Interview With The New Regime - 1st September 2011
Photo Of The New Regime © Copyright The New RegimeJames caught up with Ian from New Found Glory to talk about the band going for 15 years, their new album and much more.

You created The New Regime back in 2007, how have you found the one man journey so far?
I really enjoy doing this by my self, it may sound egotistical, because I have spent years and years getting good at these instruments I really felt I need to put that all to use with a one man band. I really enjoy it because I'm capable of executing my vision precisely how I want to because I do everything and in doing so I don't have to compromise or consult anyone, I just do what I want to, its a very fulfilling process.

Who do you bounce ideas off, or is it all self contained in your head?
Its mainly self contained, My brother who manages me also engineers my music as well, he's there the whole time, I do bounce ideas of him from time to time, but not in the sense of writing but in getting feedback.

I understand that you got into music at an very early age and have mastered many instruments, but what was the first instrument you learnt and the first song you ever played?
The first instrument was the drums, I picked them up when I was 7 or 8 years old, and through the years I picked up other instruments, I have two older brothers, they played bass and guitar, so I picked them up too, I took up guitar seriously at 13, piano at 16. The first single off the last lostprohets album. I wrote the music for that was written when I was 16, and that somehow followed me through and ended up on the betrayed, it was the first complete piece of music id written. The first song id ever written and sung on was a song on Coup called somethings, and the first 10 songs on the Coup are the first 10 songs id ever written.

You released your album ‘Speak Through The White Noise’ earlier this year, how did you find the whole writing and recording process, and was all the performing on the record done by you?
Yes everything that is on the new regime is done by me. All of it. New challenges arise, with the first album I made it point to write 10 different songs, and in doing so, it wasn't necessarily easy as it was the first 10 songs id written, but because there were more boxes to check off, with second album it had to be a big step up from the first, and rather than write another set of 10 or 12 songs, that were different from each other, I needed to expand, and go deeper into a few styles an make it more in depth in styles.

Have you started on third album at all?
I dunno, but I have lots of material, I have 14 ideas that will turn into songs on what ever I do next, and depending on how the live process goes this year, and depending on what opportunities arise, I will continue to record.

Is this where all your efforts are going to be focused on now?
This is what I'm dedicating my focus to now, obviously I love playing drums, and depending on what came up, id be interested in playing. I think to do my thing and really utilised the skills I have and have picked up over the years from the people I've worked with The New Regime is the best way to utilize these skills.

What inspired you whilst creating the album?
I don't really write about personal experience much, more so I write about what's floating about in my mind really, it could be about something I read or watched, I take it back about personal experiences as simple as it sounds, I portray a lot of negativity through the lyrics, people I don't like, things I don't like, yeah so observations and things I'm unhappy with.

What themes and stories do you cover within the album?
The main theme for this album, but before I go in depth, I want to say, the lyrical contents, its not a political statement or any sort, but what most of the lyrics pertain to is, I feel that today, the new is more as a source of entertainment than letting people people know what's going on in the world. With that the negative, but not all the time, can be blown out of proportion and beaten to death, sensationalized, its catastrophic apocalyptic and its played 24/7 on 6 different channels. I feel that, for the people that aren't analytical or who just take things at face value I think they cant help but be left in a paranoid state of sorts, that's what a lot of the lyrical content is about.

Are you happy with how the album has gone down with your fans and the press?
Absolutely, in fact I'm a little frustrated because I'm happy to say the vast majority of the feed back that has reached me has been really really positive , obviously that makes me happy but at the same time, I want to expand the audience that's getting the album and I feel that touring is the way to do that. At this point we've been out for 3 months, I'm a young guy I feel I can handle a lot more of it. I'm a workaholic.

You are currently on tour across the UK with Taking Back Sunday, how did this come about and how have you found touring with them so far?
Touring with TBS has been a fantastic experience we've been on tour with them for two months in the states before this and they were great enough to bring us over here with them. How it all came about, we had some mutual contacts, and I'm pleased to say they took us out because they enjoy out music. We were supposed to play half the tour in the US, then something happened to the opening band, so we then played the whole of the US tour, and we got along so well so they offered us the UK dates as well.

What do you have planned once your UK tour comes to an end in a few days time?
There's something up in the air at the moment, I'd prefer to tour but if not I will record, not sure if it will be another album or an EP.I have enough ideas for an album. I've been touring with some ideas, the songs I've written before, all went together, this time, I have a group of songs that go this way and another group that goes that way, some things are raw, others are multi layered and eccentric. I'm not sure if its a few one off or batches or an album.

You have worked with some great bands such as Lostprophets and Nine Inch Nails, how did these opportunities come about and if you had the chance to work for either again would you jump at the chance?
Yeah Id say so, The opportunity s fell from the sky, when mike left the Lostprophets, I guess they asked around and my name came up a few times, they got in touch with my brother, they were in LA at the time, I was in san diago at the time, its about 2 and a half hours away, they sent me the songs they wanted me to learn, went to jam with them, they seemed to be impressed and I offered my services for there pre production of liberation transmission, I was there for the recording process I completed two songs that Josh Freese didn't do, and it went on from there. Lostprophets played before NIN at Reading and Leeds one year, I don't recall seeing Trent there, but he watched me play, I had heard he had done so, and hadn't thought much of it. Josh Freese left in 2008, Trent asked me if I was interested in joining, and I tried out during the lights in the sky tour, in New Hampshire and got it. I want to concentrate on the New Regime, but if Trent asked me play on something be it NIN or something else I would be more than happy to do it. The only musician I've been in a room with where I've been really impressed with and incredibly respectful to, I know that makes me shitty in a way, but there are people who play instruments and There's someone who knows what there doing, and I was very impressed by him. He gave me a crash course on synths and what is have is on his recommendation.

What’s your take on the digital revelation killing off the music business?
Well I definably don't see digital music in general, however I do wish people were a little more respectful in a sense that if your not going to buy music, go to a show, do something, I think its wrong that people think there entitled to peoples music for free, obviously that's not right,, you have bands working very hard, trying to do what bands have been doing for the past 50-60 years, and all of a sudden because of a jump in technology, people think there owed music for free. For a guy who's starting out right now, I cant expect people to buy something they haven't heard, its a useful tool to be able to give people music that doesn't cost any sort of manufacturing product. It has its pros and cons but I see why the industry is losing a lot of money.

Where do you hope to see The New Regime in a year’s time?
In a years time, realistically, id like to be doing our own small headlining shows, start getting on some festival stages, having done it with NIN and LP, I think its the best way to get our music out there.

One last random question that we ask every band, if you could be an animal out of a zebra or Giraffe which one would you be and why?
I would probably rather be a Zebra, but its a tough one, a zebra has speed, and a giraffe is a bit of an easy target, but Zebras do get mauled all the time, but I think I'll go with zebra

Thanks for your time is there a message for your fans reading this?
Thank you very much for listening to the music, hope you go to a show, I will keep being as productive as possible, spread the word for me, so when I do hit your city, you can have a hand in building the fan base. For people who have no idea who I am, go to the newregime,com, listen to the music for free, watch some videos and There's plenty of good merch to buy as well if you like what you hear.

Interview by Robert Lawrence

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