Interview With Innerpartysystem - 25th May 2011
Photo Of InnerpartysystemRob went to birmingham and caught up with Innerpartysystem to talk about their love of England, their current EP and plans for the future.

You formed back in 2006, can you give us a brief history of how you came together as a band and came up with the name Innerpartysystem?
Patrick, Vocals) The band started by me making the Download EP and putting it up on myspace after a suggestion from Jared to make a myspace, he started getting calls from labels, and it was like shit we'd better start a band, so we put a band together.

Jared, Drums)Chris was in Florida doing an internship. It was in the middle of the whole myspace thing when we got picked up after 10-15 shows, we got a a lot of listens off the myspace page.

Who would you say your main musical influences are?
Band) We listen to a lot of music, its a very broad answer.
Kris Programming, Guitar) When Patrick first started I went to his apartment, He said , I want to make a song like this, and he played me Mothers talk by tears for fears, that's one specific reference.

Patrick) I grew up listening to Chemical Brother, tears for fears, underworld, Prodigy, Daft Punk all that stuff,

Kris) a lot of 90s rave sort of music.

You signed to Red Bull Records back in 2010, how did the deal come about and how have they been to work with so far?
Jared) They sniffed around for a long time, it was a slow process, we were signed to island records, then we got dropped, May 2009, then we went on warped tour in June of that year, we then met Meredith then, a solid year went by, watching us develop , when we got new songs, we sent them to them, then last summer they finally pulled the trigger and signed us, its been awesome, nothing against other labels, because its tough being a label these days, no one buys records any more , its more stressful being with a big company because of the pressure to sell that being with one that has other sources of income, There's no pressure, they just want us to make great music.

You released your latest EP ‘Never Be Content’ back in February, its a change in direction for the band, what bought about this change.
Kris) The EP Came about because its what we were into, its what we naturally made, it wasn't no we've done this were gonna do this now, its stuff we were vibing on in the studio, it turned out to that way.

Jared) Its that and its a little bit of the last record would have been more like the ep, but it was the first time making a record, signed to major record, been on tours, you need go through things a few times to know what you like, it was a blessing and a curse of been signed, we were developing in the public eye, it came out a little bit differently than we liked, we love but I think the EP is more our style.

You are set to release your new single ‘Not Getting Any Better’ on the 4th July, what made you decide to release this over other material on the EP?
Jared) Its a great tune, its a stand out tune, I think it probably would have been first but American Trash was released when were weren't signed to a label, so it was already out, we were forced to use that as it was already doing things, like getting played on the radio. We got a video coming out for it soon, Not getting any better video will be all animated.

Kris) Right before we left for the tour, we did some green screen for out performance bit in the video, it was about 3 weeks ago we did that, so well be getting a first look at it soon I think, Chris Mills did the video, he's crazy, he just did the new Joy Formidable Video too.

Can we expect to see a follow up to your début full length album in the near future?
Patrick) I think were gonna start releasing single tracks, starting in August, and release a track maybe every six weeks leading up to the albums release in December, those tracks will be on the record along with others as well.

Jared) (looking at the EP copy I bought with me) The albums cover fits right here its a continuation of the ep cover, you get to see what the person is looking at.

You are currently back in the UK supporting 3OH!3, how have the shows been so far? And how have 3OH!3 been to tour with?
Kris) Its a blast, were like best friends with them already, this tour is going awesome, its cool to play places that are hard to get to like Paris unless you have a massive single, its cool to jump on and play these places.

Jared) with having a bus, its cool to be able to do some touristy stuff and be able to get stuff done, its great to tour with friends, its normally a the end of tour your all buddy's, but this is awesome from day one.

You are set to play Slamdunk, Sonisphere and Wakestock festival this year, how do festival shows compare to your usual gigs?
Kris) we did a club set at a festival, but we normally do what we do, but with out the lights and move a bit more to make up for the blinding lights.

You seem to tour the UK very often, what is it about the UK which keeps making you want to come back?
Patrick) people keep wanting to come see us that's the best feeling, you got play where the demand is,there are states in America that we don't play because no ones interested in us, we've played Denver more than we've played our home town. Well keep coming back for as long as you want us.

What’s your take on the digital revelation killing off the music business?
Jared) I think everyone will agree that it sucks, everyone's aware of it so now its time to move on and deal with it and I think we are, for the most part younger people consider music to be free, it what it is, There's no point in getting stressed about it.

Kris) T%here has been some good things about it, because of the net, people are listening to music that they wouldn't normally, hear. I think Streaming will take over in the future.

Where do you hope to see Innerpartysystem in a year’s time?
Patrick) Hopefully next year well be playing WMC, but more festivals, going on festival tours, people are already having a good time, so it doesn't need to be forced to much

Thanks for your time is there a message for your fans reading this?
Thank you, and thanks for turning up to the shows.

Interview By Robert Lawrence
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