Interview With Rise To Remain - 23rd March 2011
Photo Of Rise To RemainRob caught up with Austin and Joe from Rise To Remain to talk about signing to EMI Records, working on their debut album, touring with FFAF and much more.

First of all can you give us a brief history of the band such as how you came together and came up with the name Rise To Remain?
Austin: We formed as Rise to Remain in 2008, but before that me, Ben and Will were in a band called Halide, we were in that band from the ages of 15-16 up until 2008 when we changed the name when Joe and Pat joined.

Joe: When I was about 11, the band I was in was called Rise to Remain, we spilt up and went our own ways for years, we needed a name real quick, and this name popped into my head and I let it out, and we all agreed it was a good name..

Austin: We decided on using the name in a car park in Camden, because we didn't want to come on stage and say were this band, so we said were Rise to Remain, we just decided that!

You won the best British newcomer awards at the Kerrang awards last year, how did this make you feel?
Joe It was a massive achievement, we were totally shocked by it all, we had plenty of stiff competition, we were really privileged to walk away with the award, it was a wicked night.

Austin: I've got nothing but fond memories of the Kerrang awards, it was a massive massive honour to receive the award, were extremely thankful to Kerrang and all the people who voted for us, we hope to back for the next one.

You have been working very hard over the past year or so working on your début album and also touring with massive bands such as Iron Maiden, but what would you say your main highlight has been so far?
Austin: The tour with Iron maiden in Indonesia was pretty hot over there, but great fun

Joe, The metal hammer award, the Kerrang award, loads of the tours we've been on, the Bullet tour, the Iron Maiden tour was totally out of this world.

Austin, Joe: Its been great fun to be back out with Funeral for a Friend again.

So we just mentioned that you have been working on your début album, can you give us some information of what we can expect from the album and when it will be released?
Austin: We really tried to make it as diverse as possible, it sounds cocky or maybe even a bit arrogant, but I'm a massive fan of this album, and I'm really proud of it, we hope the messages and feelings that we've put into it translate to the fans, because we spent a long long time writing it, every song has its own character its own flavour , its diverse but its not out of this world, its not what the hell is that kind of diverse, its all logical, it makes sense, like most albums do. We need to send it to you guys.

You have been giving your new track ‘The Serpent’ away for free on your website since yesterday, do you know how many downloads it has had so far and what the general response from the fans has been?
Joe :the online response so far has been good, its nice to hear that back gearing up for the new album, the video has been released today, so everyone should check it out and let us know what you think, but were really stoked about it, we haven't heard had one bad thing about it.
Austin, Its really rewarding to have this song out there, that ive been listening to for months, with these lyrics and melodies, and finally let it out, were really happy that people are digging it. We don't know how many downloads we've had yet, but we've had a few hundred comments so far and plenty of hits on youtube.

You have also just signed to EMI Records, how did this come about and how much other label interest have you had prior to this?
Austin, The EMI deal came about after months and months of talks with labels, we had a few labels talking to us. What we did first was get the album recorded, instead of signing a label then rushing out the first album, we took our time with it, made sure every thing was perfect, the labels came into play a good while ago, we've had interest since the Five Finger Death Punch tour, EMI came through with the best offer, and showed a ridiculous amount of enthusiasm and it was a no brainer really, they've got an amazing team, amazing history and not only that but they were really pumped about us, and that's so rare in a label these days.

You are currently on the road supporting Funeral For A Friend, how did this come about and how have you been finding the shows so far?
Joe: The shows have been really cool, we started off with a few shows Wales, went up to Scotland, now were on the England leg of the tour. The tour probably came about on tour we did last December so we knew we were going to be doing it. We have the same management, so that gave things a helping hand in getting on this tour, its great to tour with them, they've been doing it a long time so were always learning from them, we also loved them from when we were kids as well.

You have been announced for both Download and Sonisphere festival this year, are you looking forward to playing one festival more than the other? And will you be checking out any bands at the festivals?
Austin, Joe: Limp Bizkit, Mars Volta, System of the down. We cant really pick between them, its the great British festival summer.

Austin: It'll be our third time playing both these festivals, there unreal, they manage to attract the percentage of humanity that like to drink beer and scream there faces off, which is great by us, because that's what we want to all weekend. There great fantastic festivals

What do you get up to on the road in-between shows?
Austin: Chilling out, lots of sleeping, drinking water for my voice and lots of driving really, no wild stuff. We were jet lagged for first few dates of this tour, we left Japan as the earthquake happened and had to fly the long way round and got home with half a day to sleep, then we went straight back out, to Wales to the first show, playing a show is the ultimate way to wake up.

Bon Jovi recently stated that Apples Steve Jobs is killing off the music business with the digital revelation, what is your take on this?
Austin: Whether or not its Steve Jobs, its the nature of technological convergence , everything gets put into one little box, eventually it'll be able to put you to sleep to playing your favourite songs, its just the way it goes and it sucks but that's the challenge for the artist and musician to combat that and still get people excited.

Where do you hope to see Rise To Remain in a year’s time?
Austin, Joe: Hopefully still on the road doing this, hopefully a back drop this time and still doing this in 2 years time as well.

One last random question that we ask every band, if you could be an animal out of a zebra or Giraffe which one would you be and why?
Austin, Joe: Giraffe

James Webb: No one ever says Zebra.

Me: You never see a Giraffe being eaten on the discovery channel.

Joe: I'd rather have a massive neck and massive balls.

Thanks for your time is there a message for your fans reading this?
Austin, Thank you for your support, the album will be out real soon, and we hope to see you on the road somewhere and take care.

Interview By Robert Lawrence
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