Interview With Sam Little - 1st March 2010
Photo Of  Sam LittleBen caught up with Sam Little to talk about his solo project, if he prefers playing in bands or doing his own thing, plans for the future and much more.

Firstly, can you just tell us a bit about who you are and what you do?
My name's Sam Little and I make pop music the way it should be. I'm 20 from a little place called Bexhill.

You were formerly known as Eat Sleep Attack, can you just tell us why you decided to change to just Sam Little?
I changed my name to make things a little bit more personal, a bit more pop y'know? I'm also playing shows with a full band now, so it helps cause a little less confusion.

You’ve stated that your new song She’s Just Not That Into You is about how ‘confusing’ everyone is, is this a statement directed at a certain somebody, or a certain situation you’ve found yourself in?
Not everyone's confusing, just the other sex. The song is about someone in particular yeah, but I wont say names. Boy meets girl, they become best friends, boy falls in love, girl's not interested. My life is ultimately a teen movie hahah.

You used to be in the bands Fleeing From Finales and Clarkson, were you nervous when you first started off by yourself?
I still kinda am to be fair, there's nothing more daunting than being on display to a bunch of strangers with your heart in your hand but I wouldn't change it for the world. It's a lot more honest and it's nice to get really personal and one to one with everyone that comes up and says hi, whether they enjoyed it or not.

You’re pretty much a one man band, do you prefer getting back to basics and going it alone, or do you ever wish there were other people to lighten the load?
Well as I mentioned earlier, I'm actually playing with a band now so it's a bit less lonely on the road and a bit more handy for making the sound come across, but I do really enjoy that it's just me in charge of everything. It means this is everything I want it to be and there's no one stopping me from getting my ideas out. I put a lot of heart into my music, I'd hate for that to stop.

Have a lot of your fans followed you from your previous bands, or do you acquire new ones through playing shows and people browsing Myspace/Twitter etc?
There's a few of my old friends that've chased me along. We are the Ocean, Young Guns, Lost on Campus all check up on me from time to time, it's nice. I get a lot of love from the british music scene. I get a lot of new friends through people browsing and also the amount I play as well. I'm on the road as much as I can and I tweet about it loads too, so it's a nice mix of both actually.

Your new CD is due for release this year, how does it feel to be in that position?
It's an amazing feeling! I've been doing the solo thing for just over a year and I've only ever released one physical release, which was my single 'Fallin'' and even that sold out within a month. So I've been biding my time writing this new CD and planning. I'm fingerscrossed for a good reaction to it and hopefully it means I can spread my music to more people and play more shows!

What can fans expect from the new record?
DJ scratches. I'm not joking haha! I've made the CD the way I love music, full of catchy hooks and drowned in those quirky little noises. It's still acoustic based, but it's got more of a fun electronic element. I recorded it with Jason Boshoff (Lisa Hannigan, Basement Jaxx) who is a hero. The best way to tell you what to expect is for you to take a listen yourself! there's a nice sly plug.

Were there any bands that you were listening to throughout writing/recording that you think have had a major influence on the sound of the record?
I'm a really big fan of 90's pop. Stuff like Nysnc and 5ive so I guess it kinda has that vibe to it. I've been listening to bands like Sherwood and The Dangerous Summer as well, so it's got it's mega friendly sounds as well!
Where/what do you take inspiration from in general?
Everything. Love, life, anything that gets to me. I'm mostly happy with life and I think that comes across in the music. My best friends and I live the good life on the road.

You seem to constantly tour, when you’re not jumping from city to city what do you get up to?
I'd say that I rest, but that'd be a lie. I don't actually have a home so I 'surf' from sofa to floor, place to place. It may seem like that's a bit lame but its actually okay. I get to see my closest friends when I'm home and it means I don't neglect them. I spend quite a bit of time on the internet as well, promoting and facebooking haha. We're all guilty of it! It's dead hard to remember I have a social life, it totally helps.

What does the rest of 2010 have in store for you?
Touring! When my new CD comes out, I'm gonna be everywhere promoting it so hard. I'm hoping to release it on a nice label and work very closely with them on getting it out there. I'm probably gonna be seeing more of the world as well. Who knows, I'm just excited that people are enjoying the music and I'm able to have the chance to do it!

Interview By Ben Connell
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