Interview With Twenty Twenty - 26th January 2010
Photo Of Twenty TwentyRob caught up with Twenty Twenty before their headline show at the Academy in Birmingham to talk about how they have go so far so soon, what their latest single is all about and much more.

Hello and thank you for taking time out to answer these questions.

First of all can you give us a bit of history about the band such as how you came together and came up with the name Twenty Twenty?
(Sam) Were A 3 piece band, we came together, at the end of 2008, and by march 2009 Twenty Twenty was born! Jack and I are brothers, Our manager knew sonny, said he was a good drummer, we did a few demos and took it from there!

Who would you say your main musical influences are?
(Jack) We have loads, we listen from Screamo to pop, as a band we draw from what fans listen to as well, like Go:audio and All time low.

(Sonny) I listen to stuff from Screamo right down to mellow acoustic stuff, like Bryan Adams.

For a band that has been together for under a year you have a massive fan base and are playing good sized headline shows which normally takes bands years of work play and sell out, why do you think you have become so popular over such a short space of time?
(Jack) Altho we met in 2008 we didnt do our first tour till June of 2009, its really weird but in a good way, we sometimes sit back, and say what happened.

(Sam) Everything is moving really quick, we havent had time to look back and see it all, were taking it step by step.

Your headline tour started on the 17th January at Nottingham, Rock City, how have the shows been so far? And what show has been the biggest highlight so far?
(Sonny) Necastle was a real highlight, playing to 800 kids was amazing!

(Sam) We like all the cities we play in, we try not to offend, It just happened to have been in Newcastle where we played to about 800 kids, on the main stage at the Academy up there, was mind blowing!

(Sonny) I enjoyed playing Newcastle because i was on a 2 foot drum riser!

You are playing the Academy 2 at Birmingham tonight have you played here before and what can we expect from your show?
(Sam) Weve played here twice, we sold out the academy 3 last year, and supporting Go:audio, here in the second room.

The New Cities and Jody Has A Hit List have been supporting you on tour, how have they been to tour with and how have they been going down with the Twenty Twenty fans?
(Sam) There all really nice guys, jody are from ireland and New Cities are from Canada, its an international tour!

(Sonny) Jodys Hit list has been going down well, fans have been saying this band has been really good, its nice to have good support bands.

(Jack) Having good supports is always good, having a band from Canada, who are pretty big over there and JHAHL, who are well known in Ireland, it makes you feel good having decent support bands!

You have a few days off in-between shows on this tour, what do you tend to do on your days off?
(Sonny) Were all really tired.

(Jack) I dont like days off while on Tour

(Sam) We had a really spontainious, in the newcastle Academy after the show, the next day we were really tired!There wasnt much todo the next day in carlisle,We had a Toby Carvery, Then me an Sonny spent the night in watching Slumdog Millionaire and Dancing on Ice!

If you could tour with any band past or present who would it be and why?
(Sam) At the moment, to tour with all time low

(Jack) In the past would be Queen, back in the day they were amazing!

I understand your show in London is being filmed, would this be for a new music video or even a live DVD release?
(Jack) Its gonna be a package of alot of stuff, Were recording on tour, there were gonna be doing some behind the scenes stuff, Its only just been announced,were not really sure as there are some details to still work out. So watch this space!

You have just released a new single called ‘Get Down’ what is the song all about?
(Jack) Its about Getting Down

(Sam) Its whatever you read in to it, its a light hearted party song,simple lyrics, big chourus, really catchy, so whether, your 7 or 70, its really good fun. Its about girls, its what we do!

So you have released two EP’s so far and written some great songs, do you have any plans to work on your debut full length album yet?
(Sam) The Eps were a collection of songs, that we wrote when we first came together, but know there becoming abit dated, as were writing new stuff, we've got our sound now, so the albums gonna be all new stuff, like Get Down,but it wont have our old EP Stuff on it!

You have a wide range of merchandise with t-shirts that stand out nicely, who comes up with the designs for all this?
(Sam) Yeah were totally behind it we approve everything, we have ideas, and the guys who do the designs, have there ideas, its good fun, from experince of going to shows, we know what to look out for, see ideas, change them, an then make them our own!

(Jack) We have really good merch, its really colorful,, so theres something for everyone. Its like a shop!

What do you have planned once your tour comes to an end on the 2nd February?
(Sam) A little bit of time off, more writing,possibly more recording, doing more school shows, and more tours in April and June!

One random question that we ask every band, if you could be an animal out of a Zebra and a Giraffe which one would you be and why?
(Sam) Id rather be Zebra, because when they run together there harder to catch!

(Jack) Giraffe, becasue its big and it can kick a zebras ass!

(Sonny) Its a tricky one, ill go with a Giraffe!

Thanks for your time is there a message you would like to leave for your fans reading this?
Your Awesome, we love our fans, we as a band, think our fans are so dedicated,they've done so much for us like promote for us, we dont know how to repay them!

Interview By Robert Lawrence
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