Interview With Architects - 28th April 2011

Photo Of ArchitectsRob caught up with The Architects to talk about their latest album, current tour with Bring Me The Horizon and much more.

You formed back in 2004 what would you say your main high and low points as a band have been so far?
Tom, Guitarist) High points, Every time we tour the UK its a high point, every time we go to Australia its a high point, There's new high points all the time as for low points when we threw all our money into a van in America, and had no money left, we thought we'd buy a van to save money, but it didn't work, we had loads of repairs done on it and had to scrap it after one show, and we still had a month of touring left to do, it was miserable, its been tough will Ali leaving as well this year.

You released your forth studio album ‘The Here And Now’ back in January how has it gone down with your fans and the press and are you happy with the response so far?
Well with anything some people like it and some people hate it, I dunno, reviews seem to be pretty decent, but I think its what the fans think that matter the most, some don't like it because its not as heavy or what ever, there entitled to there opinion, your always gonna get criticism but I don't really care. I think id have cared more in the past.

What is the meaning behind the album title and what themes and stories do you cover within the album?
The Title is about enjoying you life and what your doing, were privileged to do what we do, in the past we may have taken it for granted, it was a wake up call to enjoy what your doing right now and not worry about the small shit, its up to every one to decided on how the little things spoil all this, you only get to live once and then your worm food. We wanted to do a record that had a positive message for people, it makes a change, life is pretty cool.

What would you say your favourite track from the album is and why?
I really like Delete rewind because its got good energy , its got a bit of everything, melody's, I like playing it live as well.

You are currently on a massive tour with Bring me The Horizon, Park Way Drive and The Devil Wears Prada, how did this come about and how have you found the shows so far?
The shows have been amazing, it always is with BMTH, they've got a big fan base, its cool to come along. I'm not sure how it came about but, BMTH there at a big point in there Career and wanted to put something together that was amazing for fans of the various bands to come together and that are probably fans of all the bands which is sweet for them. Our band and BMTH are always trying to find time to tour together, its difficult with schedules, they might be doing a UK tour when were in America touring, we've tried to arrange a UK tour every time since 2006, we did do it in 2006 but since then its been difficult to tour together.

As you are supporting Bring Me The Horizon, how long have your sets been and how have you found picking a set list?
We've been playing for about half an hour. Picking a set has been pretty easy, we've picked what we gauge as the more popular songs, There's always 3 or 4 on a record, so we picked 3 from the last one and 4 from the latest one because we still wanna push that.

You are a band who have been sponsored by Jagermeister for a few years now, how would you say they help you and other bands in the music industry?
They help us get drunk, they dish out some cash to us smaller earners, they help us make our music videos which is good, because they'd either be shit or non existent! In return we drink there drink.

Do you find yourselves having Jagermeister parties on long tours?
Eventually a bottle will come out, but every ones drinking what ever they can find.

You are no strangers to festivals and have a pretty hectic summer with appearances at some of the biggest festivals across Europe, are you looking forward to playing certain festivals more than others?
Reading a Leeds I'd have to say, as we've never played it before, playing main stage is unbelievable, never thought that would happen, Its gonna be wild. Sonisphere is going to be amazing, we've got some in Europe like Rock AM Ring. Its one thing we've always wanted to do is put a festival run together, we've done one off's, like download, but doing a whole summer in different places is gonna be fun.

How do you find festival shows compare to your standard indoor shows and do you ever get nervous before taking to the stage?
I dunno, we've done festivals before and it is different but they've been in a tent, so its indoors in a way, we've never done a massive out doors stage. Download is probably one of the best shows we've done.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2011 other than your hectic festival schedule?
I don't think I'm supposed to say. But well be doing a headlining tour later in the year around winter time and hope it doesn't snow, like it did for Biffy Clyro, because that messed up there tour. And touring America and Australia .

What’s your take on the digital revelation?
I dunno really, its convenient isn't it. itunes is getting bigger and bigger, the whole downloading thing was happening anyway, with Napster. At least with itunes people are making money. Its the frame of mind people have with music, everyone's just grabbing it, its just the way it is, when I was a kid I bought CDs, but with younger kids now just know downloading, they have a frame of mind that's its disposable and don't have to pay for it, they don't have the money to buy a CD that's £15s, its surprising that its not bought, who knows what will happen, its wont be surprising if HMV disappears. The film industry is dying too. Once it gets really damaged, who knows what will happen, if they made it Illegal, its a bit extreme if you said, if you download you will go to prison, it would stop, but at the moment there is no punishment, they say your not supposed to do that, but in response its There's nothing to stop them from doing it.

Where do you hope to see Architects in a year’s time?
I wouldn't mind headlining some of these venues, keep doing it, do this album cycle, see how it goes, hoping it keeps growing, hoping There's more people at the next tour than the last headlining one we did, moving forward, and hopefully working on new record, were already writing because we like to do it whether were supposed to or not.

One last random question that we ask every band, if you could be an animal out of a zebra or Giraffe which one would you be and why?
Giraffe, they can eat some shit that a zebra cant but they look pretty stupid, they both hang out in the same place, but when I think zebra all I see is a carcass, there always getting eaten, so giraffe.

Thanks for your time is there a message for your fans reading this?
Cheers pals, thanks a lot and we appreciate the support!

Interview By Robert Lawrence
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Sam Carter
Tom Searle
Dan Searle
Tim Hillier-Brook
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