Interview With While She Sleeps - 7th August 2011
Photo Of While She Sleeps © Copyright While She SleepsAt Hevy Festival I got to interview allot of bands, one of the weirdest interviews and hardest to type up, was While She Sleeps. It was done on a Sunday around 1 and I was really hung over and still quite drunk and the band where more or less the same except they were getting ready to play in a few hours. So I sat down with Lawrence, Sean and Mat and had a nice conversation.

We’re going to break this interview into 2 sections, the first part being proper questions and the second part being quick fire style.

Can you give us a brief history of how you came together as a band, your influences and how you came up with the name While She Sleeps?
Sean: School, jamming, friends, Chat magazine

Lawrence: We were all mates at school, been in bands since we were about 13. We found the name in Chat magazine and we’re influenced by real life shit (laughter)

Sean: It’s about a woman cutting her husband’s cock off while he was sleeping

Mat: So we turned into While She Was Sleeping and then While She Sleeps

Lawrence: It seemed like a good idea at the time

You’ve had a busy few years, and it seems like your constantly touring, with a major US tour playing with Bring Me the Horizon, Parkway Drive and The Architects coming up along with a Headline tour of the Uk. You must really love touring, so we want to know, have you got any interesting stories from your previous tours?
Lawrence: Shit man that’s a hard question

Sean: I once walked through Worcester with my pants down until 5 in the morning (laughter)

Lawrence: I did a shit in a pasta pot and it turned into the messiest thing I’ve ever done (laughter). We also stayed in a house in Europe and they had rats running around

Mat: The rats aren’t that crazy though

Sean: We played Inverness in Scotland and my trousers actually split all the way down and from the side in looked like I was wearing flares (laughter)

Mat: My trousers split whilst on stage and my cock came out (Laughter) seriously, I had to hide it behind the guitar!

What can people expect when they come and see you live?
Sean: Blood, shit and sweat

Lawrence: We’re energetic and we wanna get everyone involved and having a good time

Mat: We’re performers

Lawrence: Blood, sweat and beers

Sean: And cocks and shit (laughter)

Your album ‘The North Stands For Nothing’ has been out for over a year now, have you got plans on making a new album soon, is it hard writing new material whilst constantly being on the road?
Lawrence: Yeah it is, we’ve been writing for the past couple of months and we’re still writing at the moment. Once we get back from out headline tour in October we’ll get on it

Sean: We’re planning for November time to get back into the studio

Lawrence: Sean has got some crazy guitar ideas, Mat’s on it and we’re all just piecing it together now

Where do you hope to see While She Sleeps in a years’ time?
Sean: In a mansion with some bitches (laughter)

Lawrence: Still doing this but more heightened

Now for the short questions

Favourite Band?
Lawrence: There’s too many but I’d have to say Thrice

Sean: Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster

Favourite Album?
Lawrence: The artist in the ambulance by Thrice, it never gets old

Sean: Nickelback- Silver Side Up, one of my favourite albums in the world (laughter)

Best Gig You've Ever Been to?
Lawrence: Letlive at Download

Mat: It’s always hard to name this shit off the top if your head

Sonic or Mario?
Everyone: Sonic

Lawrence: I love Mario though

Mat: How indecisive is this band (laughter)

Lawrence: I like Mario on the gameboy

Zebra or Giraffe?
Mat: Zebra

Lawrence: Zebras are badass

Punk or Metal?
Mat: Metal for me

Lawrence: Punk or metal? Punkmetal, punky metal (laughter)

Favourite Superhero?
Mat: Don’t have one, don’t do that shit

Lawrence: My Mum (Ahhhh)

Mat: Put my Mum as well. Jill Welsh you legend

Favourite Alcoholic Drink?
Mat: Vodka

Lawrence: Kopparberg mixed fruit at the moment (laughter)

Favourite Food?
Lawrence: Pizza

Mat: Cheese (laughter)

Favourite Film?
Lawrence: Donnie Darko

Mat: You don’t even get that film (laughter)

Do you support a Football team?
Mat: Nope

Lawrence: When I was a kid I got this fake Man Utd kit and I thought it was real. My best friend dissed it and I cried my eyes out (laughter)

Xbox, PS3, Wii or None?
Everyone: Xbox

Cats Or Dogs?
Everyone: Dogs

Favourite Holiday Destination?
Mat: I’ve only been to Spain or Malta

Lawrence: Blackpool or Skegness (Laughter). We went to Italy and that was really nice

Favourite TV Show?
Lawrence: Friends

Mat: Only Fools And Horses

Interview by James Daly
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Lawrence Taylor
Sean Long
Mat Welsh
Aaran Mckenzie
Adam Savage
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