Interview With Die So Fluid - 6th May 2011
Photo Of Die So FluidKim cuaght up with Die So Fluid backstage in Cheltenham and spoke about what the band have been upto over the last year, touring experiances and much more.

We last spoke to you a year ago what have you been up to since then?
Drew - We actually didn’t do much in between our tour last year, until about December time where we played a load of shows. It’s mainly business type stuff going on in the background. It’s difficult because you still want to keep Tweeting people that you’re still alive but there’s not anything to show off really.

Grog - I mean I live in America now and I’ve been back here three or four times since Christmas so we have been doing stuff, just not a lot to report.

Drew - We did do a little trip to Finland and the UK Tour is split into two halves and this is sort of the second half.

You are currently on a short tour playing intimate sized venues across the UK how have the shows been so far?
Grog – Yeah, it was really, really fantastic.

Drew – Last night was good. I don’t think we’ve played Guilford before.

Grog – I was really surprised with the turn out actually, it was great thanks.

Idiom are supporting you on the tour were they handpicked by you?
Grog – They were recommended to us by our agent to be honest. But they are really good. I checked them out online not that long ago and yeah I really like them, and from what I heard from last night they were really great and hopefully I’ll be watching a full set when I get the chance – usually I’m putting on a cat suit so.

How have you found touring with them so far?
Grog – They’re really nice actually, which always makes the tour much more pleasant for everyone.

You say that like you’ve had past experience with an unpleasant band?
Grog – Well, we can’t really name names ha ha.

Drew – No we’ll name names, Il Nino.

Grog – Ok, well they’re a good example. It’s just, attitude you know, where you’d never get a sound check ever, even when you’ve paid to do a tour. I mean that tour was bad anyway because I got electrocuted! So I don’t have any fond memories from that time really.

Drew – I mean there are a couple of good guys in the band, but there’s just one guy in the band who’s a fucking arsehole.

Grog – You’re not usually like this, you’re getting defensive!

You are playing The Frog And Fiddle in Cheltenham tonight, have you played here before?
Grog – No we’ve not played here before, we’re virgins! But I’m really looking forward to it.

What can we expect from your set?
Al – You can expect a bit of old and a bit of new.
Grog – Yes, we’re doing some stuff from ‘The World Is Too Big for One Lifetime’ and it’s quite a dynamic set. We’re really enjoying playing it at the moment. You can expect to be captivated by our presence! Ha ha.

You are due to play Femme Fest at the end of the month, how does it feel to be asked to play an event in the aid of such an important charity?
Grog – We’re all really pleased to be asked to do it it’s such an important charity, obviously. They do some amazing work. And actually my husband lost his father to cancer last year so it’s quite a personal project for me too. So we’re really pleased to be able to play it.

You have also been announced to play Hard Rock Hell Road Trip in Ibiza, how did this come about and how much are you looking forward to it?
Grog – We actually played Hard Rock Hell in Prestatyn last December.

Al – No, it was in October!

Grog – Oh ha ha, I have a weird memory.

Drew – No it was in December!

Al – You’re right actually – I just have no memory!

Grog – Ha, so yeah that was a turning point for us ‘cause well I don’t know if you’ve seen the Anvil film?

Of course!
Grog – Yeah it was like when they go out and do that gig where they think it’s gonna be you know really quiet and then they go out and it’s just packed! We went down a storm, and from then I think people starting spreading the word that we’re actually a good live act and people starting realising what we’re about and it just went from there.

You released your latest studio album ‘The World Is Too Big for One Lifetime’ back in June, how did the album go down with your fans and the press?
Grog – Yeah really well.

Al – Much better than expected.

Grog – I think we felt we were being a little under promoted and we’re gonna keep on pushing it as much as we can. But it’s been a big success with the people who have heard it.

What would you say your favourite track from the album is and why?
Al – What’s my favourite track, ummm, ‘Figurine’ maybe. Yeah ‘Figurine’ for me so.

Grog – We’re thinking of doing that as a single actually, a lot of people tell us on Facebook so.

Drew – Yeah that’s going down really well at shows. ‘Raven’ is always a favourite. It was kinda the first one we wrote for that album.

Grog – I like ‘Storm’. It’s kind of in a slightly different style for us, a bit of a slower song, but still epic so yeah I really like it.

Where do you hope to see Die So Fluid in a year’s time?
Grog – Wow in a years’ time, right we need to get our album out in America with a proper official release – by hook or by crook, that’s going to happen. We’re planning on getting it released in some territories in Europe so that should happen within the next few months really. We’re also going to take the live act to higher levels.

Drew – We can sort of see what’s been planned for the next year, it’s all sort of upwards in terms of the size of things. We’re doing some small festivals so I would hope next time we’ll be doing some more mainstream festivals, finally.

Grog – A lot more people are coming on board now and they understand what we’re doing. And there’s a lot of potential in it so a big year ahead hopefully. You’ve got to have a bit of luck on your side too so fingers crossed!

One last random question that we ask every band, if you could be an animal out of a zebra or Giraffe which one would you be and why?
(All laugh)
Grog – I’d be a giraffe so I could get a really good view at gigs.

That’s a good shout actually!

Al – Yeah I’d be the same for similar reasons, just to look into upstairs windows.

Grog – That’s the pervy answer as per usual.

Al – Well if they kicked you out of the zoo, you could do window cleaning couldn’t you?

Drew – Zebras are a bit useless aren’t they? It’s just a substandard horse isn’t it? It’s like a Ford Escort with go faster stripes on the side ‘cause underneath the stripes it can’t actually go faster at all.

Grog – It’s nice, it’s almost like a unicorn or something, kind of useless but it looks pretty.

Thanks for your time have a good show!

Interview By Kim Horsley
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