Interview With Kids In Glass Houses - 10th March 2007
Kids In Glass Houses © Copyright Kids In Glass HousesThis interview was first scheduled for when Kids In Glass Houses were playing on the Hundred Reasons tour but due to a few situations the interview couldnt be done at the show, so instead the interview was done via e-mail.

Hello and thank you for taking time out to do this interview
Hi. I’m Phil, I play drums in Kids In Glass Houses.

first of all can you give us a brief history of the band for the people who have never heard of you.
Our singer Aled started the band in 2004. There’s been a fair few line up changes but we’ve got the right line up now and we’re all good. We all met through mutual friends and we all had the same idea.

How did you come up with the band name Kids In Glass Houses?
The bands name comes from a Glassjaw lyric. You have to guess which song. Glassjaw is our favourite band by the way.

Quite a lot of big bands have come from Wales in the past few years such as Funeral For A Freinds, Lost Propheats, The Blackout etc do you feel any pressure to follow in there foot steps.
Not particularly. We grew up listening to Lostprophets and Funeral For A Friend, but we don’t feel we’re in a competition with those bands. Coming from the same area it’s difficult to escape lazy comparisons, but there’s no pressure. We’re doing what we’re doing, and we’re having fun.

What was it like writing and recording your debut ep 'E-Pocalypse’ and are you happy with the reception its had?
Writing “E-Pocalypse!” came really naturally. We were writing songs that we wanted to write and songs that were refreshing to what else was going on at the time. We’re really happy with the way it came out. The reception has been amazing. People seem to really like what we’re doing. that’s always nice.

You have just finished your tour supporting Hundred Reasons how did it go?
It was our first full scale tour. We were away for almost all January, and it covered basically everywhere in the UK. We got to play some awesome venues, like Koko in London. The crowds were amazing and we met loads of people. And the HundredReasons guys were a lot fun to tour with.

Whats it like being on the road for such a long time?
It has its ups and downs. Sometimes you miss home, but generally it’s lots of fun. There’s nothing to complain about really. Playing shows every night and having fun for a month. It’s rad.

Whats the funniest thing you have seen happen whilst being on tour.
Not so much funny. But we met Ashlee Simpson while in the process of getting really lost in London. I guess the way we reacted was quite funny.

You have played one off shows with some big bands in the past such as LostProphets and Cute Is What We Aim For how did it feel to be playing with such big bands? and how did your music go down with the crowds?
It’s such an honour to play with Lostprophets. We grew listening to them, and we’re all huge fans, and it’s just amazing to be given the opportunity to play with one of your favourite bands. The crowds are way different at those kind of shows. They’re more responsive and they participate more so shows like that are incredible to play. And we seem to be going well. We encourage dancing. It’s good to see so many people busting moves.

Your playing the London Astoria in a couple of days time with the LostProphets and Enter Shikari, how do you feel to be playing such a legenderry venue?
We’ve never played London Astoria before so we’re looking forward to it. Apparently, the Astoria is being shut down as of May so I guess it’s pretty cool that we get a chance to play there before it shuts down.

You have just been announced to be playing on the Give It A Name Festival in April how did this come about and how excited are you about this?
We’re really excited. We’re playing the super good day. It’s got Brand New, All American Rejects and NFG and loads more. The thought of playing in front of so many thousands of people blows my mind. It’s gonna be amazing.

Has work begun on your debut album?
Yes, Yes. We’ve been writing and demoing material for our full length. It’s coming on nicely. We’re really excited. We’re going to be playing some new material on tour to give people a taste of things to come.

You are currently unsigned but have you had any labels intrested in signing you?
Well, I'd be lying if I said there hasn't been interest, but it'd be foolish to talk about that kind of stuff at this stage. We're just concentrating on writing the record at the moment.

Before you headed out on tour you recorded a live session for the radio 1 rock show what it like doing that?
It was rad. We recorded at Maida Vale, and so many bands that we respect and admire have recorded there. It was such an honour just to be there, not to mention recording a live session for the BBC ! Props to Daniel. P Carter !

What do you guys have planned for the rest of the year?
Touring. We’ve got a bunch of tours coming up. A 14 date UK tour with our good friends The Blackout at the end of March/ April. Also, we’re releasing a download single to coincide with our Give It A Name festival appearance. Other than that, we’ll be working on our album and or, taking in some of our clothes.

Thanks for your time is there a messege you want to add for your fans and everyone whos reading this?
Come to Klub Kerrang, March 17th, Koko in Camden, London. It’s our next show ! We love you, and thanks for reading!

Interview by Trigger
 Band Members

aled (vocals)
joel (guitar)
iain (guitar)
shay (bass)
philip (drums)
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