Interview With Starseed - 18th July 2010
Photo Of StarseedWe caught up with Starseed in Cardiff to talk about playing hard Rock Hell, their live show and much more.

Afternoon! Please describe Starseed in 3 words.
G: Loud
A: Melodic
M: Song
G: Grunge. That’s four words!

That is four words. I got more than I bargained for there! You’ve had a busy couple of years what with the recording and releasing of ‘Peace Machine’ and being hunted down by the likes of XFM Radio, Rock Radio Scotland and BBC 6 Radio. How are you faring in this whirlwind?
A: It’s been really, really good. It’s been almost twelve months since we rsoft launched the album. It was weird, it got passed on to some friends at Total Rock, the online rock radio station, to a girl called Katie [Parsons] who then put us in Kerrang! From there it’s built up and worked its way into what’s happening now. XFM, BBC 6 and Chris Dickinson are really big fans so some fantastic things have been happening to us building up to this year having done Download Festival and Hard Rock Hell at the end of the year in North Wales. Extremely busy is how we’ve been faring! It’s non-stop but it’s fantastic. Trying to juggle it with out day jobs is quite hard but you’ve just got to keep working at it.
G: We love playing music so much!
A: A job is just a means to an end. Hopefully one day this might just pay our rent. This is our passion. We work to make the money that provides the time for the band because we love doing the band.

As you’ve already mentioned, you’re playing Hard Rock Hell IV in Prestatyn Sands in December. Are you excited to be playing and what will you bring to the table?
A: Hard Rock Hell actually was the first festival that we were confirmed for and the biggest UK music festival, before you get to Download. We sent in our application and there was a positive response. I think it was about in February that they said “Yeah, we’d like to book Starseed.” Obviously we’re amped about that and we were asked to headline a festival in London called Kick Up The Jam which was amazing. It’s fantastic! We were meant to play an unplugged at Download, it’s awesome to play an unplugged show but we didn’t get to show the Download crowd what Starseed can do plugged in. Unplugged they still seemed to love it so I’m hoping now we can bring that full energy and passion to our live Hard Rock Hell show. I think that people will really see on the big stage what Starseed is all about. It’s really special to be playing Hard Rock Hell Festival.

To unleash balls out Starseed on the unsuspecting Prestatyn rockers.
G: It’s like Butlins for rockers!
A: Like ATP! It’s for old rockers who can’t handle tents anymore ha ha.
G: We’ll be in the heated pool during the day.
A: And you’ll see some big guy with tattooes going down the water slide like “Weeeeeee!” (makes elated, water slidey type hand gestures).
G: With his kids.
A: With his tattooed kids.
There’s an image. What is your favourite song to perform live?
A: Well you’ve just caught us in the middle of making our setlist. I know what song I don’t like to play but I’ll keep that to myself! I personally enjoy playing a track called Falling, which may or may not be our new single. It’s really fun to play.
G: Untimely Death is fun!

Sounds it. If Falling may or may not be your new single when can we expect it to be released?
A: Pretty soon. We’re in the process of getting Peace Machine onto the shelves and backing that up with a second single.

What can we expect from Starseed in the second half of 2010?
G: More gigs up and down the country. We love playing Wales. We always get a good response when we play Wales. The London Tattoo Convention should be fun. That’s in September.
A: More visions of tattooed rockers and babies!

Yikes. When our resources are totally depleted, which lets be honest may not be far off with the way oil keeps getting spilled into the ocean, which planet will you choose to spread your seeds on and why?
P: The sun because it’s hot.
A: Pete would have to go live on Pluto!
G: He can make it a planet again.
P: Exactly!
A: He can drop Planet Starseed onto Pluto and make it a planet again. Plus, we’ve got a light source. It’s Pete’s pale skin! It’s fine, my family’s from Glasgow so we’ve got this pale blue thing going on. So Pluto? Let’s go do Pluto! That sounds awful! Disney wouldn’t like that.

Tell us one thing about Starseed that we will not find on your website,
A: Ah man we’re so boring! We can never think of anything cool on the spot.
G: One thing they don’t know?
A: Pete is also a figure skater. Well he used to be.
M: Have you got the white tights and grape smugglers?
(Pete looks quite sheepish at this point. I think that means yes).
A: G and Murrays are really rednecks from South Africa.
M: This is true.
A: And I think my real father is a grizzly bear.

Congratulations! Moving on, what can we expect from your set tonight?
A: A late singer for one. It should be pretty cool, this is our third time playing Barfly and every time we do it’s just been fantastic! When you play a territory you’re not familiar with you can be a bit reserved or hold back. Now that we’re used to Cardiff and Cardiff is used to us it’s become a bit of a home form home.

What can onlookers do to make your set go crazy?
A: Get involved! Maybe knock the person next to you out or mosh them into a wall. Nice and friendly! Buy them a drink after and say “Starseed made me do it!”

Final random question – just in case this evening hasn’t been off the wall enough for you – if you had to be an animal, would be a zebra or a giraffe?
A: Considering we’re from South Africa…
P: I’d be a zebra. It’s like a horse in pyjamas!
A: I’m a bigger fan of giraffes. It’s the long neck.
P: They wear pyjamas as well.
A: Spotted pyjamas.
G: A leopard horse!
A: With antennas. They must get radio signal and shit. They can eat anything with those long tongues and get drunk off the highest beer in the tree.
G: Their pyjamas are a bit sexier too.
A: Don’t forget a zebra is just a wilderbeast’s bitch!

So what’s it going to be? Zebra or giraffe?
A: Giraffe it is because they have sexy pyjamas on.
Excellent. Thanks guys for such a beautifully random natter!

Interview By Jessica Acreman
 Band Members

Russell Spence (Vocals, Guitar)
Gerakd Gill (Guitar, Vocals)
Peter Wicker (Guitar)
Andrew Spence (Drums, Vocals)
 Latest Releases
Starseed - Peace Machine
Release Date - 2010
1. Shine
2. See Through Your Lies
3. These Hands
4. No Way Out
5. Falling
6. Stand Beside Me (Everyday)
7. Return
8. We Are The Way
9. Pills
10. The Untimely Death Of Sobriety
11. By Your Side
12. Broken Promises (pt.3)
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