Interview With Anterior - 30th September 2011
Photo Of Anterior © Copyright AnteriorJames spoke to Anterior before their show supporting Malefice in Birmingham to talk about their long break, new album and current tour?

You are currently on tour with your label mates Malefice, do you guys get along well?
Yeah really well, we’ve toured with them before it was just lots of drinking and partying. Its good to be on tour with people you get on with and have a similar style of music because sometimes you don’t know and it could be.

How is it touring with Sylosis for a second time in a short space of time?
It’s a bit weird to be honest because it’s like dejavu but I think we work really well together so it’s always good and the fans cross over really well. It’s just sensible in all honesty.

Do you have any plans for once the tour ends?
We’re doing a charity show in Wales because it’s always great to help out. We’re going to Japan in November for like 4 shows; we’re filming a video for one of the new tracks as well then into the New Year going to the states and hopefully Europe.

How have the dates been so far?
Really good, This is the third date so far, everyone was late to Bristol and it was all a rush but everyone was understanding and helped each other out and the fans have been great so yeah.

How has your new album “Echoes of the Fallen” gone down?
I think we have yes; I don’t like reading reviews because its just 1 persons opinion and it will differ with each person’s opinion. We have had some really good reviews but I’m not bothered I like to hear from the fans. Live people don’t know the songs as much yet but they’re favouring quite well.

You had a really large break from 2009 to now, what caused this?
Fucking drummers, you’d find a drummer that was good enough but wouldn’t want to commit. We didn’t want to record the album with a session drummer it didn’t feel right, we’ve finally found the right guy but 4 years is a long time it’s like starting again.

Will the size of the British metal scene with all the competition do you feel you still pull the same amount of fans?
There’s a lot of really good bands like Chapters tonight we’ve never heard of them but they’re fucking wicked. It’s a good think for metal it makes us stronger in the whole.

Has Illegal music downloading hurt your careers?
It’s good for us at this stage of our career because nobody knows who we are so people can get into us then come to a show and buy a shirt so I encourage it.

If you could be an animal, either a zebra or a giraffe which would you be and why?
Giraffe, they can eat things that are bigger.

Thanks for your time do you have any message for your fans?
Thanks for coming to the tour, check out the new album and I won’t be upset if you download it as long as you come to a gig.

Interview by James Webb
 Band Members

Luke Davies
Leon Kemp
Steven Nixon
James Britton
James Cook
 Latest Releases

Anterior - Echoes of the Fallen
Release Date - 26th August 2011

1. To Live Not Remain
2. Blood In The Throne Room
3. Tyranny
4. Of Gods And Men
5. By Horror Haunted
6. Echoes Of The Fallen
7. The Evangelist
8. Sleep Soundly No More
9. Venomous
10 Senora De Las Sombras

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