want to go and I got to put some of my non-pop punk roots in there.

I understand that you are also working on your next studio album, is the EP a slight stop gap to keep your fans happy throughout the whole album process?
Perry: It’s been a while since an album, so we’re just trying to give the fans something new to tick them over.

When do you expect to release your next studio album?
Joe: Next year definitely I don’t know on a month or anything yet but next year.

What’s your take on the digital revelation killing off the music business?
Joe: Download shit! Do it, it sucks it costs a lot to record but that’s the way of the future, especially since Spotify hit America this year. In 2 years time nobody will ever pay for music so I see songs and cd’s as an invitation to come to a show and buy a shirt.

Where do you hope to see Orange in a year’s time?
Joe: For sure with a new record, hopefully touring the UK again because it’s really where we’re focusing on, hopefully on top of our game with a new record the fans really like and having lots of sex.

One last random question that we ask every band, if you could be an animal out of a zebra or Giraffe which one would you be and why?
Joe: I would definitely be a zebra because it seems easier to have sex as a zebra.

Perry: Since you’ve said zebra I’ll say giraffe. You’ve got the long neck so I guess you could pleasure yourself.

Joe: I bet zebra’s have bigger dicks.

Thanks for your time, is there a message for your fans reading this?
Joe: Thank you for supporting us new and old, we hope to meet you all at a show in the future!

Interview by James Webb
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