Interview With Desaster - 15th October 2010
Photo Of Desaster © Copyright DesasterCraig caught up with Infernal and Sataniac backstage just before their show in Spring & Airbrake, Belfast.

The last time you guys visited Ireland was Dublin a couple of years ago?
(Infernal) The last time we played here was two and a half years ago. It was Dublin and Cork.

You’re visiting Dublin again this time round?
(I) Yeah, tomorrow night in Fibber Magees. We played there last time as well. We loved it.
Can you tell me about the origins of Desaster?
(I) I started the band in 1989 so we’ve been together now for 21 years. Not the band as it is now but that’s how long Desaster have been around.

A lot of member changes.
(I) Yeah, he is the newest member of the band < points to Sataniac> but he has been in the band for almost 10 years.

Does everyone bring different influences into the band?
(I) Yes, a little bit. He (Sataniac) played in a death metal band in the past so when he joined up with us, we had that added to the band’s music a little bit. His style of singing is definitely more death metal than our previous singer.

When was your last album released? It’s been a while.
(I) The last album came out in 2007. We’re writing but we don’t feel like we should hurry. We’re not one of these bands who write an album, release it, go on tour and shit like that. The band is only a hobby for us. When we feel we want to go into the studio, we do. Perhaps next year.

How much have you written so far for the next release?
(Sataniac) Five songs
(I) Yes, five songs. Another three or four and we’ll probably go into the studio.

How many albums have you released?
(I) We have six albums. There’s a lot of singles and shit like that. A lot of vinyl stuff. We love vinyl. We are all collectors of vinyl.

With the way you release your music, there’s no pressure to get it done. If this is just a hobby, you must all have day jobs?
(I) Yes, we all have regular jobs so we don’t have to earn money with the music. That keeps it fun and free of pressure. We never wanted to be a professional band. The way we do it, we have more feeling for it.

You’re signed with Metal Blade?
(I) Yes, we released the last 2 albums through Metal Blade. We’ve had some discussions about the next one so we’ve signed another contract with them.
(S) For the next one and we have the option of adding another.

With you taking your time and releasing what you want when you want, what does Metal Blade say about that? How easy are they to deal with?
(I) They are a very good label, we work well together. We have total freedom to do what we want to and we love that.

How many previous labels have you worked with?
(I) This is our third label. The other two were small independent labels. It was always shit because people from abroad, especially South America, said they can’t get our albums. The labels just didn’t have distribution in other countries where people wanted to buy our music. We thought it would be better to sign with a bigger label and the fans could easily get our records and not pay too much through eBay and shit like that.

How many dates are you doing on this tour?
(I) Just the two dates.
(S) It’s just basically a holiday for us, a weekend break. We’re here to have some fun in Ireland and also to play a couple of gigs. It’s not a professional tour or anything. We’re here to meet friends, play music and do some sightseeing.

What time did you arrive in Belfast today?
(I) We arrived in Dublin at 11 o’clock and we were fetched up our van and we arrived at about 2 or 3 o’clock.

So have you seen the sights in Belfast then?
(I) No, not yet. We’ll go take a look after the interview.

What are your interests away from the band?
(I) Our interests . . uhh . . . drinking.
(S) Yeah, the usual sex drugs and rock & roll <laughs>
(I) Really we don’t need an escapism from music because it is our escape, it is our hobby. We have to do it like that because we don’t want to lose the feeling for it. Sometimes I do wish I had more time for the music but it’s not always possible because I’m a family man these days. It’s better not to be doing it all the time anyway. That way you play your best and release your best.

Is there anything you would like to say to you fans?
(I) Yeah, thank you very much for coming to see us in Belfast and in Dublin. It’s really cool to be here, we like the people in Ireland. They are very friendly people.

Thanks guys

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