Interview With Sylosis - 30th September 2011
Photo Of Sylosis © Copyright SylosisJames caught up with alex Bailey and Carl Parnell from Sylosis to talk about their UK tour, line up change and much more.

You are once again on a large tour of the UK, now Anterior supported you on your last UK tour, did you hand pick these guys to tour with you again?
Alex: No we had nothing to do with it, we picked Chapters because we’re really good friends with those guys and Haarp Machine dropped out but that’s the only input we had. Our Management sorted out the package and everything.

What’s it been like being on the road with all 3 of these bands so far?
Carl: It’s been pretty laid back to be honest. All of the bands are pretty easy to hang out with and that, we’re all just dealing with shoddy motors and venues at the moment.

How have the crowds been so far? Have you had a better turnout this time and is there anywhere you’re looking forward to playing?
Carl: We’ve only played a couple of dates so far but they have been amazing, places we’re looking forward to playing?

Alex: Glasgow

Carl: Yeah Glasgow’s always good, and London of course is always amazing.

Alex I believe you and Josh are doing a Krammer Guitar Master class in London, how did all of this come about?
Alex: I don’t know to be honest I found out we were doing it on Facebook, seriously. Sorry I know that’s not much of an answer but I honestly couldn’t tell you.

Carl: Yeah we seriously don’t get told anything haha!

After this tour comes to an end you’re going on tour with As I Lay Dying and a handful of other bands, this is a massive opportunity for you how do you feel about this?

Alex & Carl: Excited.

Have you ever toured America before?
Alex: We went there for 1 gig, on its own.

Carl: This time we’re doing a headline tour first going from LA to New York and then we’re joining the As I Lay Dying tour from New York Back to LA.

Do you have any plan’s made for when that tour comes to a close?
Carl: Hopefully start recording a new album around February time.

Alex: Yeah, we’ve got some of the material written so that’s looking good.

Recently I have noticed a lot of conflicted stories revolving around you previous vocalist Jamie Graham’s departure, first with Josh stating he had left to focus on his label then Jamie stating he was asked to leave. What’s the actual situation?
Carl: We just parted ways; we’re still friends and everything though. We did encourage him to leave though so whatever interview Josh said that in was a tiny bit false.

Since his departure there has been a lack in your set of some of the songs that would usually make the set at every gig like “After Lifeless Years” and “Conclusion of an Age” is there a specific reason these songs aren’t chosen anymore?
Carl: Well to be honest we only have a limited time with our sets and once we’ve put the new songs in we just play the tracks from the first album we like the most and that we think go down the best with the crowd.

What are your opinions on the British metal scene in regards to the amount of bands and the attendance of gigs?
Carl: I think it’s better than it ever has been.

Alex: For us personally it’s got a lot better, I mean some gigs hardly anyone turns up but on the whole this tour and in fact the previous tour have been really well attended so it’s good for us.

There are mixed feelings on illegal music downloading how do you feel it has affected you? Do you feel it’s hurt your careers?
Alex: Yeah, it’s ruined everybody’s in perfect honesty. The only way for us to survive anymore is by selling merch, T-shirts and stuff.

Carl: Yeah until bands manage to come up with new ways to make money we really do rely on merch and stuff we’re doing this thing at the moment where people pledge money to help us go to America, we’ve just got to think of ideas. People can download it, as long as they come to gigs and buy merch.

One last random question that we ask every band, if you could be an animal out of a zebra or a giraffe which one would you be and why?
Carl: Giraffe so I could walk around the cities and perv into windows of women getting changed.

Alex: Ha ha! I’ll take that one too.

Thanks for your time is there any message for your fans reading this?
Carl: Keep drinking, have fun.

Interview by James Webb
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Josh Middleton
Alex Bailey
Carl Parnell
Rob Callard
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