Interview With Emarosa - 8th December 2010
Photo Of emarosaBen caught up with Emarosa for a chat about what they have done in 201, the rumours of them splitting up and much more.

Firstly, can you introduce yourselves and tell us what you do in Emarosa?
Hi, I’m Jordan and I play keys.
I’m Lukas and I play drums.
I’m ER and I play guitar.
I’m Jonas and I also play guitar.
Hey, I’m Will and I play bass.

So, how has 2010 been for Emarosa?
Jordan: It’s been awesome. We’ve done our biggest tours of our career, we’ve put out the biggest record of our career up to now and the best record! We’ve been more international than we’ve ever been, I imagine 2011 will keep up pace as well.

You toured the UK earlier this year as well, do you like to play over here?
Jordan: We love it, we like it a whole lot. It’s proper one of my favourite places to play in the world.

How would you say it differs from playing over in the States?
Jordan: It’s a lot different. The kids are really what makes it such a different experience.
Will: People respect music a lot more over here.

Jordan: Yeah, a lot of other bullshit music doesn’t really work over here, kids come out to shows and it’s a good time.

So how are you coping with the weather we’re having over here at the moment?

Jordan: It’s actually colder where we live at the moment!

Lukas: But it still sucks! We kind of knew it was going to be this way, so we were ready for it. I think it’s colder than I was expecting though, I can never feel my toes or my fingers!

Jordan: Yeah, the toes are a killer!

Iimagine it warms up a bit when you get on stage though?
Lukas: It warms up after about ten minutes in!

How have the shows been going so far?
Will: The first one was rough…

Lukas: The show itself was good, we were rough!

Will: Yeah, we were all jetlagged.

Jordan: It was like, “here’s all new gear that you’ve never used before, good luck getting off a plane where you just flew for thirty hours!”

Lukas: We missed the second show in Glasgow.

Jordan: We got stuck in the snow storm. We got in the van at around nine am and were in there for thirteen and a half hours!

Lukas: We drove three miles in seven hours!

What did you do to keep yourselves entertained?
Lukas: Each other! No, we threw some snowballs, peed over some bridges…

Jordan: Glasgow was one of our favourite places to play last time.

So you released the self-titled album a few months back, are you happy with the reception that it got?
Jordan: Yeah! I wish it had had a little more of a push and it could really have gotten out there, but we’re happy with it, we’ve got a product that we love to sell.

Lukas: The response has been way better than anyone could’ve expected.

Jordan: The songs are a lot more fun to play.

How would you say that it differs from your first release Relativity?
Lukas: The main thing is structure, I suppose it’s more sing-along-able.

Jordan: It’s more memorable, it has more of a direction.

Earlier this year there were rumours floating around on Twitter that Emarosa were splitting up, where did this come from?
Jordan: We have no idea.

Lukas: There’s always crap that happens.

Will: I started it!

Jordan: I remember it happening and none of us knew where it came from. The funniest thing is that it has happened before, but our label knows how we work and they didn’t even call us to see if anything was going on, they knew that nothing was wrong! People just took something out of nowhere.

Lukas: I think Jonny (Craig, vocals) posted something about being sick and someone turned that into us breaking up.

Jordan: Yeah, it was something like, “come see our last few shows.” But the tour was almost done and there were a few shows left!

So you don’t really pay that much attention to that stuff?
Jordan: We can’t, we’ve got to just keep doing what we’re doing.

So everything’s completely stable within Emarosa?
Will: Being in a band is funny because there are six completely different people who are together all of the time. I don’t think any band is ever stable, but we all like each other enough, so we’re still going. We all have our fights and arguments, but that’s just petty stuff.

Jordan: I think if you can spend thirteen hours in a van and still be fine then that’s a pretty good test!

Jonny obviously has other bands on the go, how does he prioritise his time between them?
Jordan: We do it for him! We just pick our schedule and he respects that.

Lukas: Emarosa is the priority, he knows that and so do we.

Jordan: He doesn’t like to be home.

Lukas: We tour nine months out of the year, so he has the other months to work on other things.

After finishing this tour how do you plan on spending the remainder of the year?
Jordan: I’m moving.

Will: So am I!

Jordan: Yeah, so I’ll be moving your stuff for you!

Lukas: I’m going to Iowa, ER is going to stay at his parents house and I think Jonny is going to produce his dance record.

Jordan: Yeah, he starts recording that sometime in December.

So you’re having some well deserved time off?
Lukas: Yeah, we’re having some time off until the end of January.

Have you made any New Years Resolutions?
Will: I’m going to lay off the heavy drugs, that’s for sure!

Jordan: That’s definitely his problem! Maybe we should lay off the bad jokes guys?

Where do you hope to be this time next year?
Jordan: Hopefully we’ll be playing the venue across the street, I think that’s the Academy 1?

Will: We’ll see, if we come back next year and we’re still playing the same room then that’s cool.

Jordan: I just hope there’s some growth, that there’s more kids. But I know that we definitely want to visit the UK at least twice next year, I think one of them will probably be around this time frame again.
Do you have any plans to record a new album?
Jordan: We’ll just say yes!

Interview By Ben Connell
 Band Members

Will Sowers
Jonny Craig
ER White
Jonas Ladekjaer
Jordan Stewart
Lukas Koszewski
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Emarosa - Emarosa
Release Date - 29th June 2010
1. A Toast to the Future Kids!
2. Pretend.Relive.Regret.
3. Share the Sunshine Young Blood
4. Truth Hurts While Laying on Your Back
5. Live It. Love It. Lust It.
6. The Game Played Right
7.Broken Vs. The Way We Were Born
8. I Still Feel Her, Part 4
9. The Weight of Love Blinds Eyes
10. We Are Life
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