Interview With Letlive - 15th October 2011
Photo Of Letlive © Copyright LetliveRob caught up with Letlive before they supported Enter Shikari in Birmingham to talk about their rise to fame over the past couple of years, that big Kerrang statement and much more.

Can you give us a brief history of the band for anyone who is new to you?
Ryan Jay Johnson-bass, Jean Nascimento-guitar, Anthony Rivera-Drums) Were a 5 piece LA based band, we met by playing in different bands,

Who would you say your main musical influences are?
Its such a board spectrum of tastes, its never been musically too prominent, but more what ever were feeling at the time, its never been specific like this is what we've been listening too so we want to sound like that.

You recently signed to Epitaph Records, how did the deal come about and how are you finding them so far?
Amazing group of people, it came about of years of us touring, we were picked up by a smaller label, then that label tried to push us along, were happy to be with epitah.

You released your latest album ‘Fake History’ back in 2010 and also re-released it back in April, was this mainly to mark the start of your relationship with Epitaph?
Not only that, obviously we want something out when we signed but, since its only been a year we believe fake history deserved more exposure, Epitaph was offering more on a global scale, plus it was more for the European/worldwide market as it didn't happen at the time of its original release.

Are you happy with how ‘Fake History’ has gone down with both your fans and the press?
Its been received really well, its been crazy.

What would you say your favourite song from the album is and why?
Its tough for all of us to say, its a tough question, some of the songs we wrote last are more the ones were drawn to, the album is collective effort, there isn't a song that's preferred, we liked the vibe of the album, all the songs are like our babies, its hard to pick one over another.

Recently you have spent a fair bit of time in the UK playing at major festivals such as Download and you are now back supporting Enter Shikari on a massive tour, how do you find playing shows in the UK?
Its another world, its a smaller area than the US, its so concentrated we effect so many people so quickly, its been a crazy reception so far, we cant possibly explain it, it's very exciting, we couldn't ask for any more really.

You are halfway through your tour with Enter Shikari, how did you manage to get involved with the tour and what have been your highlights from the tour so far?
Its great, everyone on the tour are nice dudes, easy to get along, normal people, crewm band, there isn't any egos, its awesome.

How would you describe your live show to someone who has yet had the pleasure to see you?
I don't know, its all emotional expression, its expressionism in general, its hard to say without fluffing your own feathers, its something you have to experience.

You have also announced that you will be returning to the UK in February for the Kerrang tour, how did this opportunity come about and how stoked are you to be involved?
Its very strange, the whole Kerrang thing paying attention to us, it came about, the biggest thing we had was Jason being on the cover initially, the relationship built was unexpected, it was cool and we maintained a decent relationship with them, they proposed the offer after a while and were more than excited to be touring with bands we will be touring with,

The Kerrang tour has always had a big diverse line up and this year is no difference with New Found Glory, Sum 41 and While She Sleeps touring alongside you, are you fans of their music and played alongside any of these bands before?
We haven't toured with any of them, but we are fans,.

Where do you hope to see Letlive in a year’s time?
We would love to be headlining here, and releasing another album, that ones more plausible, we have started work on it, we have some songs written, some songs recorded, its finding the mood we want to portray and really finding time to dedicate to it, as were touring at the moment, its hectic.

One last random question that we ask every band, if you could be an animal out of a zebra or Giraffe which one would you be and why?
AR, a zebra, as being a giraffe your going to be limited in getting to certain places,

Ryan, Jean Giraffe

Thanks for your time is there a message for your fans reading this?
Thank for you being involved in the music and supporting us and listening to our music and listen to different kinds of music

Interview by Robert Lawrence
 Band Members

Jason Aalon Butler
Ryan Jay Johnson
Jean Nascimento
Anthony Rivera
Jeff Sahyoun
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