Interview With Ghost Of A Thousand - 18th June2007
Photo Of Ghost Of A Thousand © Copyright Ghost Of A ThousandWe caught up with Ghost Of A Thousand for the second time in 2007 as they were on the road with the Cancer Bats and Gallows.

Hey guys thanks for taking time out to do your second interview for Alternative Vision this year!

So anything new since Thom interviewed you in Southampton back in January?
Well, the records is out! We got some some awesome reviews for it which was very flattering and unexpected, we've toured with Poison the Well, which was amazing, and we've just been confirmed to play Reading and Leeds festival. it's going well we're all very happy to be in this band.

You played the Tuborg stage at download festival a few weekend back what was that like?
Scary, and very strange to be playing at 11.45 am, I couldn't eat breakfast because i was so nervous, but it went really well, the tent was full and we have people circle pitting before lunch which; no mean feat .
Did you manage to check out any bands at the festival?
Yeah, I watched as many bands as i could , i got really pissed of with all the idiots who just hung out in the VIP area pretending to be important so i just stayed with the stages. Suicidal Tendencies were awesome, Billy Talent, Gallows, Architects, Mastodon. It was the first time I've been even as a punter so i really enjoyed it, i just didn't drink at all because i was worried about being hung-over when we played!

You are currently doing a tour with the Cancer Bats and The Gallows hows it gone so far? and what are both bands like to tour with?
They're a great bunch of people, and it's brilliant for us to tour with bands we like watching. ? It's cool for us to hang out with Gallows because it does feel like we're trying to achieve the same things somethings, just trying to put British heavy music back on the map.
Has anything funny happened on the tour that you would like to share with us?
i think we've been having fun alarming Gallows because we're a pretty eccentric bunch of people and until now i think they thought they had the monopoly of that... they were wrong. Frank didn't believe me when i kept telling him how clumsy i am, but we we're singing that Hot Snakes cover they do during their set and i got hopelessly tangled in the mike stand which then fell over pulling me over with it. He got it after that.

After this tour you have a few one of shows and then you are on the road for about 3 weeks with the Zico Chain, are you looking forward to it?
Yup, I'm missing the road already. It's with Flood of Red too which we're really excited about , those guys are really cool we camped next to them at Download and they know how to put the beers away.
Are you fans of the Zico Chain?
To be honest I'll be able to answer that better once we've finished the tour with them as i don't know their music that well, but they we're really good on the main-stage at download so we'll have to make sure we're even better every night!

You have just been confirmed to be playing the Lock Up Stage at the Reading and Leeds festival is it a honour to be playing such a long running festival?
Very much so, and we we're asked especially by Mike Davies who hand picked the bill, so we owe him a thank you just cos we finally get to play with the Bronx, which we've wanted to do for ages. It'll be great but I've lost touch with Reading so i don't know what to expect : I used to go a lot when i was at high school but it's been a while .

Do you prefer playing festival shows or your own tour?
I like touring because you get into the rythmn of playing every day so it's a bit easier than doing one of shows or festivals.
Towards the end of the year you have a few shows with This Is Menace and Pitchshifer how did you come about being featured on these tours?
Our bass player is actually the guitarist in TIM and I'm doing a song on the new record, so we've had a connection with those two bands for ages. Mark Clayden is an old friend too, he helped us out a lot when we we're trying to get our record together so we owe him several favours.

You have pretty much been on the road since the start of the year and are touring right up untill the end of the year, how do you cope being away from home for so long?
It's tough but we signed up for this life willingly... I miss my fiance so much when we tour but she understands that this is something we've all got to do because we love it so much. I just try and make sure I've got clean underwear and the rest takes care of itself really.

So your touring from now to well into October, are you going to take a well deserved break after this or tour right into the new year?
Well currently we're booking up september so we'll see, we're tour until we drop i think, but we've got to take some time out to write a new record, but fuck knows when that'll be.

Do you have any favourite song's from 'This Is Where The Fight Begins'?
I really like up to you , just because it's our old school song that usually gets a good reaction when we play it live, I'm getting into lots of more straight-up hardcore at the moment so it fits the bill great.

Ok one final random question if you had a choice what animal would you be out of a Zebra and a Giraffe?
Er... can i be neither and be a Hyena?

Thanks for your time is there a message you would like to give to your fans reading this?
Thanks for reading this and we'll see you on the road.

Interview By Trigger
 Band Members

Tom Lacey (Vocals)
Memby Jago (Drums)
Andy Blyth (Guitars)
Jag Jago (Guitars)
Gez Walton (Bass)
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