Interview With Broadway Calls - 13th December 2009
Photo Of Broadway CallsBen caught up with Broadway Calls back stage at the Academy in Birmingham to talk about what they have been upto trhoughout 2009, what they have planned next and much more.

We last spoke to you in May of this year, what has happened since then?
(Ty Vaughn) In May we were doing a tour with The Menzingers, we hadn’t released our new album yet, so Good Views, Bad News came out in August, and ever since then we’re just been touring.

You played Reading and Leeds in August, is the festival circuit something you enjoy doing?

(Ty) Yeah, that was really cool, it was something we’d never experienced before, not just playing there, but being there too. It was pretty cool, we got to see a lot of bands didn’t we?
(Matt Koenig) Yeah, we got to see Brand New…
(Josh Baird) Radiohead!
(Ty) I saw Frank Turner for the first time.

As well as having toured extensively across the US and Canada you have been lucky enough to tour in Europe and over here, do you enjoy playing in the UK?
(Ty) Yeah, I don’t think we’d come back three times in a year if we didn’t like it over here! We tour over here way more than we do over in Canada, or even the East Coast!

How do shows over here differ from shows back home?
(Josh) They’re usually bigger, but they’re not much different.
(Ty) Yeah, it’s pretty much the same as tours back home if they’re a similar size. On bigger support tours then the crowd are really far away, so they’re pretty faceless. Basically, you just get up and play your songs. But when we do our own shows, say in Kingston, then there are people singing along, that’s cool.

Are you enjoying this tour?
(Ty) Everyone on this tour is really nice, and that’s the most important thing, you only play for thirty minutes a day, so the rest of the time is just hanging around.
(Matt) The boys in Fireworks are very easy to get along with.
(Josh) Their van broke down, so they’re all on our bus! It’s really fun!

Do you have any favourite places to play over here?
(Ty) Definitely Kingston, either at The Peel or at The Fighting Cocks, just sweet places like that! We had a really good time in Southampton when we were there last time, we played a little festival there.

You’ve recently released your new album Good Views, Bad News, can you describe what someone who may not have heard it could expect?
(Matt) Just like a really straight to the point pop punk record. Eleven songs of my favourite work to date. It’s in line with Alkaline Trio, Saves The Day, Green Day, that kind of stuff.

Are you happy with the way it has been received so far?
(Ty) Yeah, the critical reception has been way beyond what we expected! When it first came out all the reviews were really good. We don’t sell a lot of records, but we’re really proud of what we did. Everything about the band has progressed since the last record, so yeah, I’m happy!

Are you going to be going home for a relaxing Christmas?
(All) Yes!
(Ty) It’s just going to be family and friends really, we haven’t been home much since August, so it’s going to be really nice to go back. We’re going to be writing, just so we don’t have to cram it all in later on in the year, but we’re going to have some down time.

What are your highlights of 2009?
(Ty) Our tour over here with Alkaline Trio is a highlight for me, that’s like a dream come true! Recording the album was pretty cool. We got to record with Bill Stevenson, who is a bit of legend. Every single tour has been good, like our tour with The Menzingers, they’re one of our favourite bands now, I think next year they’re going to be popular.

What does 2010 have in store for Broadway Calls?
(Ty) Probably touring, more of the same! Hopefully by the end of next year we’ll have a new record, not out, but recorded. That’s the plan, oh, and maybe Warped Tour as well as our own headline tour and we should be back over here at least once!

Interview By Ben Connell
 Band Members

Ty Vaughn (Guitar, Vocals)
Matt Koenig (Bass)
Josh Baird (Drums)
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Release Date - 18th August 2009
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